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The pain from his back didn't make Ji Xiaohan angry. He just stared at Ji Shangqing's face in shock, looked at the tears in his eyes because of anger and hatred, and his breath was stagnant for no reason. "

you give my sister's life back!" Ji Shangqing really can't bear the pain of losing his close relatives. Seeing Ji Xiaohan standing there, he griped his fist and punched his handsome face hard. "

young master..." Lu Qing saw that Ji Xiaohan had been beaten, and when his heart was pulled, he would come to block him in an instant, so that he would not be hurt again. "

nothing!" Ji Xiaohan raises his hand and wipes the blood on the corner of his mouth.

Lu Qing has never seen anyone who has the courage to beat his young master. Besides, why is he not angry? Why didn't the security guard come up and throw Ji Shangqing out of the company?

Ji Shangqing doesn't seem to vent his anger. He wants to go up to his collar and question him about his good deeds. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan pushes him hard with his big palm. He bumps into the wall without any precaution. They stare at each other with hate.

"Are you crazy enough? Talk to me in the office! " Season owl cold bite bite the root of a tooth, turn round to walk toward his office. Ji has a short breath and a fierce look. He followed Ji Xiaohan into his office. He gave the office assistant a bad shake and made a loud sound.

The season owl cold fierce turn round, the eye is like a torch of stare at his face to ask: "exactly how to return a responsibility?"? What happened to Ji yunning? Tell me! " "

Oh, are you still pretending to be a good man? Season owl cold, you don't follow me this way, you are the devil! " Ji Shangqing is fooled by Ji Lin, so he naturally imagines the murderer who killed his sister indirectly as Ji Xiaohan. Now, how can he talk to Ji Xiaohan peacefully? Xiao Han was almost mad by his uncooperative expression. He went straight to him and said, "tell me the truth!"

"She died. Just an hour ago, she had a serious car accident. Before she was sent to the hospital for rescue, she had no breath. Ji Xiaohan, do you always want her to die? You should be satisfied now, your enemy has fallen down again! " Ji Shangqing sneers and sneers, pushing his hand with his lapel firmly away: "if you let Grandpa know that you are so promising, I don't know what he feels in his heart." "

you are not allowed to make fun of Grandpa!" Season owl cold expression instant fierce fierce rise, with finger his face warning: "you want to dare to let Grandpa suffer a little stimulation, I will not let you go!"

"Ah, I've become a filial son of a virtuous son, Ji Xiaohan. You're really hypocritical. Although yunning has no blood relationship with our Ji family, she's also a relative who grew up together. Is it wrong for her to fall in love with you? You abandoned her and ignored her. She may still be calling your name till the moment of her death. " Ji Shangqing just wants to say the worst words to fight against Ji Xiaohan. Ji Hanjun's face turned pale and the light in his eyes was breaking. He knew that although Ji yunning was not killed by him, it was definitely because of him. Was it Ji Lin? It was

not what he found, so in order to eliminate the future troubles, he designed to kill Ji yunning. Did he know that she betrayed him? Season owl cold breath inexplicably a stagnation, chest also stuffy flustered, finally, he still killed Ji yunning. "

I didn't do it. I didn't do it. Don't talk about it here!" Ji Xiaohan didn't think of explaining for himself until now.

"Yes, you didn't kill her by yourself, but you caused her huge psychological pressure, which made her drive out of control. Dare you say you didn't?" Ji Shangqing laughs coldly and feels that Ji Xiaohan's words are ridiculous.

"If there is no ghost in a person's heart, who can cause her psychological pressure? Ji Shangqing, calm down. If you really want to know the cause of her death, you should investigate it well. I'm afraid the result will surprise you!" Ji Xiaohan has absolute confidence, which is closely related to Ji Lin. "

of course, I want to investigate. You can wait. Even if there is no evidence, you will be condemned by your conscience. It's hard to live a safe life!" Ji Shangqing said that he hated and opened the door and left.

Season owl cold tight nerves, this just bleary slack, he some powerless sitting on the sofa, handsome face, with complex emotions. It's true that Ji yunning will be troubled in his conscience. He's not easy to change his ways, and wants to live again. Unfortunately, fate is so funny. When a person goes bad, he has a long life, and becomes a good man, he has a lot of bad luck.

The news of Ji yunning's death came to the old lady's ear in the evening. She was so hit that she couldn't get sick.

"And let me, the old woman with white hair, give it to the black one. Why is that? Poor girl, grandma is going to introduce you to a good family, but you have to go first. What can grandma do? " The old lady fell on the bed and cried bitterly. LAN

Yuehe and Tang youYou are standing by her bed, comforting her constantly. "

grandma, stop crying and take care of yourself!" Tang youyou is also deeply saddened by the news of Ji yunning's sudden death. Although she had a lot of festivals with Ji yunning before, she didn't want to let her die. Now, she really left, and all the resentments are like a cancellation. LAN

Yue's affection for Ji yunning is not deep, but she also knows that the old lady always feels the same pain as her granddaughter. It's no wonder that she is sad to lose such a relative at the moment.

"Don't tell your grandfather about it, everyone first!" The old lady dried her tears and cried.

"Don't worry, Ma. I just talked to Xiao Han. We won't talk about it!" LAN Yue nodded immediately. "

it's a poor boy, poor boy!" Looking out of the window, the old lady was filled with emotion.

"You don't have to remember the things before, you don't have to worry about them anymore." Said the old lady suddenly.

Tang youyou seems to have been promoted in the mind, immediately shook his head and said, "no, I've already put it down."

"Well, you are a reasonable and good child. I don't understand young people's love, hate and hatred. But no matter how much hatred I have, life and death are trivial. Unfortunately, she hasn't found a good family yet!" The old lady lowered her head and murmured, tears of tears falling down again. Ji Shangqing is the only one who takes care of yunning's affairs. Ji Lin is stuffy in his room and hasn't come out for a long time.