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In the early morning, there is a gray area outside the window. The fog is thick and you can see a few light branches. Such a view is hard to avoid. Blue

Yan Xi turned over in a daze, and his two little hands were used to cuddling something, but he found that this time he was holding an arm as warm as a stove, and she woke up immediately. The long eyelashes, such as the butterfly feather, quiver twice. When they are opened, the gentle eyes of men come into the eyes. Blue

Yan Xi's mouth opened slightly, looked down, and found that he was holding a strong arm of his. He quickly released it like a hot hand and pushed it back to him.

"Early!" The man seems to have awoke for a long time, but he looks lazy in the morning, and his voice is a little hoarse.

LAN Yanxi smiled sheepishly, pretending to be calm, but he was scared back to the quilt by the cold, stretched out a small hand, pulled the Nightgown beside him, so he quickly put on it, while wearing the belt, looking at the man's casual lying position: "why haven't you gone to work?"

"I have other plans at noon. I'm not in a hurry!" The man's voice was low and warm. "

Oh, dating beautiful women?" LAN Yanxi made a joke early in the morning. "

If I wanted to date you, would you consider taking a vacation?" The man asked her.

"But I just went to work in the new department and asked for leave the next day. Would I have a bad impression?" Lanyanxi is really thinking about it. "

that's OK. I'll make an appointment next time I'm free!" Ling Mo Feng also turned over and sat up. When he went to bed last night, he wore a dark pajama. At the moment, as if he was not afraid of the cold, he stood up and went to the bathroom. "

hey, wait a minute!" LAN Yanxi heard that he was going to give up. He immediately got a boost and ran to block his way: "I'm going to ask for leave now. Where are we going?" Ling

Mo Feng just wanted to tease her. Unexpectedly, she took it seriously. Jun's face flashed a flash of apology: "Yan Xi, my arrangement at noon is very important. You can ask for leave, I may not be able to!"

"Lie to me?" LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes doubled in an instant, and then she said angrily, "I don't want to make an appointment with you!" "

Yan Xi, don't be angry. I'm wrong. I shouldn't make such a joke with you!" Ling Mo Feng's face was in a hurry. He stretched out his long arm. It was his injured hand.

LAN Yanxi looked back and saw that he was holding his wrist. She didn't shake it, neither did she. She said with a cold face: "I'm not angry!"

"But your expression is......" "

give me a gift, and it will not happen!" LAN Yanxi finished, he gently pushed his big palm away and strode away.

Ling Mo Feng's face was stunned: "I'm not sure."

This woman is really bold. She asked for a gift herself. However, she is also straightforward and lovely. People don't need to think about it. Ling Mo Feng's thin lips flicked a little. She even began to think about what gift to give her. Blue

Yanxi went to work, only at noon did he know that Ling Mo Feng even accompanied the foreign ambassador to play golf. To break the rumour of his injury, the news has been circulated internally. Others are only glad that the vice president has a hard life, but LAN Yanxi's blood seems to freeze. Ling

Mo Feng's arm was injured. The day before yesterday, the wound was still bleeding. Why did he play golf with others today?

Don't you want to die? Blue

Yan Xi's brain is buzzing. She can't hear what the people around her are saying. There is only one idea. Ling Mo Feng is crazy. "

ah..." Blue

Yanxi lowers his head and hurries forward, but accidentally bumps into a person. The drawing in the other party's hand falls all over the ground. Blue Yanxi looks stunned and quickly apologizes.

"It doesn't matter, but next time you walk, you have to take your eyes with you!" A clear and happy female voice is ringing, neither cold nor hot.

LAN Yanxi glanced at the drawings quickly and found that they were all famous albums. After listening to the female voice like a oriole, she looked up sharply and saw a face that seemed to have been seen before. "

next time, this is Miss Wan Qianqian, but the painter we hired!" Next to him is a quiet reminder from the staff.

