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"Mummy, stop scolding me. I know I was wrong. I won't dare to do it again." Tang Xiao Rui also knew that he had gone overboard this time. He also knew that the reason the Mummy was angry was because she did not want to accept these things.

Tang You You saw that their attitudes towards admitting their wrongs were still upright, thus, he was no longer angry, but instead warned them in an extremely serious manner: "In the future, you are no longer allowed to randomly take things, let them be things used by these adults, you are not allowed to touch any of them."

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han had seen the two little fellows being treated to be so obedient. He couldn't help but admire this woman, since she must have beaten his children many times in the past.

Tang Xiao Rui lightly touched his sister's shoulder, as if to remind her not to speak carelessly.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze darkened. Indeed, the two children were afraid of her because he had been beaten up a lot.

He had to talk to this woman about this.

"Alright, I will have Uncle Lu Qing put these things back tomorrow, don't be sad, your filial piety, your Mummy can feel it. The reason why she doesn't accept these things is because she still can't accept me, wait until we become a real family …"

"What are you talking about?" Before Ji Xiao Han could finish speaking, he heard Tang You You's discontent voice come from the stairs.

Ji Xiao Han immediately stopped talking.

"Daddy, what did you mean when you said you would become a real family? Are you going to marry Mummy? " Tang Xiao Rui heard those words clearly, and he was obviously very happy.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face slightly swelled up. Did he say that just now?

Tang You You frowned, and said coldly: "You can eat whatever you want, don't speak carelessly. Don't mention what you can't do, in the future, don't mention it in front of the children, they will take it seriously."

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Seeing that the atmosphere in the living room was tense and heavy, Uncle Yuan hurriedly smiled and walked over: "Young Master, Miss Tang, you can bring the children up to the table to eat."

"Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, come and wash your hands!" Tang You You called out.

The two little fellows immediately skipped over. When Tang You You was washing the children's hands, she couldn't help but ask: "Mummy, are you still angry?"

"No, Mummy is not angry anymore!" Tang You You used a towel to wipe their small hands, "You guys will always be thinking of Mummy, Mummy is very happy, I was a bit strict with you just now, and that's only because I wanted you to remember that I can't take things that don't belong to me, no matter how precious those things are, no matter how much you like them, you can't take them, understand?"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately nodded, "I understand!"

Tang Xiao Nai also nodded her head, but she did not understand, it was a completely different story.

After washing his hands, Tang You You led the children to sit at the dining table.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You deeply, his heart suddenly filled with evil.

Didn't this woman hate him? Didn't she want to keep her distance from him? He had to think of a way to deal with her arrogant personality.

When Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up, he had already thought of a pretty good idea and decided to carry it out tomorrow.

He wanted to see what this woman would do to him in front of her office colleagues.

Tang You You accidentally saw the man's smile, and his heart skipped a beat.

Strange, why did she have a bad feeling about this?

"Mummy, when are we having our birthday? Today, at school, there was a child's birthday. The teacher prepared a big birthday cake for her. That cake was delicious, and he even gave her a present. Can I also let the teacher prepare the cake for me and my brother? " As he ate, Tang Xiao Nai's small mouth did not stop, as she asked with a look of anticipation.

Tang You You raised his eyes, looked at Ji Xiao Han, and said indifferently: "Your birthdays are still more than two months away. At that time, Mummy will prepare gifts and cakes for you all."

"Can't it be moved forward?" Tang Xiao Nai muttered to herself.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was gentle, and his voice was deep and pleasant, "Darling, if you want to eat the cake, you can ask Uncle Yuan to prepare it for you anytime."

"Really? "Then I want to eat it now." The little guy really could not stop for a moment.

"Now?" Ji Xiao Han still hadn't figured out the personality of Feng Yanyu, but his handsome face was slightly startled. After that, he glanced at Tang You You: "First, ask your Mummy, this … I can't make up my mind. "

Ji Xiao Han became smarter. He would make decisions for himself even if he knew that he would be scolded.

"Mummy …" Tang Xiao Nai immediately looked pitifully at Tang You You.

Tang You You patted her head, "It's already so late, don't eat cake. Just eat your fill.

"But I just want to eat …" The little guy immediately looked at his father. She felt that her father would definitely fulfill her wish.

Ji Xiao Han quickly lowered his head to eat, ignoring his daughter's pitiful and pained eyes.

"Tang Xiao Nai, don't you listen to Mummy's words?" Tang You You was really worried that Ji Xiao Han would fulfill any of her demands, and immediately became more severe.

Lil Thing was actually very shrewd. She had predicted that if it would work, she would use it to get what she wanted.

If withdrawing Jiao Jiao was useless and she needed to be scolded, then she would weigh the pros and cons in her heart before deciding to give up on her request.

"Well... "If you don't eat, you won't eat." Indeed, when Tang Xiao Nai saw that Mummy was about to lose her temper, she immediately became obedient.

Dinner continued to pass in peace and quiet. The two little fellows were full as Ji Xiao Han brought them out of the garden for a walk.

Tang You You stood on the balcony on the second floor as she blew. For some reason, her brain short-circuited and was unable to think of any good inspiration.

In the distance, under an elegant street lamp, a large figure or two was being dragged along. From afar, one could hear the happy laughter of the little guy.