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"Then hurry up and explain it to him. Don't let him misunderstand you!" Liu Xi said in concern.

"I'll explain it to him, but I'm afraid he won't believe me!" Tang You You was also very worried. After all, no matter how she explained, she was already hugging Lu Xuan Chen and there was even the scene where he kissed her.

Ten minutes later, Tang You You received another call, and he was already at the main entrance.

Tang You You left the office, and the moment she left, he was immediately stared at by everyone.

When she had entered the office earlier, she had been greeted by various people along the way. Now, everyone was looking at her with eyes of disbelief, as if she was a monster.

Indeed, she had given birth to a child for Ji Xiao Han and was his real girlfriend. She should be satisfied, but why was there a picture of her being intimate with another man?

Tang You You felt that her life's ups and downs were too harsh, her heart was unable to bear it. However, there were some things that she had to face.

There was no way to escape!

Since Tang Xue Rou wanted to persecute her like this, and she wasn't prepared, she could only blame herself for being in a passive situation like this. However, she wouldn't be willing to be played for fun like this, this time, she would make Tang Xue Rou suffer ten times worse.

Tang You You went downstairs, and at the entrance of the hall, she saw Ji Xiao Han's black car, quietly parked in the center of the door.

Tang You You quickly walked over, and as she opened the car door, she saw the man's gloomy and dissatisfied expression.

She bit a lower lip and sat down again.

"What's going on?" Ji Xiao Han's gaze immediately fixed onto his. Indeed, he cared a lot about her, he crazily cared about her being in close contact with other men.

From the looks of it, that man was Lu Xuan Chen, whom she had a sliver of good will toward.

There was a trace of helplessness and grievance in Tang You You's eyes, and her voice was very soft, "I was tricked by Tang Xue Rou."

Hearing her words, Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly froze. He immediately instructed the driver: "Drive!"

In the carriage, Ji Xiao Han did not speak nor did he ask her!

Tang You You was very uneasy in her heart. The man's silence made her heart beat even faster.

She did not know where Ji Xiao Han was bringing her to, but at that moment, her heart was filled with complex emotions.

When the car stopped, Tang You You realized that they were in a rich person's vacation area on the city's coast.

Ji Xiao Han got off the carriage and walked forward with heavy steps.

Tang You You had no choice but to quickly follow him. Ji Xiao Han walked into the living room of a casual villa, and Tang You You followed along.

Once inside, Ji Xiao Han immediately pulled her closer to his embrace. In the next second, he had fiercely kissed her on the lips.

Before Tang You You could explain anything, he felt the man sucking on her lips like a madman.

She was very afraid, and also very powerless. At this moment, she could feel the fury of a man slowly assaulting her reason.

If it were here, she thought, she would go down with him.

But in the next second, Ji Xiao Han pushed her away, his eyes scarlet red: "I don't care who you were tricked by, but when you were hugging Lu Xuan Chen, where did he kiss you from? "Is it here?"

Ji Xiao Han said, then fiercely kissed her neck, but Tang You You pushed him away.

Ji Xiao Han took a step back. The current him was like an enraged wild beast, his beloved prey had been infected by someone else, to the proud him, this was something that he could not tolerate.

Tang You You saw that Ji Xiao Han had currently lost all reason out of anger, and even disrespected her somewhat, so he immediately calmed down and said: "Could it be that you really aren't even going to give me a chance to explain myself? I can assure you that Lu Xuan Chen and I did not do what you think we did. "

"Didn't it happen? He has touched you, so shouldn't you tell me where you are now? " Ji Xiao Han's current jealousy made him want to kill someone, and his words lost all rationality. He only knew that the woman he loved crazily had been touched by another man.

Hearing his words, Tang You You felt very uncomfortable. Her tears rolled down her face and she held them back: "Ji Xiao Han, what you care about is not that I have suffered, right? "What you care about is whether my body is still pure or not. You said that you love me because you love my innocence, but you don't care about how I feel."

Seeing the tears in her eyes, Ji Xiao Han's lost control of his reason was slightly pulled back, his handsome face stiffened.

The next second, his voice was low and hoarse. "I care about everything!"

"If you really care about it, then you should listen to my explanation, and not care about whether or not I've done anything with Lu Xuan Chen." Tang You You wanted to be stronger, but the tears still betrayed her.

Ji Xiao Han was very annoyed in his heart, but in the next second, he sat on the sofa beside him.

Tang You You took a deep breath, his voice carrying a trace of sadness: "You don't want to hear it, right? Then I won't say anymore! "

Tang You You turned around and was about to leave, but before she could take two steps, the man's tall body flashed past and blocked her way.

"I want to hear it!" The man's eyes flickered on her tearful face.

Tang You You inexplicably felt wronged. She bit her lips: "I don't want to say it anymore!"

"You have to!" Ji Xiao Han held her wrist: "I admit that I was too rude just now, but you know that it's because I care about you that I have become crazy, right?"

When Tang You You heard his explanation for his actions, her heart became even more complicated. She bit her lips and turned her face to the side.

Ji Xiao Han's finger gently touched her soft and tender cheek, and gently wiped away her tears. "Speak, I believe you!"

Tang You You took a deep breath and calmed himself down, then said with a trace of annoyance: "I made a deal with Tang Xue Rou about my birth parents, and this morning, I called her to ask her out to discuss this matter, and she told me to go to the hotel to find her. I went to the hotel, and I didn't see her, and I saw Lu Xuan Chen.

Every word that came from Ji Xiao Han's silent Listen to her changed a little bit of the gloom in his eyes.

"And then?"

Tang You You raised her head to look into his eyes, and realized that he was not as terrifying as before, causing her to sob: "Then there's the picture you saw just now, Lu Xuan Chen pounced towards me in a completely unconscious state, I was also very scared at that time, I wanted to open the door and escape, I didn't think he would pounce on me again."

"He really didn't do anything else to you?" Ji Xiao Han scanned her body back and forth, trying to find any traces of his.

Fortunately, there seemed to be no trace on her skin that he did not want to see.