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C1439 lost hope

Others don't know what Ji Xiaohan and his wife did under the cover of the night, but Wang Hanxue saw it. Her window can always see the beach by the sea, so when she was stunned by the curtain, she saw Ji Xiaohan coming out with Tang youyou's hand. They drove to the sea, and she could see the car parked by the sea.

It's all adults' thoughts. Of course, Wang Hanxue will not realize that their husband and wife are driving down to chat. Maybe they are just looking for stimulation, so they will drive down to develop their feelings.

Wang Hanxue's mood is more tasteless. The feeling of loss is like a needle.

Although his jealousy name is not right, but now that he has moved his heart to the host of the family, these emotions will come uninvited. Wang Hanxue is also very distressed.

In the morning of the next day, after a night of reflection, Gao Yue decided to take action. Even if she was completely free from Ji Xiaohan, she didn't care. As long as she could quickly destroy his and Tang youyou's feelings, her task was completed.

Moreover, Gao Yue is also well prepared. She decides to install a pinhole camera or recorder on her clothes to record her and Ji Xiao's ambiguous affairs. At that time, she will spread them on the Internet at will, just in case that Ji's little grandmother knows about it, she will definitely make a scene.

Gao Yue can't wait to cultivate her true feelings with Ji Xiaohan. She feels that life is more important.

She also plans to have a routine morning meeting in the morning. She can hint that Ji Xiaohan wants to be alone with him.

Unfortunately, her idea was disillusioned, because Ji Xiaohan didn't come to the morning meeting at all, and Lu Qing acted as the agent throughout.

Gao Yue's full of hope, suddenly blocked, the whole morning meeting had no mind.

After the morning meeting, Gao Yue bravely stopped Lu Qing's way and asked with a smile, "why didn't you see President Ji this morning? Is nothing wrong with him? "

Lu Qing saw the woman's eyes flickering, and he couldn't help but smile and answer: "President Ji just called me and said that he might not come to the company today. Is there anything for senior director to find him?"

"Oh, nothing, just want to care about him. He didn't come to the company. What's the reason? Does assistant Lu know?" Gao Yue asked a lot unconsciously.

Lu Qing sneers at the bottom of his heart. Does Gao Yue take himself too seriously? He even begins to mind Ji's business.

"It's inconvenient for me to disclose. After all, it's Ji's personal business." Lu Qing shook his head and replied with a businesslike face.

Gao Yue immediately reflected that he seemed to be a bit talkative, blushed, and immediately turned away on the pretext of something.

Lu Qing immediately makes a phone call to Ji Xiaohan. At the moment, Ji is grabbing a handful of food and grass on the grass in his backyard, feeding her two cute little ponies for his daughter. He looks lazy.

"Young master, as soon as the meeting is over, Gao Yue will come to ask about you. It seems that she is really in a hurry." Lu Qing sneered.

"Let her be in a hurry, just to see how much she can be in a hurry. In the recent period, I don't show up. It's useless for her to be in a hurry any more!" Ji Xiaohan has absolutely cooled her, so he is waiting to see the final result.

"It's really a good way, young master. If you don't meet her, she's going crazy!" Lu Qing laughed. "Over there in the company, please stare at it first. If you have any important documents, send them directly to your home. Just in time, I have to take a few days off to accompany my family." Season owl cold says with a light smile.

"Don't worry, young master. I will keep a good eye on this side. No matter how big or small things are, I will ask you for instructions!" Lu Qing is so excited and honored to be trusted by his young master.

"You don't have to be so troublesome. If you can make your own decisions, you can make your own decisions. I'm quite at ease with you!" Said Ji Xiaohan with a smile.

Naturally, Lu Qing was very grateful. However, he also secretly made up his mind that this life would not be inferior to his cultivation.

In the office, Gao Yue is like an ant on a hot pot. She is restless. She is walking back and forth in the office. At last, she is so scared that she can only stop by biting her fingers.

"Does Ji Xiaohan doubt me? So, deliberately avoiding me? " Gao Yue was in a panic.

"But it doesn't make sense. I can count the number of times I contacted there with five fingers. Even if Ji Xiaohan has any ability, he can't detect me so quickly." Gao Yue has some magical obstacles, and keeps on suspecting.

"No, I can't just hang on and wait!" Gao Yue immediately takes out her mobile phone. She has Ji Xiaohan's personal number. So, she decides to contact Ji Xiaohan in person, and then, on the basis of holding the president's trend, she makes an appointment to meet him for dinner. Wasn't he very interested last time?

Gao Yue's cell phone has not been answered.

Gao Yue doesn't give up again. This time, Ji Xiaohan answers with a light tone.

"What's the matter?" Season owl cold is deliberately waiting for the second ring to pick up.

Gao Yue's heart fell to the ground. She hurriedly took out her gentlest voice and said: "President Ji, where are you now? I didn't see you coming for the morning meeting. I'm worried about you! "

"I'm at home with my daughter!" Season owl cold is still indifferent tone of voice, people can not hear his mood.

"Oh, really? Ji's daughter must be a beautiful little princess. I don't know if I have the honor to meet you! " Gao Yue immediately showed great enthusiasm and curiosity.

"My daughter is young and doesn't like to contact strangers very much. I'm sorry!" Ji Xiaohan sneers and wants to see his daughter. Gao Yue is ridiculous.

"President Ji, last time you asked me to inquire about the latest trend of Mr. President, I have some eyebrows. I don't know if Ji will have time to come out and have a meal together. Let's have a good chat about it." Gao Yue said with a serious look.

"Oh, really? However, I promised my daughter that I would only accompany her today and not go anywhere. Next time! " Ji Xiaohan directly put his daughter out of the way.

"It's hard to hear. Is Ji really not interested?" As soon as Gao Yue heard that he could not come out, he was in a hurry and made his words more attractive.

"In fact, I used to have some interests, but now I don't have much interest. There are political disputes and people will come forward to deal with them fairly. I'm just a businessman, and it seems that I shouldn't mind this kind of business." Ji Xiaohan's words directly cut off Gao Yue's thoughts.

Gao Yue's whole body was stiff, cold from the bottom of his feet, and his face seemed to be frozen, white. "Does Ji always make fun of me? It's sad that I want to help you with my kindness, but it's become a business. " Gao Yue felt sad from the bottom of his heart.

"Miss Gao, since you have come to work in our company, I hope you can work hard and stop worrying about other things. I prefer pure subordinates." Ji Xiaohan did not comfort her, but reminded her.

"Well, I will!" After Gao Yue finished, she hung up the phone. Her heart had been in chaos for a long time.

She really wanted to question Ji Xiaohan just now. Did he know anything? That's why she played such a trick.

But she dare not. If she annoys this man now, she will have no chance but to face failure.

"Why? Why do you do this to me? " Gao Yue burst into tears. These days, she was so frightened that her mood had collapsed.

"I don't want to die, I can't." Gao Yue finally regretted that she was going to die. At the beginning, she was so conceited that she thought it was a glorious thing to work for the president. If she succeeded, she would have a good future.

Knowing that she would go on such a crooked road, she chose a rich man to marry casually and became a young grandmother at ease, better than today's sad ending.

Gao Yue closes her eyes. She's in a hurry now, even if she really plans the consequences. In addition to Ji Xiaohan, maybe she has to think about other men. In a word, she has to save herself. Even if she doesn't end well, she can only be a woman who can't be seen by others, and she has to work hard for it.