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C1735. She's very brave

Ling wennuan didn't expect that men's nerves would be so sensitive. She joked with him. He took it seriously.

"No, I won't dislike you."

Lingnuan is afraid that her sincerity is not enough. She immediately reaches out and holds the man's arm, saying that she really won't dislike him.

Mu Weicheng made a false alarm and smiled with embarrassment: "then I have to keep this figure well."

Ling warms up and swallows her saliva. Although she knows that she can't do anything with Mu Weicheng now, she still feels a little thirsty. She quickly takes a drink of water and moistens her throat first.

"You hurry to take a bath. If you stand in front of me like this again, I'm afraid I'll think of committing a crime, because you're in such a good shape and have some fouls."

Ling warm naughty spit tongue, jokingly said.

Mu Weicheng is amused by her. This little woman always has countless brain holes. She can say anything that others can't think of, but she has to say that she is very interesting, like a bunch of warm sunshine in a dull life. "You dare to commit crimes against me?"

Mu Weicheng couldn't help but want to tease her. His tall body stepped forward and forced him to come to her.

Ling wennuan immediately reached for his waist and said angrily, "why can't I dare? You are the man who wants to be my husband. I can see what I want."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was more powerful than himself, he couldn't help but move closer. At this moment, the distance between the two people, even though there was no fist size, the thin lips of the man fell on her ears. He could hear the breath clearly.

Ling warm courage was not big, but she loves to be brave, so, the more fighting, the braver.

She immediately stretched out her small hand, pulled the trousers under him hard, and looked inside quickly.

In a hurry, Ling warms up in a moment, then takes a step back, looking at the man's handsome face, she laughs proudly: "how about it?

If I want to see it, I dare to see it. "

It's hard to believe Mu Weicheng. It seems that he was really bullied by this woman.

"Ling warm, who gives you courage?"

Mu Weicheng is a little angry. To be honest, he doesn't want her to touch the difference between men and women until now. He hopes that she can keep her simple character. But just now, her uneasy little hand dare to be so bold.

Ling wennuan immediately stepped back a few steps, giggling: "people have a thirst for knowledge, don't be ashamed to ask, just look at it, you have no loss, besides, I'm not a child, why don't you let me see?"

Does she have a reason?

Mu Weicheng's face is black with anger. It seems that he can't spell her bottom line in terms of joking.

Ling wennuan thought that this matter would turn over quickly, until she saw the man's heavy handsome face that was about to dribble out of the water. When it was over, he seemed really angry.

"Mu Weicheng..." Ling wennuan walks up to him with a small step and shouts his name nervously.

Mu Weicheng couldn't help but say or scold her. He had to turn around and take a bath.

Ling wennuan, like a child who has made a mistake, is waiting for his parents to punish him.

After taking a bath, Mu Weicheng came out in a suit of sportswear, wiped his short hair with a towel, and watched Ling warm and stupefied leaning against the wall.

"Well, what happened just now will not happen again."

She's a sick woman. How can Mu Weicheng continue to ignore her?

"I'm sorry. I'm just curious. I just read it in books and on the Internet. I didn't really see it."

Ling is still explaining.

Mu Weicheng's face changed again, and his eyes narrowed: "are you looking at this on the Internet?"

"No, it's something about medicine on the Internet. I see it occasionally, but I didn't search it specially."

Ling warm immediately reached out to guarantee that he was telling the truth.

"Forget it, it's all adults. There are some things we should know better."

Mu Weicheng didn't ask for anything in particular.

Ling wennuan is relieved.

The dinner was sent to the room for eating. Ling warmed up and had a better cold and a better appetite. Looking at the sweetness of her food, Mu Weicheng couldn't help but eat half a bowl of rice.

Most of the time, he ate alone, unless he went to the canteen. Now, the time for two people to eat together is so short and wonderful.

In this warm and romantic atmosphere, Mu's mobile phone suddenly rings.

