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In fact, Tang Qi is just a joke, but Fang Kexin's eyes brightened and immediately said, "Mrs. Luo, can I really go to work in your son's company?"? By the way, your son's name is Luo Jinyu. He is my senior. I have always admired him. " When Tang heard that she and her son graduated from the same school, she was immediately surprised: "really? You and Jin Yu are in the same school! " "

Yes, aunt!" Fang Kexin is also a smart man. Just now, he was still calling for Mrs. Luo. Now, he has called for his aunt. There is no one else in this set of near abilities.

Tang Qi secretly rejoiced for a while. It seems that this girl is also excellent and has a good learning ability.

"Well, you can give me your contact information. I'll go back and tell my son that it's better for you to go to his company and see for yourself." Tang Qi is ready to introduce her to her son.

"OK, auntie, here's my card!" Fang Kexin came up at once and bowed down to hand it up.

Tang Qi accepted, smiling: "Fang Kexin, listen to the name is a lovely girl." Fang

but Xin also smiled sweetly, with a smile of victory in her eyes.

In fact, she came here on purpose with her little aunt today. I heard that Luo Jinyu's mother would come too. She felt that if she wanted to know Luo Jinyu, maybe she could start with her mother.

I didn't expect that the victory would lead to the launch. How could Fang Kexin be unhappy.

However, this is the first step. Next, she is looking forward to more surprises.

Bai Yiyan is in a low mood recently. She has a bad reputation. Because she has a murderer's mother, she has been cursed on the Internet. Now she has no courage to turn on her mobile phone and computer. She hasn't gone to class for two days in a row. Fortunately, Liu Xiaoxing helped her with several classes, and she hasn't been fired for absenteeism.

Wang Xin has been worried because she can't get close to Bai Yiyan recently. She always feels that Bai Yiyan is not as simple and kind as when he first met her. Now, two women are following her, and she even refuses to talk to him.

In fact, Wang Xin is totally over imagined. The more self abased a person is, the more people around him will feel that they despise him. "

Bai Yiyan, you are not noble. You are the daughter of the murderer, and the murderer is Ji Yueze's father. Is it possible for you to be together?" Wang Xin has been paying close attention to the news of Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze for some time recently. He doesn't know what the devil is, so he wants to know more about their feelings. Unexpectedly, he will see such a hot news. Wang

xinjue, this matter has been exposed. Ji Yueze must kick Bai Yiyan away. Is it his spring that has come? Want to

here, Wang Xin went to buy some fruit, decided to go to Bai Yiyan's house to see her at noon, because she didn't go to school in two days, he also wanted to know her current situation.

Wang Xin drives his second-hand car to Bai Yiyan's door. As soon as he stops, a woman dressed in cool clothes stands beside his car, hands around his chest, and asks him in a cold voice, "what are you doing?" Wang was startled by the sudden appearance of Leng Fei. He thought to himself, is this woman a ghost? Why are you standing behind his car? Wang

Xin quickly took out a sincere expression and raised his arm: "I heard from Miss Liu that Miss Bai is in a bad mood recently, is she ill? I bought some fruit to see her. " "Give me the fruit, she's OK, you can go back!" Leng Fei reached out to him. Listen to Bai Yiyan, who is talking outside the door. She opens the door and says to lengfei, "let Miss Wang in. It's OK!"

Leng Fei just moved aside and gave way.

There was a layer of cold sweat behind Wang Xin's back. It seems that the woman invited by Ji Yueze is really difficult to deal with. At first sight, she has a good skill. Wang

Xin brings fruit to Bai Yiyan's new home and looks up. The furniture inside is very expensive, which is not affordable for him.

"Mr. Bai, are you ok? I read your news on the Internet recently and have been worried about you." Wang Xin sat down and asked with concern.

Bai Yiyan smiled two times: "I'm ok. Have you seen the news?"

"Yes, I saw it by chance, but I don't know whether it's true or not." Wang Xin pushed his glasses and asked softly. Bai

it's not easy for Yiyan to lie to him, so she sighed: "it's true, but it's not all true!"

"Then you and young master Ji Are you all right? " Wang Xin's purpose today is to find out whether their relationship has been harmed.

"We're fine!" Bai Yiyan smiles and shakes her head.

Wang Xin is secretly surprised, won't it? It's OK. Is Ji Yueze in the head?

How could he love his father's enemy's daughter? I have to admire it. "

it's OK. I'm still worried about whether Mr. Ji will be angry with you." Wang Xin smiles. "

things between us are also complicated and inconvenient to elaborate. I'm sorry!" Bai Yiyan said, got up and poured him a glass of water. Wang wanted to come and comfort her, but now it seems that Bai Yiyan is not sad and calm, which makes him feel that this trip is white.

"That pretty girl outside is so fierce. I'm afraid of her. Miss Bai, next time we talk, I'll go first." Seeing that he could not take advantage of anything, Wang Xin had to get up and leave.

"Well, I'll go back to school tomorrow. See you then!" Bai Yiyan stands up to see her off. Wang

Xin drives away, Leng Fei frowns, turns to Bai Yiyan and says, "master Ji has told you not to meet him as much as possible." White

Yiyan chuckled: "it's the same school teacher, how can we not meet?"

"Miss Bai, I don't think his eyes are right on you. You'd better be careful." After Leng Fei's reminder, she went back to her next room. Bai

Yi Yan looks embarrassed. She is not in the mood to pay attention to what other people think of her. She only hopes that the violence on the Internet can be eliminated as soon as possible.

Bai Yiyan is about to turn around and enter the door. Suddenly, the roar of a sports car comes from afar. That

is like the roar of wild animals, which makes Bai Yiyan have a little expectation. However, in the distance, a black sports car sped towards her. Soon, the sports car stopped beside her in an elegant manner. The smoke rolled up and Bai Yiyan quickly reached for the fan.

The door opened and Ji Yueze's laughter came.