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Pushing the little guy's calves to the side, he laid down.

In the morning, Tang You You woke up very early. When he opened his eyes and saw that his daughter was no longer by his side, when did the little fellow wake up?

Tang You You sighed, she leaned against the doorframe and unknowingly, she was completely captivated by what she saw.

"I know, it's already very rare for Miss Tang to let Young Master and the children get along. If you need anything in the future, feel free to tell me."

Tang You You was startled, and could only laugh: "Then I will thank Uncle Yuan."

The two little fellows ran out covered in sweat. Ji Xiao Han was also sweating all over, and at this moment, his clean, black short hair was drenched in sweat.

Only now did Tang You You realize that Ji Xiao Han was actually still very young. Although his identity seemed to be extremely arrogant, he was actually still young, and after playing around with the children, he still had the manliness of a grown boy.

Ji Xiao Han had actually long seen Tang You You standing by the door watching them, thus when he was playing football earlier, he had also put in a bit more effort.

However, it was a pity that Tang You You did not notice any of this.

"Come over here, wipe off your sweat before heading in for breakfast!" When Tang You You saw them walk over, he had Uncle Yuan prepare a towel.

The two small faces were red and warm, but showed the caution they had at such a young age.

Tang You You gently wiped off the sweat on his daughter's face, then helped wipe his son's sweat. After she finished wiping, Tang Xiao Nai suddenly spoke out from the side: "Mummy, you haven't even wiped your father's sweat yet, father is already sweating profusely!"

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's words, his gloomy eyes lit up.

However, he did not have the treatment of a child. He only felt as if a towel was flying towards him.

The woman said lightly, "Rub it yourself!"

What could Ji Xiao Han say? This woman really didn't know what being gentle and considerate was. With her personality, she was still hoping to be chosen by a man. Hmph, how suspicious.

Actually, Ji Xiao Han is thinking too much too. It's not that Tang You You doesn't understand how to be gentle, it's just that she doesn't treat you with gentleness.

Tang You You walked on one side and one on the other as she led the little fellow towards the dining area. Behind her, Ji Xiao Han stared at her with dissatisfaction in her eyes.

"Young Master, after we finish breakfast, we can go to the school to take a look at the situation. We have already notified the Principal of the school, and they will be here to meet you after 9 o'clock." Uncle Yuan walked over to his side and informed him of their trip.

"En!" Ji Xiao Han replied lazily, then walked to the side of the table and sat down. He said to Tang You You: "I've already contacted the school for the children.

Tang You You was startled, she did not expect Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran to contact the school so quickly.

"Why don't you take the children over to have a look, it doesn't matter if I go or not." Tang You You said as she pondered.

Ji Xiao Han frowned: "Why don't we go together, don't you want to see how the children will study in the future?"

"You gave it to them, can it be bad?" Tang You You ridiculed.

The color in Ji Xiao Han's eyes slightly rose: "Of course, I will give them the best, but don't forget, you are their mother. You cannot not participate in their matters."

Tang You You let out a light breath. In fact, at around 6 o'clock, she woke up once and suddenly could not sleep. She then calmed down and thought about something.

At the moment, since Ji Xiao Han had brought up these things, Tang You You also planned to say what he thought.

"Ji Xiao Han, I want to raise some conditions with you. If you agree to it, we can continue to live peacefully." Tang You You said as he looked at him with calm eyes.

"How many conditions?" What makes you think I'll agree? " Ji Xiao Han took a graceful sip of coffee.

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly coughed lightly. That sound caused Ji Xiao Han's hand that was holding the coffee to shake slightly, and the coffee almost spilled out.

Only now did Ji Xiao Han realize that he seemed to have neglected the existence of his son.

"Fine, you mention it. I'd like to hear what your conditions are." Ji Xiao Han immediately changed his attitude.

Sigh, since when did a dignified Ji's like him need to act based on appearances?

But now, he realized that he would have to watch this Zhang Xiaolian every now and then.

Tang You You was slow going, and did not realize that his son had just coughed lightly with other intentions. She thought that Yun Che had stopped him from eating, and immediately reached out to rub his back, saying with concern: "Eat slower, don't worry, just swallow it carefully."

Ji Xiao Han was very careful when he looked at her son. He thought that her son was going to do something to his after he coughed.

Sigh, from the looks of it, my son is still an innocent and cute little boy in front of this woman. But in front of him, he is but a sinister little devil. Why is it that he is also a parent?

"Mummy, didn't you want to state your conditions with your father? Then hurry up and bring it up, I believe Daddy will promise you everything. " Tang Xiao Rui immediately smiled as he looked at Tang You You and encouraged her.

It was only then that Tang You You remembered that she had not spoken out her previous condition. Thus, she looked at Ji Xiao Han seriously, "The first condition is that I do not wish for others to know that you are the father of a child!"

"What?" Ji Xiao Han was already annoyed by her first condition.

What right did he have to hide it from him? He was clearly, by birth, DNA verified.