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In the advanced ward of another hospital, Luo Jinyu's injured foot has been treated and bandaged.

However, his feet were not convenient to walk, so Luo Jinyu asked his assistant to give him a wheelchair.

Yang ChuChu always felt guilty and blamed himself. He always felt that he hurt Luo Jinyu. Because of his age and simple mind, his eyes were always wet and he wanted to cry every time he thought of his mistakes.

Luo Jinyu looks at her sitting at the bedside, her hands are at a loss, and she will only wipe the tears silently, which is painful.

"Big hand stretched out, touched her long hair, low voice comforted way:" don't cry, I am not OK

"You're going to be in a wheelchair. How can you be ok?" Yang ChuChu wept and rushed into his arms, sobbing.

Luo Jinyu gently holds her in her arms, sexy thin lips, and kisses her head. It is because Yang ChuChu is young and simple that Luo Jinyu wants to protect her innocence even more.

"Well, it's all over, and there's a result in this matter. Let's not talk about it again, shall we?" Luo Jinyu asked softly.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu nodded obediently, like a child, soft voice, let Luo Jinyu listen, heart lake throb, want to kiss her sweet little mouth.

When Luo Jinyu had this idea, the door of the ward was opened, and Cheng Ying came in.

The two hugged each other. They were obviously shocked. They separated quickly.

Yang ChuChu lowered his head, still wiping his tears.

Luo Jinyu is also a little unnatural. Jun's face is red.

Cheng Ying pretended not to see anything, but asked lightly: "listen to the clear saying, your foot hurt? Is it serious? "

"Fortunately, it's not too serious. It's just that it's not convenient to move during this period." Luo Jinyu replies with a smile.

Cheng Ying frowned and said, "the relationship between Chu and Mu Xiyang has been hyped by the reporters of the media. These bad journalists are too much. They can write things that are out of nothing."

"Yes, cousin, don't worry. I'll protect my delicate private life in the future and never let the media scribble again!" Luo Jinyu found that it is necessary to paste the mouth of media people.

Cheng Ying was a little satisfied after hearing this: "since you have said that, I hope you can take good care of my daughter. I've been busy with my work. She was lack of love since she was a child. I'm very relieved that you can help me take care of her."

When Yang ChuChu heard his mother's words, he blushed and shouted, "Mom, why do you say this? I don't lack love. I've always been independent and strong." Cheng Ying looks at her daughter's red eyes and sighs: "mom is stronger than you, but being strong requires hard work and price. I have paid for all these pains. So I don't want you to be the same as me. Some people love you. This is the life a woman should enjoy. If you are with Mu Xiyang, I will worry about you, but if you are with him Together, mom will be relieved. "

"Thank you, cousin!" said Luo Jinyu gratefully

Yang ChuChu then picked the eyebrows and said in a triumphant voice, "of course, I'm very accurate in choosing men. I'll only choose the best men."

When Cheng Ying saw his daughter's color, he didn't know how powerful she was, so he immediately reprimanded her: "you will restrain your indifferent character in the future. I'm afraid Jin Yu will dislike you."

As soon as Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes stay, she immediately looks at the man sitting on the hospital bed: "do you think I'm bored?"

Luo Jinyu chuckled and shook his head: "no!"

"Mom, did you hear me? He said no!" Yang ChuChu was immediately happy again.

Cheng Ying hasn't seen the childish side of her daughter for a long time. At the moment, she can't help being laughed at.

"Well, I don't care about you. I'll let Jin Yu take charge of you later. I have another step ahead of me. If you hurt him, take good care of him." After Cheng Ying finished, he left.

Yang ChuChu stood at the door of the ward and watched his mother leave. Turning around, he spit out his tongue secretly: "I'm scared to death!"

Luo Jinyu looked at her with a sigh of relief, and was amused by her.

"Your mother is very enlightened, not as severe as you said before." Luo Jinyu remembers that Yang ChuChu used to say that her mother was an old-fashioned person who didn't trust men. Yang ChuChu shrugged her shoulders and said, "she was really strict before, and she didn't know what she had experienced, which made her change. However, I like her open-minded appearance now. I believe that if she continues to open her heart, she will find a man who loves her as soon as possible."

"If your mother did find a boyfriend, would you be sad?" Asked Luo Jinyu curiously.

"Of course not. I'll open champagne and set off fireworks to celebrate." Yang ChuChu's reply, let Luo Jinyu express speechless.

Yang ChuChu sat beside his bed and looked at him with big eyes of water spirit: "Luo Jinyu, will you really take care of me in the future? I don't think I'm talkative, I don't think I'm a bad character, and I don't think I'm plump enough, right? "

"Yes! No disrespect! " Luo Jin feels that Yang ChuChu is the most beautiful angel in his life. No matter what happens, he will love her all his life.

Yang ChuChu smiled, showing a row of small white teeth, pure and lovely.

"Then I don't dislike you, we're even!" Yang ChuChu suddenly joked.

Luo Jin Yu Junya's face is slightly stunned: "do you dislike me?"

"No, I don't dislike your age, your money or your good looks. Look, I'm so good. I don't dislike anything." Yang ChuChu said and laughed like a cute elf.

Luo Jinyu was once again amused by her words. She chose all his advantages. Can she still dislike them?

"Luo Jinyu, do you want to go to the trumpet? I'll help you! " Yang ChuChu suddenly asked, looking concerned.

Luo Jinyu was smiling. After listening to her, he almost didn't laugh.

"Cough No No more! " Where dare Luo Jin bother her.

"Don't be polite to me. Whatever you want, just call me. I have no problem!" Yang ChuChu said solemnly.

"But we are different, inconvenient!" Luo Jinyu is more willing to jump over with one leg.

"What's so shy? I haven't seen it!" Yang ChuChu immediately raised his little chin and said with a strong expression.

"Have you seen it? Whose? " Luo Jin's eyes narrowed in an instant, showing danger and unhappiness. Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes widened in an instant, and then two little hands were right: "that is Little boy's! "