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C1982. She believed it

The woman's eyes are red and her language is sharp and venomous, which makes Ji Tingyan feel uneasy. Li Jingwen really loves tie Ting so much that she will not leave all the way. Such an extreme person is a terrible hidden danger. Ji Tingyan doesn't want to put herself in danger, so she will tell the truth.

"What you said is quite similar to what tieting said. He also dislikes that I can't do anything. He has no common hobby and is doomed not to go together." Ji Tingyan lowers her head, dark long eyelashes, and the panic that covers the bottom of her eyes. What Li Jingwen sees is just how frustrated she looks after her lovelorn.

"I have said that I know feting better than you. I even know the business of his company. You still rob me." Li Jingwen's heart is filled with pride. Seeing Ji Tingyan get rid of by tie Ting, she is really happy.

"You have been paying attention to tie Ting all these years? But you said before, you haven't been in touch for three years. " Ji Tingyan's heart is shocked. Li Jingwen even lied to her.

"Do you believe everything I say? How can I tell you the truth about your simple character? When applying for the bodyguard status, you should look at my resume, which has a record of two years of living here. Otherwise, how can I hire you? " Li Jingwen sneers. Ji Tingyan must be spoiled by her family. She doesn't do everything by herself. No wonder she will catch her. "It turns out that you have lived here for a year. No wonder you seem to be nothing new about the scenery here. Unlike Cheng Yue and I, who haven't been here before, they will want to see more." Looking back on her journey, Ji Tingyan finds Li Jingwen's indifference. It's not that she is not curious, but that she has seen too much.

"Ji Tingyan, I want you to go back at once. Don't stay here any longer. I know your family has power and power, but I'm a man who doesn't want to die. It's not good for you to offend me. As long as you don't tangle with Jieting, our business is up to now." Li Jingwen originally wanted to cut her face with a knife, so that she would not face lashing again in her life. But now it seems that it is unnecessary. She is also afraid of the influence of the Ji family and does not want to cause more trouble.

"I haven't finished my itinerary, so I'm not willing to go back. Since you are willing to let me go, why don't you let me stay for a few more days?" Ji Tingyan pleads with her on purpose to make her believe.

"You're not going to die? How dare you run around here? In case I am unhappy one day and come to you again, aren't you afraid? " Li Jingwen hates Ji Tingyan very much. She is more beautiful than herself and has more money than herself. Tie Ting has been attracted to her. She must also take a fancy to her leather bag. She won't let a hidden danger stay here.

"Well, of course, I'm afraid, but don't think about it. Even without me, there will be other women who like to tie ting. Can you still turn over a group of people?" Ji Tingyan asked her with a frown.

"That's my business. Don't worry about it. Just leave. By the way, I want to ask you why you woke up so soon? Cheng Yue is afraid that they will have to sleep for a few hours. " Li Jingwen suddenly takes out her hand and plays with a sharp knife in her hand. Under the light, Ji Tingyan's breath becomes urgent and nervous because of the cold.

"Have you prescribed the medicine?" Ji Tingyan stares at her angrily.

"No medicine. At this moment, I'm afraid I won't have a chance to stand here and talk to you, Miss Ji." When Li Jingwen finally called her, she deliberately made a mockery of her.

"I don't like local food very much, so I only eat a few things," Ji said

"No wonder, well, tomorrow morning, you'll leave. Don't run around any more. I've been with you today. Since you're so kind, don't spoil my good." Li Jingwen directly accepted the knife and opened the door to leave.

Ji Tingyan finally breathed smoothly. She walked quickly to the door and heard the footsteps going away. She quickly brushed the door next door with the card. As expected, Cheng Yue fell asleep on the sofa without covering her body.

Ji Tingyan rushes to pat her face. Cheng Yue only vaguely sends out a few notes and continues to sleep.

Ji Tingyan looks at Cheng Yue and can't wake up. She can only take a glass of water and pour a few drops on her face. The cold stimulates her nerves. Cheng Yue looks like a drowner and takes a few breaths of pain. She suddenly opens her eyes and sees her sitting beside her with a cup in her hand.

"What happened to me just now, nane? I can hear voices, but I can't open my eyes. I'm scared to death. " Cheng Yue asked anxiously.

"We were drugged by Li Jingwen." Ji Tingyan is relieved to see that Cheng Yue is OK.

"Li Jingwen? Didn't she leave? " Cheng Yue looks confused.

Ji Tingyan told Li Jingwen what she had just come to see her. Cheng Yue stood up in panic and rushed out of the door immediately: "no, I have to find her. This woman is so vicious that she turns back to hurt you. You can't just let her go."

"Cheng Yue, don't be impulsive. I've thought about it. Li Jingwen is very familiar with the environment here. Since she has the ability to threaten me, she must also have the ability to protect herself. Fortunately, no harm has been caused at present. Let's leave here." Ji Tingyan is not afraid of anything, but she will not be impulsive to put herself and her friends in danger blindly. Tie Ting left, and her heart was taken away by him. She can't watch the next journey with all her heart.

"It's terrible. Li Jingwen's hiding so deep is really insidious." Cheng Yue's face was angry and resented that she had not observed her abnormality carefully.

"Yeah, I didn't think so." Ji Tingyan frowns, and Li Jingwen is deeply in love with tie ting. If she wants to go on with tie Ting, she must face Li Jingwen. I hope that she will not be easily calculated by her at that time.

"Cheng Yue, I want to hire you as my bodyguard again. Would you like to? In the long run, you can follow me wherever I go in the future. " Ji Tingyan looks up and asks sincerely.

"I I have no face to be your bodyguard any more. I don't know if someone gives medicine. " Cheng Yue scratched her head and looked ashamed.

"I can't blame you for that. Li Jingwen is hiding in the dark. She is playing insidious tricks. We are in the clear. We have no defense. But next time we know there is an enemy like her, we should be careful." Ji Tingyan said softly.

"People's hearts are not old. When I applied with her, she said all the nice things. I thought she would do her best. Now it seems that she had a plan. She must have come here for Mr. tie. But I didn't expect that you also came to him." Cheng Yueyue is more and more angry. She really wants to fight with Li Jingwen. She must make her bow and admit her mistake.

"A lot of things are hard to predict, so it's decided to leave tomorrow." Ji Tingyan said, lying on Cheng Yue's bed: "I'm sleeping with you tonight."