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C528 the heart seems to be hollowed out

Thinking of the day of Yang ChuChu's birthday party last time, Qiao Chuxin used the identity of Jijia's little grandma to crush herself, and miffee was gnashing her teeth. Therefore, Qiao Chuxin paid more attention to all kinds of news, that is, she wanted to find an opportunity to let the woman who had once beaten herself repay the feeling of being crushed.

After mifeel left, Yang ChuChu's big eyes shaved Luo Jinyu. Next second, she turned around and ran to the sofa, took her small backpack and left.

Obviously, Yang ChuChu was angry.

"Delicate..." Luo Jinyu saw her face taut and was about to leave with the bag. Junlian was in a hurry. The big palm had reached out and grasped her wrist: "what's the matter? Is this about to go? "

Yang ChuChu stared at him angrily and said, "does that woman come to you with wine like this every day? Have you ever given her a chance? "

"What are you talking about? How could she come to me every day? " At the moment, Luo Jinyu really felt that he had a hundred mouths, but he was afraid that he could not explain them clearly.

"Well, you must have given her a chance. Otherwise, how could she come? I also know to bring a bottle of wine. " Yang ChuChu also knows that he is making trouble without reason. However, whoever encounters this kind of thing will be very upset.

She will make such a fuss, just because she has no sense of security, she needs Luo Jinyu to give her more sense of security, in order to calm her inner uneasiness.

"Well, you don't believe me?" Luo Jinyu grabs her big palm and makes a little effort to hug her in his arms. His eyes are eager: "I didn't expect that she would come to me with wine. This is the first time she came to me!"

"Really?" Yang ChuChu immediately raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "I don't have to lie to you. Miffee is a very proud and cold woman. She never came to me like this before. I don't know how she came this time." It seems that Sophie of Luo Jin Yujue has changed a lot and is no longer as proud as before. It seems that divorce has hit her a lot. Yang ChuChu saw the man's serious face, and nodded: "well, I believe you are. But remember, if she comes to you with wine, you can't let her step into your house. Otherwise, if I know you let her in, I will ignore you later.

”Yang ChuChu was very childish and said heavy words to frighten him.

Luo Jinyu looks at her jealous appearance. The flame just pressed down suddenly burns again.

Her angry appearance is so cute that people can't help but want to bully her.

"I won't let any more women into my house except you!" Luo Jinyu finishes saying, can't wait to lower his head, look for her lips, and kiss them severely.

Ji Xiaohan moved to live on the hillside!

The next day, uncle yuan helped, under the surveillance of the old lady, remove all the personal belongings of Ji Xiaohan. It's empty here, and there is no more male supplies.

Tang youyou came back from the company at noon. She wanted to catch the plane in the evening, so she asked Liu Xi for a week's long vacation.

Liu Xi, as her immediate supervisor, naturally showed her special kindness and planned to give her a month's holiday to relax. Tang youyou refused. She said she would come back to work after finishing the work.

When Tang youyou came back home, he saw the cup on the table that season owl cold liked to use. It was gone.

That cup was not eye-catching, probably because it can be seen often. It's a lover's cup with her. Ji Xiaohan often drinks water from that cup. But now, she is the only one left standing there alone. Tang youyou's heart and a sudden pain.

She went upstairs. When she passed by the door of jixiaohan's house, she couldn't help but reach out and open it.

It's only his son's clothes. The man's wardrobe has been emptied. Even some of his things in the bathroom have been cleaned.

A corner of my heart suddenly seemed to be hollowed out. Tang youyou sat by the bed and looked at the room. He couldn't tell what it was like. It was sour, bitter, stuffy and made people want to cry.

Although she stayed, everything between her and Ji Xiaohan changed dramatically.

Still can't go back to the sweet look of the past.

Tang youyou sighs a little. Let's accept the reality.

In the evening, Tang youyou saw two little guys jumping off uncle yuan's car. Her empty heart seemed to have sunshine and warmth again.

"Mommy, daddy said, do you want to go abroad to do business by plane in the evening? Is it a business trip?" Tang xiaonai ran over and asked her curiously with his head back.

"Yes, Mommy is going out to do some important things. You and your brother will live with daddy for a few days. Mommy will come back as soon as possible." Tang youyou said to his daughter gently.

Tang xiaonai had to nod his head unhappily: "well, Mommy will come back earlier, otherwise, I will miss you very much!"

"Mommy assured you that as soon as she finished, she would come back and bring gifts to you and your brother." Tang youyou was reluctant to leave the children, but she had to do it herself.

Thinking of meeting Ji Xiaohan's mother, Tang youyou feels tired.

I will be very embarrassed to see you then.

At present, in addition to Ji's family who know that she and Javier are father and daughter, people outside do not know.

Therefore, Ji Xiaohan's mother must not know about it.

Tang Xiaorui is not as dependent as Tang xiaonai. He stands beside him, with his hands around his chest, and cares like an adult: "Mommy, if you have any difficulties, you must ask daddy for help. He will definitely help you."

Tang youyou chuckled: "I can do it myself, I don't need his help!"

Just as the mother and son were chatting, uncle yuan suddenly received a call from the old lady.

"Uncle yuan suddenly some embarrassed answer:" old lady, I ask the children's opinion first

After hanging up the phone, uncle yuan came over and asked softly, "where are you going to have dinner tonight, young master? The old lady asked you to go up and eat, saying that you are going to prepare a lot of your favorite dishes!"

Tang xiaonai immediately wanted to go. Tang Xiaorui went to put his hands on it. "Uncle yuan, please call grandma back and say we are going to eat with mummy here. Mummy is going to go abroad tonight!"

Tang Xiaorui's momentum made uncle yuan feel embarrassed to persuade him again, so he had to call the old lady and convey his words.

The old lady's heart broke.

Seeing that her son refused the old lady's kindness directly, Tang youyou was a little upset. She urged her son to say something. Tang Xiaorui just didn't leave. He had to accompany her to finish the meal before he let uncle yuan drive him to play. Tang youyou found that the child really became a tie between her and Ji Xiaohan.