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Lu xuanchen stared at her face, then he smiled angrily: "who told you that you are very safe?"

"I don't need anyone to say that I know that it's not safe for me to have no more than five people who have confessed to me from small to large." Mao Rongrong laughed at himself. "

really?" Lu xuanchen can't believe it. Just because of the beautiful features of Mao Rongrong, I'm afraid that many female stars don't necessarily have her beautiful, but she looks good, but it gives people a sense of rigid and unappealing. It's normal that she doesn't appeal to men.

"Is it necessary for me to deceive you?" Mao Rongrong hummed. When the elevator reached the first floor, she walked out quickly. "

Mao Rongrong, I insist on sending you home!" Lu xuanchen really can't rest assured that she squints her eyes like this and desperately wants to see the way ahead. When she goes, she pulls her wrist with one hand and forcibly takes her to the direction of his car. "

Lu xuanchen, you don't need to pretend to be a good man. I don't owe you any favor!" Mao Rongrong was in a hurry, and his white face was blushing. "

it's not something you owe me, it's something I should help you. Your glasses are broken. It's also because I said something inappropriate and scared you. You don't have to repay it!" Lu xuanchen said, and had dragged her to his car. At the moment, many people in the hall are staring at the two of them. Lu xuanchen has forgotten to wear a mask and hat, and many people recognize him. Many girls are running towards him. "

get on the bus!" Lu xuanchen didn't want to be surrounded by enthusiastic fans, so he pushed her directly, and then the tall body also sat in.

Mao Rongrong was still sitting, lying on the ground, when she looked up, she found that there were three men in the car. She immediately adjusted her hair, and habitually tried to push a pair of glasses, but found that she did not wear glasses at all.

"Xuanchen, what are you doing? Kidnapping her?" Agent looks like Lu xuanchen pushed her hard just now. It's like a crime at the scene. It can frighten agent. Lu

xuanchen didn't care about him, just said to the driver: "hurry up!" Mao

Rong sneered: "kidnap me? He's not good at it yet. "

"Stop talking nonsense and tell me your address!" Lu xuanchen is also in a depressed mood at the moment. It's clearly a matter that can be solved with money. Now he has to work hard. It's really annoying. Mao

Rong Rong said her home address, and then sat still. However, her mobile phone rang one after another. Lu

when xuanchen listens to her every phone call, she has to say a lot of professional language of lawyers. Moreover, she looks at a young face, and her words give a convincing force, but she looks at her in surprise. No, Lu xuanchen has been staring at Mao Rongrong for more than five seconds. His

agent reaches for his hand and shakes it twice in front of his eyes, and he instantly returns to his senses.

"Don't look at it. What's good-looking is going to make her angry again." The agent is really afraid that Lu xuanchen will fall in love with this woman by accident. That's something he can't do. Let alone his girlfriend now, he can't even have any gossip partners. Otherwise, the thousands of female fans he has managed to maintain will be de powdered one after another. Lu

xuanchen was surprised. He had been staring at people for so long. Fortunately, Mao Rongrong doesn't wear glasses now, and his eyes are not good. Otherwise, he should be scolded as a rascal.

At Mao Rongrong's house, Lu xuanchen decides to accompany her upstairs.

Mao Rongrong is speechless about the man's initiative and enthusiasm. "

if you want to follow, put on your mask. I don't want to be influenced by you even where I live." Mao Rongrong is really afraid of him. I don't know when he will be able to calm down the sensationalism caused in the company just now.

"Good!" Lu xuanchen obediently put on the mask. After

Ji Ren and his assistant looked at Lu xuanchen with complicated expressions and reached out to grasp Mao Rongrong's wrist. It seemed that they were really afraid that she would fall down if she was not careful. It was really thoughtful. Rong Rong is not used to walking with her hands held. She gently shakes her hands off: "I'm not pregnant. You don't have to hold me, I won't fall down."

Lu xuanchen found that he seemed to be too attentive, and his face was inexplicably hot.

The community where Mao Rongrong lives is not bad. Her family lives on the eighth floor, and the elevator goes straight up. Mao

Rong Rong looks down for the key. He finds it. If he wants to open the door, he has to stoop down and look for the key hole carefully. "

let me do it!" Lu xuanchen quickly reached for it and opened the door easily. "

take a seat. I'll wear my contact lenses!" Mao Rongrong said and went to her bedroom. Lu

xuanchen looks at these three rooms and one hall suites. They are clean and tidy. Moreover, everything in the house is orderly. It seems that they have never been disordered. Unlike his home, he always forgets to clean up. But this woman's home is so neat that people can't adapt to it.

Lu xuanchen wants to sit on the sofa, but finds that her sofa is also clean and tidy. He has to put his hands in his pockets and stand against the wall.

In a short time, Mao Rongrong came out wearing a pair of contact lenses. She tied her long hair into a ponytail, which was a little more refined and strong than the long hair just scattered. The whole face showed, and the plumpness of young women.

"Let's go, I'm in a hurry!" Mao Rongrong said directly.

Lu xuanchen nodded and followed her out. "

do you live alone?" Lu xuanchen has no words to ask.

"Any questions?" Mao Rongrong glanced at him lightly.

"Nothing, I thought you lived with your family!" Lu xuanchen shrugs. "

No, I'm used to living alone for the convenience of work!" Mao Rongrong is still indifferent.

"Do you have a habit of cleanliness?" Lu xuanchen asked suddenly.

Mao Rongrong gave him a white look: "no!"

"Isn't it because you have a habit of cleanliness that your home is so clean and creepy?" Lu xuanchen continues to be afraid of death.

Mao Rongrong was given a strong gas by him again, how can we use the creepy to describe her warm home? "

I don't have the habit of cleanliness, I just love to clean up, OK?" Mao Rongrong really doesn't want to talk to him.

Lu xuanchen had to smile: "I see. Aren't you busy with your work every day? Where is the time to clean up? "

"When I think about it, I like to do housework. Do you have any opinion?" Mao Rongrong's eyes turned white. Lu

xuanchen had to shake his head: "of course not. You earn a lot in a year. Why don't you hire a housekeeper?"

"I don't have money like you!" Lu

Xuan Chen smiled with no doubt: "by the way, you are two years younger than me, and you should be twenty-four or five years old this year. Why didn't you find a boyfriend?" Rong Rong really bothered him. He stopped and said, "no man likes me. Are you satisfied?"