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C1673 inability to support

Ling wennuan finds LAN Yanxi's help, and she just slips away. She doesn't want to disturb her brother and sister-in-law. Of course, the most important reason is that she wants to meet another person.

Mu Weicheng is about to leave, and Ling wennuan is sad to think about it. When he was transferred back, she thought that she could get along for a long time at least. Things changed so fast that in just a few days, people felt that things were different.

Ling wennuan asked the driver to take her to the gate of Mu Weicheng's community.

First she looked up at the building where Mu lived. Then she counted it from the top. After several times, she counted the floors where he lived. There was no light there, and he had not come back.

Ling wennuan ran to a nearby milk tea shop to ask for a cup of milk tea and asked the driver's eldest brother to have dinner by himself. She wanted to wait for a friend here.

It's almost eight o'clock. Ling wennuan is in the milk tea shop. He is bored eating cakes and drinking drinks. His eyes are raised and lowered from time to time.

She doesn't have the courage to call Mu Weicheng now, and she doesn't know why she lost her temper. Maybe it's because her uncle just left, afraid that he was in a bad mood, and worried that he would blame it on his brother. All kinds of emotions make Ling warm and confused. She would rather wait, or just sit here and watch, and feel calmer.

All of a sudden, the mobile phone on the desktop rings. Ling's eyes quiver and he sees the familiar name beating.

She quickly pasted it to her ear and answered, "Hello!"

He called her first, which made Ling warm feel happy to be saved.

"Where are you?" The man's voice is low, and he can't hear his anger.

"I I'm outside. I have What's the matter? " Ling warm a pair of eyes son Piao Piao Piao around, dare not tell the truth, afraid of losing face.

"Which one is outside?" The man's voice is a little more questioning.

Ling warm nervous bottom of the heart flustered, but still pretended to calm way: "outside on the outside, why, something?"

"Look at the window on your left." The man suddenly reminded her.

Lingnuan instinctively turned his head quickly, and saw a black behemoth parked at the door, half of the window down, but vaguely could see the man's sharp face.

"Ah..." Ling wennuan's face is red, and she feels embarrassed to dig a hole in the ground.

God, how does Mu Weicheng know she's here? Did he track himself?

Ling warm thought of here, there is a sense of shame, feel their privacy has been violated.

"Not yet." The man's voice sounded softly.

Ling warm had to take her backpack, holding only half of the milk tea to come out, pretty face is still a blush.

Open the door, Ling wennuan throws his backpack back and sits on it directly, deliberately not taking the copilot.

"Mu Weicheng, where did you put the tracker? I can tell you, even if I promise to be your girlfriend, you can't take care of me like this? " Ling warm a pretty face taut, a pair of unhappy said.

When Mu Weicheng saw her get on the bus, he put on a good face. He looked like he owed her money. He couldn't help but smile: "you think more, I don't care about you, I just saw your driver's car parked nearby, and I just happened to see you sitting in front of the window."

"Er..." Ling warm listened to his explanation, a pretty face is more hot, she just said, is not some loss of self-knowledge?

Ling warm hands covered his face, a face to see his expression.

When Mu Weicheng saw her lovely appearance, he finally burst out laughing.

"Don't laugh!" Ling wennuan was very upset at first. When she heard his deep laughter, she even lost face and gave him a very domineering look.

"Why don't you call me? How long have you been waiting for me? " Mu Wei Cheng stopped smiling, looked at her in the rearview mirror and asked in a low voice.

Ling wennuan immediately hid in the back seat of him and hid in the dark, so that he could not see his blushing face. He shouted, "who said I was waiting for you? I just heard that this milk tea is very good. I came here specially for a drink. "

Finish saying, Ling wennuan also forcibly sucked a cup of milk tea, tut tut small mouth, a true appearance.

When Mu Weicheng saw that her mouth was hard, he didn't admit it, and his face flashed a helpless color.

"Where are we going?" Ling wennuan finds that Mu Weicheng has stepped on the accelerator and the car has turned to another road. She just reflects that she just gets on the car and doesn't ask the destination. She is stunned.

"Sold you." Mu Weicheng deliberately blustered her with his voice.

Ling warm pretty face a startled, then beat a small face, shining eyes looked at the man's dedicated side face, smile like a little fox: "really? Who are you going to sell me to? "

"I don't know." The man only joked with her at first, but obviously, this girl is not suitable for joking. In the end, he will become the object of her joking, which is a difficult little thing.

"You didn't find a buyer for me, how could you sell me? Otherwise, don't sell me, store me up and keep me at home. " Ling warm immediately said with a smile.

Mu Weicheng was amused by her words again, and his thin lips were hooked up: "I can't support you."

"Why? I don't want you to spend a lot of money on me? I will make money myself. " Ling wennuan was immediately hit.

"It's mainly because I don't know how to raise your kind of pet. I can eat and pick food. I can talk and talk, but I'm unreasonable. I can't move and cry. I spend money, time and energy. I don't want to keep it." Mu Weicheng said so many things in a rare breath, all of which were repugnant.

Ling warm a pair of beautiful eyes suddenly stare big, angry her small face all drum up.

"Mu Weicheng, what do you say? How can I have so many shortcomings? " Ling wennuan was really heated. He was very dissatisfied with the protest.

"Oh, by the way, it's also very clingy and a lot of bad thoughts. I like pranks. I'm afraid I'll tear my house down." Mu Weicheng seemed to dislike not enough, and added a few more.

Ling Nuan's heating is going to explode. Is she such an unpleasant existence in the eyes of this man?

"Pull over!" Ling wennuan doesn't want to stay here. Anyway, it's annoying.

"Angry?" Men chuckle.

"Stop!" Ling's voice is louder.

Mu Weicheng was really obedient and pulled over. Ling wennuan was going to see the door off.

Suddenly, a long arm stretched out, but not to hold her, but just in front of her to open the palm.

"It's my fault. Give me a chance to apologize to you."

Ling warms her eyes and stares at the dark gray brocade box in his palm. She is shocked for a long time and then asks, "what is this?"

"Just open it and see?" The bottom of men's eyes is stained with a few feelings.

Lingnuan is not Jin anymore. He reaches for it directly and opens it quickly. He sees a shining bracelet, a yellow crystal and a heart-shaped pendant. Both sides of the pendant are inlaid with a shining diamond.

"Where did you come from?" Ling warm fingers slightly stiff, but still take the bracelet up carefully, curious to ask him.

When the man saw her asking, he couldn't help chuckling: "don't worry, it's not stolen, it's not robbed, it's bought for you with my own money."

Ling warm beautiful mouth a Yang: "that line, your sincerity I accepted."

"Do you like it?" Mu Weicheng's deep eyes are tightly coagulating her.

Ling wennuan has put it on her wrist. She put it in the place where the light shines. Turning her wrist, she said, "if I don't like it, do you want to take it back?"

Mu Weicheng: "..."

Don't like to wear it on your hands. Do you want to fill it up?

Ling wennuan immediately hit his face quickly, and the pink lips quickly touched on the man's face: "lie to you, I like it very much, really."

The heart that Mu Weicheng is holding, this just put down, the light of Mou bottom flickers: "you like good, I am to choose casually."

It's casual on the lips, but only mu Weicheng knows that he never goes shopping. Today, in order to buy a gift that satisfies him, he has run several jewelry stores. That's why he chose this bracelet suitable for young girls.

"You have a good eye for anything that looks so good." Ling Nuan immediately praised him with a smile.

Mu Weicheng bowed his head and his handsome face flashed with shyness.

"Let's go and take you to dinner!" When Mu Weicheng saw that she was finally getting out of the car, he drove away.