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C654 placate her fears

The words of men's appeasement did not reassure Tang Youyou, on the contrary, she would be more confused.

She is also exposed to the crisis of many companies, such as Ji's group, which is managed by Ji Xiaohan. A wrong decision can cause the whole company to fall into economic crisis and even face more serious results.

If he doesn't tell her what happened, there will be a lot of results in Tang youyou's brain. Those results will make her afraid, even make her head ache. Originally, her head wound is not good. She really doesn't want to let herself think about it any more. "Ji Xiaohan, don't you want to tell me that I'm afraid that my willpower is too weak to bear the pressure? Or because you don't love me enough and don't want me to know more about your company? " Tang youyou is not a obedient child. Since she wants to know, she must know that she wants to face with him no matter what.

Ji Xiao's handsome face flashed a little surprise. He didn't expect the little woman to doubt her feelings.

There is absolutely no doubt about it. She is the only one he loves.

"Long..." The man's voice was deep and hesitant. "You don't want to try to say anything good for me anymore, you know? I'm very worried about you, because I don't know what kind of difficulties you are facing. I'm more worried. When I think about it, my head will hurt. If you really care about me and love me, you should tell me what happened to you Tang youyou directly interrupts what he wants to say. She knows that he cares about himself, because he cares, so he has to hide it.

Ji Xiaohan is even more surprised. Unexpectedly, her concealment makes her head more painful?

"Well, I'll tell you, don't think about it any more, will you?" Ji Xiao's cold thin lips kissed her on the forehead, knowing that she was stubborn. Since she wanted to know so much, he didn't intend to hide it from her anymore.

Tang youyou immediately became nervous, stretched out his small hand and put his arm around him. He felt that what he would hear next was like a storm, frightening and worrying.

Feeling the tension in her moment, the man couldn't help but smile.

"Relax, it's not as terrible as you think. It's just that there's a hard fight between my uncle and me." Season owl cold gentle trim her ears hair, the voice of low said.

"Your uncle? Ji yunning's adoptive father? " Tang youyou's beautiful big eyes suddenly opened in surprise. It's a surprise that what Ji Xiaohan is facing is not the company's economic crisis, but his uncle. "Yes, he is. Not long ago, he came out of prison. In the days when you had a car accident, I was in the hospital to take care of you. I drilled a hole for him and poached my big clients. In addition, I lost five powerful generals in an instant. What's more, he also let my public

driver leak out, which led to the decline of our company's stock by three points. All of this It's the beginning of his revenge on me. I know he hates me! " Ji Xiao's voice was cold and composed, telling her the details of what he was going through. "My God, is your uncle hateful? He hurt you first. Now, in turn, he has become a victim, and he has the face to seek your revenge?" Tang youyou had heard before that he and his uncle were enemies because of some incidents. His uncle used his adopted daughter to lure Ji Xiaohan away from the crime edge. He wanted to destroy his image in the eyes of the old man, and even wanted him to fall into a position where he was unable to take over the company. He was so scared. "From his point of view, maybe he thinks that he is my grandfather's second son and second heir. After my father died, it should be his turn to take over the company. However, he really can't hold his breath. As I grow up, my closest uncle used to take me as the biggest threat. He was afraid that I would block his way, so he wanted to kick me too early When I was a teenager, I started to carry out his plan. I didn't have any precautions, so I fell into the trap he made for me. Unfortunately, the bad guys may not have a good report. The result of the incident, unexpectedly, I escaped with my last sense on the most critical night. His shade My grandfather was furious when he was betrayed. Before he was jailed, he asked Ji yunning to come to me to ask for affection, apologize, admit his mistake, repent and write down a letter of guarantee. He would never see me as an enemy again. He just hoped I would not send him to prison. But I didn't promise. He hated me mercilessly and didn't read a trace of family affection. Today's result is expected by me. " When Ji Xiaohan went back to the past, his tone was full of sadness and power, which would really distort human nature and make the original simple and cruel.

Tang youyou hugs him tightly and sympathizes with him deeply. It turns out that everyone has to go through some tribulations and sufferings on the way to grow up, and finally they will accept the humiliation.

Therefore, she seems to understand why Ji Xiaohan looks young, but he has a deep and steady temperament. It turns out that his childhood and youth have gone through great changes. When he loses his father, his mother will never die. His uncle wants to kill him. If you think about it, you will be scared.

"You said it's all in your expectation, doesn't that mean that you have already done the precaution work? Even if your uncle really comes to get back at you, you won't be afraid, will you? " Tang youyou is eager to know his countermeasures.

Ji Xiaohan nodded and felt her trembling body. He subconsciously hugged her tighter. "Yes, I have a way to deal with it. Besides, I have the support of my grandparents. I will be OK. Don't worry too much!"

Tang youyou listened to his confident words. Although he had a little peace of mind, he could not calm down.

"You must be careful, I don't want you to have an accident!" Tang youyou buried his face deep in his arms and told him uneasily.

"Don't worry, I will be very careful. I don't want you and the children to worry." Season owl cold can only keep comforting her.

Tang youyou doesn't know how to express her fear. She can only reach out and hold him tighter.

"Is your head still sore? Do you want to go to the hospital for an examination? " Ji Xiaohan heard that she had a headache and was very worried.

Tang youyou chuckled: "as long as you are willing to tell me the truth, my head will be OK."

Season owl cold also followed to smile: "you must not take headache as one thing, the doctor said, your injury, there will be sequelae." "Sequela? What is it? Can I lose my memory? " Tang youyou said jokingly.