He glanced at the caller ID, looked slightly changed, and said in a low voice, "it's your big brother."

Ling warm a listen, immediately tensed nerve: "then you answer, turn on hands-free, I listen to my big brother to tell you what."

Mu Weicheng is still very guilty. It's really immoral to date his sister without telling his friends.

Ling wennuan immediately reached for the answer key and turned on the handsfree.

Ling Mo Feng's voice immediately came: "Wei Cheng, how is the warmth there?"?

I heard my grandfather say, warm and sick, as if still on your side, is she better now? "

Mu Weicheng immediately looks up at Ling wennuan, who immediately shakes his hand to show that he didn't say anything about his illness.

"She's next to me. We just had dinner. Let her answer the phone."

Mu Weicheng said, and pushed the mobile phone to Ling Nuan's front.

Ling Nuan glared at him. This is to transfer the topic to her. It's really not righteous enough.


Ling Mo Feng shouted at her calmly.

Ling wennuan hurried to compact his head and answered loudly, "yes, elder brother, what can I do for you?"

"Nothing, just want to care about you. Do you still get used to it over there?

If you need anything, please ask Mu Weicheng for help. I'll make up for him later.

"Ling Mo Feng is not so polite to his sister.

"Brother, I'm so sorry that you always make me trouble others."

Ling wennuan blinks at Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng's face was a little red, and he looked away from her.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled: "if you feel embarrassed, you have to learn to take care of yourself."

"I'm having a good time now, brother. Don't worry, just hang up."

Ling wennuan said, and hung up the phone directly. Neither Mu Weicheng nor Ling Moheng reflected.


Ling warms a long sigh of relief: "I'm still not ready to let my brother know about us."

"He will know sooner or later."

Mu Weicheng laughs at himself.

"I know, but I can't say now. If I do, I'm afraid he will send someone to pick me up tomorrow."

Ling wennuan knows elder brother's character. Elder brother will be scared.

"I have no face to see your elder brother. He must have never dreamed that we would be together."

Mu Weicheng reached out his hand and stroked his forehead, looking really shameless.

Ling wennuan quickly reached out his hand and took down his big palm: "when I go back this time, I will tell him the truth, I will say that I like you when I am with you."

"Well, then, I'll tell him myself. I hope he doesn't think I'm a bad guy."

Mu Weicheng laughs at himself.

"You're not bad."

Ling wennuan immediately disagreed.

Mu Weicheng reached out to touch her long hair and laughed at himself in the bottom of his heart. He really wanted to do something bad, but he was suppressing his behavior all the time. If Ling wennuan could see the pictures in his mind that could not pass the examination, she would not think so.

After supper, the rain stopped and the two went downstairs for a walk.

"It's quiet here."

Ling warm sigh.

"There's no noise in the city. It's quiet when it's dark."

Mu Weicheng has long been used to this kind of night.

"When you were here alone, did you feel lonely?"

Ling asked in a low voice.

"Sometimes, sometimes not. It depends on your mood."

Mu Weicheng looks down and smiles.

"What's your mood?"

Ling warms his eyes strangely.

"See if I miss you."

Mu Weicheng stopped and looked at her face with soft street lamp: "if I miss you, I will feel very lonely."

Ling warm listen, inexplicably uncomfortable, sour nose, the next second, she will be desperate to rush into his arms, tightly hugged him.

Mu Weicheng reached out to touch her long hair tenderly and smiled softly, "what's the matter?"

"Like you, no matter how busy I am, I feel lonely when I miss you and you are not around me."

Ling warm voice, with a lump, obviously, she felt the same.

Mu Weicheng didn't mean to make her cry, but when she cried and said these words, she was still very distressed.

"Well, fortunately that time has come. In the following days, if I miss you, I can call you and listen to your voice or video, which can always alleviate this loneliness."

Mu Weicheng is gentle and comforting.


Ling Nuan nodded his head, and agreed.