LAN Yanxi nodded quickly: "I'm sorry. I was thinking about something just now. I'll pay attention next time!" "

it doesn't matter, I'm ok!" Wan Qianqian's eyes swept over LAN Yanxi's face, and instantly recognized her. If the whole office didn't know that she was Ling Mo Feng's fiancee, Wan Qianqian was clear, because she not only knew her existence, but also knew her appearance and the disharmonious relationship between her and Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were right with Wan Qianqian, and he found that the other side was staring at him. The eyes were not friendly, but seemed to be comparing, which was not pleasant. Wan

Qianqian looks at the figure where LAN Yanxi left and sneers in her heart. Blue

Yanxi is a beautiful girl, but there are a lot of beautiful women in the office, each with elegant temperament and extraordinary knowledge. So it's really not easy to say that Lan Yanxi wants to compete here.

Wan Qianqian felt that she was only old when she lost.

She knew that lanyanxi had just turned twenty-three this year, and she was about to turn twenty-six. The three-year gap was not obvious among women, but it was also a barrier that could not be crossed. Qianqian is a charming and mature woman with long black hair. She has her own advantages. Ling

Mo Feng has a stable temperament and is young and prudent. What he likes is a woman who is as confident and elegant as her and has a successful career. It's impossible for him to look up to LAN Yanxi's wayward and charming lady.

Therefore, Wan Qianqian is inexplicably confident.

LAN Yanxi returned to the office, still fidgeting and not willing to work. She pays close attention to Ling Mo Feng's situation all the time, but she doesn't know anything about him except that he went to play with foreign leaders. For example,

today's weather is not so good, and the golf course must be cold enough. It's almost speechless. Why do you play in such a cold day?

Is it someone who deliberately calculated Ling Mo Feng? Want to test if he's hurt?

After a lot of brainstorming, I didn't come up with one, so I just didn't think about it. Season

in the villa of the manor, Tang youyou and two little guys dressed as buns and made snowmen in the garden.

The mother and the son all had a holiday in advance, enjoying the happiness and leisure of every day. "

Mommy, my brother hit me in the face with snow. It's so cold!" Ji xiaonai cried and ran to Tang youyou to complain.

"I didn't mean it!" Ji Xiaorui is afraid of being scolded by mommy, so she immediately comes to explain. "

you mean it, huh!" Ji xiaonai's two little hands are inserted in his waist, but because they are too thick to wear, they can't bend over, like a small group, cute and funny. Xiao Rui shrugs her shoulders. What expression can you give me. "

nasty bad brother!" Ji xiaonai is not convinced to bend down and grab a handful of white snow, and directly hit Ji Xiaorui. Ji Xiaorui is ready to run away. Ji xiaonai immediately chases out with his heavy body.

Don youyou ignores the brawl between the two little guys. She is designing the shape of her snowman.

"Mommy, are you piling up daddy?" Ji xiaonai can't catch up with his elder brother. He runs over and points to Tang youyou's masterpiece and asks.

"Yes, like?" Tang youyou asked his daughter with a smile. "

it's not like daddy is so ugly and not so short!" Ji xiaonai made a serious evaluation.

Tang youyou is speechless. How can she explain this kind of drawing to her daughter?

"Mommy, where are my brother and I?" Ji xiaonai walked around the snowman, didn't find himself and his brother's snowman, and immediately shouted at him. "

er Didn't your brother and you just make your own snowman? I didn't... " Ji

Xiaorui stood in the distance and said with a smile, "you idiot, xiaonai, don't you know? In Mommy's heart, daddy has more sense of existence than us! "

Ji xiaonai's big black eyes immediately stared straight and her mouth was flat: "Mommy doesn't love xiaonai anymore?" Don

youyou immediately rubs a snowball and throws it at the talking son: "let you do more and talk less."

Ji Xiaorui quickly dodged, laughing. Don

squat down and kiss her daughter's forehead gently: "Nani, you are always the most important in Mommy's heart." "

who matters, daddy and I?" The little guy asked with a big blink. "

of course it's you!" Don youyou coaxes her. At this time, a lost voice came from behind: "it seems that I am the least important in this family!"