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C857 sudden fatal injury

What else could lohnin do? Of course, he promised her. He only hoped that he would stay with her all his life and never be separated.

When Bai Yiyan came home, she thought for a while, and then went out to buy something to eat.

It's been a few days since she broke up with Ji Yueze. Recently, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are engaged to each other, which fills the whole Internet world. The gossip about her has been diluted a lot.

Bai Yiyan put on her mask, no makeup, and went out in a white Nizi coat.

She walked along the road outside the community gate. She remembered that there was a very delicious pancake before. She had not eaten it for a long time. She was a little greedy. Maybe it was because her mood became better. She didn't walk as heavy as before and became light.

Anyway, Ji Yueze asked her to marry him. Now, she refused him. Want to

to this, Bai Yiyan secretly breathed a breath, felt a trace of exaltation.

However, it's just a passing illusion. In the emotional world, no one is the real winner. As long as the one who doesn't lose is too ugly, it's already very good.

Bai Yiyan remembers the route, but she can't tell whether to go left or right. So she stands beside the road and remembers it carefully. Suddenly

however, a black business car came from her left side. Bai Yiyan did not doubt that there was anything suspicious about the car. She was still thinking about her own affairs. Until the business car suddenly stopped in front of her, then the door was pushed open and two men came down. Without saying a word, she would drag her to the car. Bai

Yiyan was shocked for a second. The next second, she raised her arm up sharply, and put it directly on a man's chin. Obviously, the man didn't expect Bai Yiyan could fight back even in such a dangerous and frightened situation. Not only was his chin hurt, but the next second, Bai Yiyan put her knee under another man's body. A jack made the man straight Then there was a pig like scream, which was not over yet. Bai Yiyan raised her long legs and gave a hard kick to the man who bent down to cover the wailing below. She kicked the man directly on the car body, which made him dizzy. "

m!" The man with the chin on his back was obviously enraged. Unexpectedly, Bai Yiyan beat his brother so miserably. He took out a knife from his waist and stabbed Bai Yiyan.

In a hurry, Bai Yiyan looks up and stops her. The knife directly wipes her arm. However, the next second, Bai Yiyan turns around and kicks the man back, and then kicks him to the ground again.

"Let's go!" Suddenly, the driver in the car shouted. The two embarrassed men were in no mood to catch Bai Yiyan again. They ran back to the business car like they were running for their lives. The business car ran away quickly.

Bai Yiyan found her right arm was seriously injured and her sleeves were dyed red with blood after she was shocked and angry. She immediately gave a cry of pain. Those passing by saw Bai Yiyan, a woman, overturning two big men on the ground with her bare hands. They were all stunned. They couldn't really see that such a thin girl had such good skills. "

little sister, hurry up to the hospital and bandage it. You have a lot of blood in this wound!" There is a good brother passing by to persuade her.

Bai Yiyan is frightened and flustered at the moment. She turns around and runs away. No.

Yes, she just made a video of two men fighting bravely with her bare hands, which was also recorded by some people watching nearby. Bai

Yiyan runs all the way. Who were the two men just now? Why don't you say anything and catch her as soon as you come down? No, how about the tube? She escaped from death. Her face was white. She ran back to her home in one breath. She had been attacked once. Bai Yiyan did not dare to appear in the street again. When she got back home, she did a simple hemostasis. Fortunately, the blood stopped, but the place where the knife cut off was very painful. Bai

Yi Yan doesn't know who to turn to for help at the moment. In her mind, there is only a beautiful and sharp face.

Bai Yiyan's face was so pale with pain that she kept sweating. Finally, she chose to call Ji Yueze and ask him to help her. She doesn't want to leave the wound cold. In case of infection, the consequences will be more serious.

After receiving Bai Yiyan's call, Ji Yueze asked lazily, "what's the matter? Have you thought about it? How can you answer me? " Bai

Yiyan's voice, with a breath, said indefinitely: "Ji Yueze, can you come and help me? I'm hurt!" "

injured? Where was it hurt? " Ji Yueze didn't think about the serious situation, so he didn't worry about it.

"I was stabbed!" Bai Yiyan replied painfully. "

what?" This time, Ji Yueze's voice was about to explode. He asked urgently, "where are you? I'm coming! "

"At home!" Bai Yiyan finished and hung up.

Half an hour later, Ji Yueze slapped the door hard. He had just come all the way, so at the moment, his hair was slightly disordered and his face was red. After patting the door twice, he found that there was no reflection in the door, so he almost raised his foot to kick it.

Fortunately, Bai Yiyan insisted on coming to open the door and saving her own. When the door opened, a pale face full of cold sweat appeared in front of him. Ji Yueze took a quick step forward, picked up her injured arm and looked at it. He saw a sharp wound on the white skin. The blood was still falling. Obviously, Bai Yiyan's hemostasis effect was not good. "

What's going on? Who did it? " Ji Yueze roars. I don't know whether he is angry or in a hurry. His eyes are bloody. It seems that he is going to have the murderer's heart broken. "

take me to the hospital, I'm in pain!" Bai Yiyan has endured to the limit at the moment. She feels that she will faint in the next second. Season

Yue Ze said nothing, reached for her directly, held her horizontally in her arms, and ran quickly to the door. "

close the door, there are many things in me!" Bai Yiyan suddenly said. "What's more important than your life?" she said Bai

Yiyan can only watch her door open, and the elevator door closes quickly.

Ji Yueze hugged her and watched the cold sweat on her forehead sink into a river and fall down. That's how she suffered. "

who did it? Who stabbed you with a knife? " Ji Yueze finally has time to ask her calmly.

Bai Yiyan shook her head: "I don't know. I don't know those people!"