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C516. No other choice for her

Tang Youyou turned her head and watched the man's throat knot roll. She really took the medicine, and she had an unspeakable taste in her heart.

If we say that they are now couples, they are husbands and wives, this kind of fun is very happy, and some people care.

However, her relationship with him now has a layer of indifference compared to strangers, and this kind of concern is very sad.

After Ji Yanhan swallowed the medicine, her gloomy eyes locked her small face, and her voice was soft: "When will I see your father, do I need to accompany you?"

"No, I will go by myself!" Tang Youyou knew how much Ji Jihan hated his father. She didn't want to let him go, so he would be very painful.

"Okay, I'll wait for your results!" Ji Yanhan really hoped that Tang Youyou could persuade success, because he really wanted to be with her.

Tang Youyou's expression was bitter, and she asked her daughter to persuade her father to divorce. At this moment, I'm afraid that not many people will do this, right?

If Dad and his mother live happily, wouldn't she have become a sinner?

"I don't know what the result will be. In short, we all calm down and make a mental preparation." Tang Youyou said, opened the door and left quickly.

Ji Yanhan's body was stiff, Tang Youyou was right, no one would be sure of this result.

Tang Youyou drove to the company. As soon as she was about to enter the lobby, she saw an arrogant silver sports car, rushing in like a madness, and stopped directly behind her car.

The door was pushed open, and Ji Yueze's figure flickered in front of Tang Youyou, blocking her way.

"Why are you here?" Tang Youyou immediately turned around to look around. Fortunately, there were fewer people in the parking lot at this time.

"I have something to ask you!" Ji Yueze stared at her, his voice stiffened.

Tang Youyou nodded: "It's not convenient to speak here, otherwise, I'll invite you to dinner at noon."

"Go now! Get in the car!" Ji Yueze came over very strongly to drag her hand.

Tang Youyou took a step back in shock and then hurriedly said, "Ji Yueze, I will tell you clearly, you don't want to be like this!"

Ji Yueze did not show any deviance again, and sat in his sports car.

Tang Youyou didn't get in his car, but opened her door and sat in, motioned him to drive first, and she followed him.

Ji Yueze led the way in the end. At the end, he stopped at the door of a private bar. After getting out of the car, he stood in the sun and watched Tang Yuyou stop.

Tang Youyou got out of the car, glanced up at the sign, and frowned. Why did you come to this place?

However, Tang Youyou knew this and must explain it to Ji Yueze, otherwise, he was afraid that Ji Jihan would put her account on her head regardless of everything.

When I stepped into the bar, I found that it was very deserted. There was no guest, maybe it was daylight and it was closed.

When the famous waiter in "Boss ..." saw Ji Yueze, he actually called his boss. Tang Youyou was a little surprised. It turned out to be Ji Yueze's own industry.

Arrived in a box on the second floor, Ji Yueze turned sharply and stared at Tang Youyou: "Are you really Xia Weiwen's daughter?"

Tang Youyou bit her lower lip and nodded: "It should be, your brother has already done a DNA test. I am his daughter. Do you hate me?"

Ji Yueze had a complicated expression. Then he sat down on the sofa next to him: "Your brother's wedding was cancelled. Are you sad?"

"Yes, I'm sorry!" Tang Youyou did not hide her emotions, she laughed at herself: "But it is also inevitable, we can't get married, your mother and my dad ..."

Suddenly, Tang Youyou was so speechless that she felt desperate when she thought of this relationship in the middle.

Ji Yueze turned his eyes away and seemed unable to bear to see her so painful and sad. His fingers were pinched in the palm of his hand. Then he mocked: "Why is this? I think you have found your destination. "

"Ji Yueze, I'm sorry ..." Tang Youyou said suddenly: "I didn't know my father would hurt your whole family."

"What's the use of apologizing to me? You don't owe us." Ji Yueze snorted softly. "Your father's debt should be paid by him."

"I also feel that I am innocent, but I am his daughter!" Tang Youyou laughed at herself.

"What's my brother's attitude? Does he hate you?" Ji Yueze didn't seem to have Ji Yanhan's intense emotion, he just asked calmly.

Tang Youyou shook his head: "No, he is also very painful. He is sick this morning. Would you like to see him?"

"It seems that he is really sad. I always thought that people like him who exercise every day would not get sick." Ji Yueze was a little surprised when he heard that his elder brother was sick.

"In short, this is the case, your grandma should have made it clear to you. If you don't want to see me in the future, then we will not meet again." Tang Youyou said with a mockery.

Ji Yueze looked at her pretending to be strong, suddenly reached out, hugged her, and Tang Youyou froze.

Ji Yueze ’s lips suddenly kissed her forehead, and whispered, “No, we do n’t want to be strangers, Tang Youyou, do you believe it? If my elder brother really does n’t marry you, I will pursue you, I Marry you! "

"What did you say?" Tang Youyou shoved away in shock and said, "Ji Yueze, what are you talking about, how can I tell you?"

"Why not? You won't marry my brother, why can't I pursue you?" Ji Yueze said boldly.

"You must be crazy!" Tang Youyou turned and left.

Ji Yueze suddenly blocked her way, her eyes locked on her panic-stricken face: "Tang Youyou, I will not let you have other choices except to marry one of our two brothers, understand?"

"Crazy, it must be crazy!" Tang Youyou covered her ears, feeling that her heart would be broken by his words.

Ji Yueze yelled loudly: "Then you marry my brother, don't care about other people's views. Since you love him so much, why don't you stay with him? Why should your love end because of others' interference? ? "

Tang Youyou was yelled by him, and he stunned: "You're right, but do you dare to tell your grandparents? It's not me and your brother who don't want to be together, but your grandparents Let us be together."

Ji Yueze's expression dropped instantly. Indeed, he knew that the reason was not on them.

Tang Youyou saw him silent, knowing that he understood the deep meaning, she said nothing, and opened the door and went out.

Rushing all the way back to the car, Tang Youyou felt the whole person's nerves were still tense. Ji Yueze's words just now were so bold that she couldn't bear her heart.