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C1180 already has him in mind

Mao Rongrong is like a young girl who is just in love. A kiss makes her trance.

Lu xuanchen didn't bully her any more. In fact, he felt that Mao Rongrong seemed to be rational, but from her clumsy and nervous reflection just now, if she really fell in love with her, she could easily make her pay more.

Lu xuanchen does not give up, he will not be like a greedy wolf, one time will occupy her everything.

On the contrary, he wanted to protect her innocence. He hoped that no matter how long the two people were together, her innocence would not change. Outside, she could be a powerful woman in a fierce situation. In his arms, he hoped that she would always be a simple and pure woman in love. Anyway, the two did not conflict.

"That I'll boil the kettle again! " Mao Rongrong's brain is dizzy and heavy. She can't remember how long she has been leaning on him. When she wakes up and sees how close she is to each other, she suddenly becomes shy. "

OK, what to eat at night?" Lu xuanchen released his hand and nodded softly.

"I I may go out for dinner in the evening. Have you made an appointment? " Mao Rongrong is such a straight and honest woman that she didn't lie.

"Who are you going to eat with?" Lu xuanchen is discontented in an instant, and his jealousy is directly written on his face.

He finally came back to see her. Did she even have to eat with others to cool him aside?

"It's the one who sent me the fruit. He invited the people in our office to have dinner. I promised him that he would go there." Said Mao Rongrong with a smile.

"No way!" Lu xuanchen suddenly became domineering.

"Why? He didn't invite me alone, he invited our whole office... "

"No matter how many people he invites, his purpose is only on you. Don't you understand?" Lu xuanchen saw through the man's mind at a glance. He just wanted to have more space to get along with the woman he liked? He will not allow it. "

he should not be such a person!" Mao Rongrong is because he knows his partner too well. He always feels that he is so free and easy, so he won't treat for himself. "

in a word, you call him now and say you won't go. I'll go out to eat with you later!" Lu xuanchen didn't want to give other men the chance to get close to her, so he was just like a unreasonable child, and was extremely domineering. Rong Rong frowned: "no, I have to go. After all, we have to work together in the future. If we don't believe it, our office can't go down. Lu xuanchen, please ask a friend out for dinner. I promise you, come back after dinner."

Lu xuanchen: "..." Can't he influence this woman's decision?

Mao Rongrong turns around and continues to boil the water. After boiling the water, she brings a cup to Lu xuanchen and puts it on the table: "I have to hurry up, you go out for dinner first, and I will come back earlier!"

"Ah Mao Rongrong! " Lu xuanchen was stunned for a long time. When he heard that she had changed her bag for shoes, Lu xuanchen reflected and immediately shouted at her. Mao

Rong Rong looked back at his angry face and smiled comfortingly: "I'll come back earlier!" Mao Rongrong finally came to the restaurant, a big box, all of which were working partners. Han Caisheng sat beside her intentionally or unintentionally. He took her food and blocked her wine. All kinds of considerate looks made Mao Rongrong tremble. For example,

without Lu xuanchen's analysis in advance, she still feels that it may be like the care of friends or colleagues, but at the moment, she has goose bumps all over her body.

So familiar, how can I have other relationships besides friends and colleagues?

After eating, Han Caisheng also drank a lot of wine. He stood at the door and sent his colleagues away together with Mao Rongrong. Finally, he leaned against the wall and looked at Mao Rongrong brightly: "Rongrong, did you receive the gift I gave you? Do you like it? " When Rong Rong heard this, he suddenly thought of it. He opened his bag, took out the delicate box, and put it in his hand: "Cai Sheng, what are you doing? How can you send this to me suddenly? I can't accept it. It's too expensive."

Han Caisheng was stunned, looked down at the box in his hand, and suddenly said, "I think you are too tired to work. I want to give you a little gift!"

"I really don't need it. We are tired from work, and you are not free. We have been friends for so many years, do you need to send this?" In front of Lu xuanchen, her mouth is stupid. In front of other men, Mao Rongrong's mouth is sharp. She suddenly feels that she is a little funny. Indeed, Lu xuanchen is different from other men in her eyes. "

Rongrong, do you know what I mean?" Han Caisheng scratched his head embarrassed. "

I know a little, but I think it's better for us to be working partners!" Said Mao Rongrong with a smile. "

well, since that's the case, I can't think about it!" Han Caisheng looks down and laughs at himself: "you are really a good woman. I think you have been single for so many years and really want to take care of you. Rongrong, if you haven't found a boyfriend when you are 30, can you consider me?"

Mao Rongrong was stunned and then laughed: "I actually have someone I like!"

"Ah?" Han Caisheng's expression was startled: "who? Which handsome guy in our company? " "

No, I have a chance to introduce you some other day. I'll go first!" Mao Rongrong thinks of a person in his heart, and his steps are in a hurry. When

she hurried home, she saw a light in the room upstairs, and her heart trembled. She has come back ahead of time. Why is there a light at home?

Didn't Lu xuanchen go out for dinner? Mao

Rong Rong quickly steps up the stairs, opens the door, and finds that the light in the living room is not turned off, but Lu xuanchen is not. She goes to the bedroom quickly, and sees that on her bed, the man is lying on his side, sleeping on his arm.

Mao Rongrong's heart suddenly softened. In fact, she regretted that she had gone out just now. Lu xuanchen wanted to have dinner with her, but she refused him. If he asked someone else to have dinner, if the other person was a woman, she was not comfortable.

Now, her heart is very stable, because the man is still hungry to sleep.

Mao Rongrong didn't want to disturb him, but there was nothing to eat at home, so she decided to go downstairs and pack him a bag. But

unexpectedly, just as she was about to turn around, she accidentally touched the door and woke Lu xuanchen up. Lu

xuanchen sat up in a daze and looked up at the woman at the door: "are you back?"

"You haven't eaten yet. I'll go down and buy you some!" Mao Rongrong was a little embarrassed. He didn't want to wake him up, but who made himself clumsy and could kick the door. "

No, I'll eat your noodles!" Lu xuanchen shrugs his shoulders, saying it doesn't matter whether he eats or not.