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He lied to himself

"Mm, you should sleep too. Good night!" Tang You You took one last glance at him, as he felt that there was something wrong with the Ji Xiao Han tonight.

Tang You You frowned: "A beautiful woman? "Who could it be?"

Tang You You quickly ran out of the door and under the sunlight, she saw a very pure woman. She had light makeup on, her skin was fair, and her figure was pretty.

"You're the one who's looking for me?" "Who are you?" Tang You You walked in front of her and asked while sizing her up.

"My name is Ji Yun Ning!" The woman introduced herself without hesitation.

When Tang You You heard this surname, his eyes became slightly startled. "Your surname is Ji? What is your relationship with Ji Xiao Han? "

Without knowing why, she felt that this woman's surname was somehow related to Ji Xiao Han.

When Ji Yun Ning heard her call out Ji Xiao Han's name, she was extremely familiar with her, and her face immediately changed.

His voice had also become cold: "I am his first love, his ex-girlfriend!"

When Tang You You heard her words, his face also instantly changed greatly.

"What is it? Did he never tell you about me? "That's true. To him, I am a very special existence. The reason why he didn't mention me was because he feared that you would be jealous." Ji Yun Ning chuckled a few times in an extremely conceited manner.

Tang You You's face became even more unsightly, this woman clearly had a few intentions of provoking him, moreover, she seemed to be revealing something.

"Why are you looking for me?" Tang You You didn't want to know what kind of past she and Ji Xiao Han had, so he coldly asked her.

"I hope for you to leave the Elder Brother Xiao Han, he doesn't truly love you, I am the first woman to move his heart, all the happy times we have together, he will definitely not forget, do you know how many years we have loved each other? Six years? We've been together for six years, and I know him very well, and it suits him better than you. " Ji Yun Ning's every word was like a knife stabbing into Tang You You's chest.

She finally put down the knot in her heart and stepped into the sweet period of love with Ji Xiao Han. However, this sudden blow caught Tang You You off guard, and her entire body froze.

"Do you think I'm a three-year-old? Will I believe what you say? " Tang You You ridiculed, this woman was not letting her off easy, and she would definitely not let her feel good either.

Ji Yun Ning blinked her eyes, and with an innocent look: "Why don't you believe it? "Why would I lie to you?"

"Alright, even if you didn't lie to me, you said it yourself, you are his ex-girlfriend, make it clear, you are ex-girlfriend, not his ex-wife, he is not married, and neither is he married. When he was single, we met, and we even fell in love, this doesn't seem to have anything to do with ex-girlfriend like you. Tang You You put on a disapproving expression. His words also caused Ji Yun Ning's face to instantly change greatly.

"Haven't you heard that a man will never forget his first love? Even if Elder Brother Xiao Han likes you now, it is because he is greedy for novelty, it does not mean that he has truly fallen in love with you. " The words Ji Yun Ning said, became even more ear-piercing.

Tang You You folded her hands across her chest, with a look of being unwilling to be outdone, "At least I'm still new, you're already a thing of the past, he no longer feels anything new about you, it's better that you don't look for trouble."

"You, this woman is really shameless, speaking nicely to you, you're not going to listen, are you? If I were to really act and snatch the Elder Brother Xiao Han away, would you be able to recognize just how powerful you are? " Ji Yun Ning was instantly enraged, and was also angered by Tang You You.

Ji Yun Ning's words also made Tang You You feel stuffy, she had really never seen such a rampant woman. She said it as if if if she wanted to steal it, she could definitely snatch Ji Xiao Han away.

Tang You You sneered, and imitated her tone. He slightly raised his chin, and looked at her with contempt: "If you have the guts, come and snatch it, however, I don't think you have much hope."

Ji Yun Ning was so angry that smoke was coming out of her head, she had maintained her dignified appearance for more than twenty years, and was almost about to collapse due to Tang You You.

"Alright, just you wait, we'll see!" Ji Yun Ning had actually been trying to scare Tang You You earlier because she thought that she would take the initiative to leave.

"I'm already waiting to see the results!" Tang You You said rudely.

Ji Yun Ning was about to leave, but after taking two steps, she felt unresigned in her heart. Hence, she turned her head and looked at Tang You You hatefully: "Do you know about the matter where I slept with him?"

Indeed, this killing move was the most powerful. On Tang You You's small face that was full of vigor a moment ago, a layer of pale-white color now fell.

Ji Yun Ning looked at her miserable appearance, and raised the corner of his mouth, laughing proudly.

She purposely said that to anger Tang You You with this lie. She believed that no woman would be able to endure the rumors of her own man and the ex-girlfriend.

Tang You You clenched her two small fists tightly, her entire body was like a small volcano, ready to erupt at any time.

She did not know why she would suddenly care so much about the matter of Ji Xiao Han sleeping with someone.

But the pain in her heart that she couldn't ignore reminded her every nerve. Yes, she cared.

Ji Xiao Han, you lied to me?

How could Tang You You ever have received such a blow when it was her first time in a relationship. Her love, which she thought was beautiful and innocent, was now like boiling water mixed with lies, causing her to be unable to endure it any longer.

She didn't know why Ji Xiao Han would lie to her.

However, she knew that every man loved to lie, just like how Tang You Kang used to lie to his mother. Every day, he would send her flowers and festivals, and he would praise her beauty and kindness. However, not long after his mother passed away, he immediately brought Tang Xue Rou and his mother back from the outside.

Tang You You's negative emotions started to erupt faintly, exactly because she had seen her father cheat her mother in the past. She had said everything that was good, and in the end, all of it was a lie.