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C526. It's a man's responsibility

In the spacious and bright living room, Yang ChuChu, like a lazy little wild cat, lies in the arms of a man and doesn't want to move.

She secretly came to find Luo Jinyu. She couldn't stand the cold war with him.

Luo Jinyu also gently uses his palm to caress her long black and soft hair. The president of Luoda is always busy. At this moment, he puts down his busy work and just wants to be bored with this little thing.

Even if a word need not say, also won't feel dreary, he likes her body that light is like the sweet breath of milk.

He is really infatuated with this little thing. This kind of love, like a storm, suddenly falls down, which makes Luo Jinyu think of it and dote on her all the time.

"My mother won't let me go to the theatre. She wants me to study hard and send me abroad to study." Yang ChuChu's voice is full of confusion and loss.

Acting is her hobby and her dream. She really doesn't want to give up. However, since she let her mother know that she is close to men, she has been limited in various ways.

"She did it for you, too, to show that she was a good mother." Luo Jin said with a sigh.

Yang ChuChu suddenly turned over and lay on his back in his strong and broad arms. Her fingers stretched out dishonestly, tracing the firm and beautiful lip line of the man.

"Luo Jinyu, you look so beautiful. I'm afraid. If I go abroad to study and you are robbed by other women, who should I cry for?" Yang ChuChu carefully and carefully looked at the handsome face of the man. The more he looked, the more he loved, the more he was reluctant to let go.

Luo Jinyu couldn't help laughing: "are you so unsure of me? I'm not worried about you being abducted by another man. " "You know, I was short of Pan security since I was a child. In fact, before I acted, I was very self abased. Maybe it was because I heard too many people call me a wild species, which caused me to have social phobia. For a while, I suffered from melancholia. As long as there was a play, I could really let go of myself

spiritual bondage. Therefore, I like to stand in the position of the role and perform each All kinds of girls! " Yang ChuChu reaches out his hand, gently hooks Luo Jinyu's neck, and pastes his pink lips to the past.

Luo Jinyu's eyes slightly froze, then, the thin lips gently suck her lips, just a few seconds later, let go, eyes gently like water looking at the clean and beautiful girl in her arms, the body has a little resonance.

A kiss seems to set off the storm in the man's body, and a side pressure. Luo Jinyu has suppressed Yang ChuChu on the sofa.

He gazed at the beautiful face of the girl from top to bottom, young and beautiful, which made him want to bully her involuntarily.

Yang ChuChu knew that Luo Jinyu had been forbearing to himself before, but now, he seems to be more and more unable to control his behavior.

And she Like to see him out of control.

"Luo Jinyu, or We are also like sister youyou and general manager Ji. We need a child first, and then we will be pestering for a lifetime. No one can separate us. " Yang ChuChu suddenly joked.

Luo Jin was shocked by her bold idea. "No, we can't do that without giving you an absolute commitment." Luo Jinyu was sweating all over. Next second, he turned over and sat up straight. He stretched out his hand to pull up the lying girl and put his arms around her. His thin lips were gently printed on her small head: "I can't let you bear any pain."

Yang ChuChu can feel the man's love and protection for herself. She smiles softly: "I heard that women's first time will be very painful, right?"

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is a little stunned. Jun Mou strangely sweeps the girl's Scarlet face, and his thin lips make a smile: "how can I know if you ask me?"

Yang ChuChu's big black eyes twinkled cunningly. Unexpectedly, the pit she dug, Luo Jinyu made a perfect detour.

"I thought you were very experienced." Yang ChuChu grinned.

Luo Jinyu said that he was speechless: "where do I come from?"

"You and your ex girlfriend..." Yang ChuChu accidentally mentioned his old story again.

Luo Jinyu frowned: "why don't you stick to my old business with her? Are you so unsure? "

Yang ChuChu sighed, "I'm not confident, so today, I want you to be responsible for me."

After Yang ChuChu finished, he pushed his little hand hard. Luo Jinyu was unprepared. He fell down on the sofa directly and lay on his back. Yang ChuChu's delicate body pressed over directly. He fell on his chest with charming posture and smiled like a flower: "Luo Jinyu..."

Luo Jinyu was shocked by her actions. Unexpectedly, she was so brave.

"Clear, stop it, get up!" Although Luo Jinyu was already restless, his will power was very firm.

If there is no relationship with her, he will never go to the last step, which is his principle.

"I'm not joking with you. I'm really joking. I really can't persuade my mother to promise us now."

"Then let me tell her!" Luo Jinyu suddenly felt that he was too aggrieved by his escape.

As a man, his responsibility must be borne by himself.

"You What are you going to tell her? " Yang ChuChu is really surprised. Unexpectedly, Luo Jinyu plans to ask his mother to mention this matter directly.

"Just tell her!" Luo Jinyu's voice was firm: "I don't want to lose you, I want to be with you!"

The sweetest love words can't be compared with one another.

Yang ChuChu's eyes are inexplicably hot. She knows that Luo Jinyu is sincere about her feelings. However, her feelings begin on her own initiative and he will accept them passively.

But now, for his initiative, Yang ChuChu's inner feelings, unspeakable warmth, peace of mind.

"Well, choose a time and talk to my mother!" Yang ChuChu believed him very much, then she sighed, "but I have to remind you first, my mother feels that there is no man in the world to rely on."

"Then I can only prove it to him!" Luo Jinyu answers in a low voice.

"How do you prove it?" Yang ChuChu immediately laughed, and then his fingers touched his thin lips intentionally or unconsciously: "why don't you prove it to me now?"

Luo Jinyu saw that the little woman was always agitating his nerves. His eyes were dark, his body was strong, and his voice was very low: "OK, I will prove it to you!" Yang ChuChu is slightly shocked. Can't he? Is it true?