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C670 lost the beloved

"No!" Ji Xiaohan's voice was low and heavy, and he refused rudely: "she's going to the hospital for examination today!"

In fact, Ji Shangqing said this intentionally, just to see the reflection of Ji Xiaohan. Sure enough, there is no room for him to refuse.

It seems that he really dotes on Tang youyou as his private treasure. I believe that any man who dares to spy on him will be killed by season owl.

Ji Shangqing sneers at the bottom of his heart. The more women he doesn't want to touch, the more itchy his heart is. It seems that Tang youyou is determined to touch.

He really wants to see what kind of reaction will be made by Ji Xiaohan after Tang youyou is dirty? Are you angry on the spot? That's the best.

In an instant, Ji Xiaohan didn't want to eat any more. He took a paper towel, put an elegant touch on his mouth, and reached out to touch his daughter's head: "xiaonai, you and your brother will go to school with great grandmother in a moment, and daddy will go first!"

"OK, Daddy! Be careful on the way! " Since Tang youyou had a car accident, Tang xiaonai had to give him a special admonition every time he waved goodbye to Ji Xiaohan, which made him deeply moved.

Seeing Ji Xiaohan's impolite refusal, the second old man was embarrassed. The old lady quickly said, "Shangqing, let uncle Yun go out with you for a while. He is familiar with this place."

"No, grandma, I want to go out on my own!" Ji Shangqing knows that uncle Yun is Ji Xiaohan's man. It's inconvenient for him to follow him. So he decides to go out alone.

"Well, there are many cars in your big brother's garage. Please choose one to use." Said the old lady gently.

"Thank you grandma!" Ji Shangqing immediately showed a happy smile. Bai Yiyan went back to her single apartment with her suitcase. Before, she felt that she would not be so lonely when she lived in a smaller house, but now she found that when she was worried about someone else, if he was not around, her loneliness would devour her like the tide.

Bai Yiyan's back is pasted on the door. Tears flash in her beautiful eyes, but her heart is sad.

She held back the tears all the way and finally slipped down. She covered her lips and didn't want to cry too loudly.

Squatted down close to the door, buried his face in his knees, crying like a child.

I didn't expect that I lost my job, camera equipment and even my heart when I went abroad.

Back, she seems to have become a shell, nothing belongs to her, this feeling, so confused, so uncomfortable.

When she was crying, her cell phone rang. She took it out quickly, but it wasn't from the person she wanted.

"Mom!" Bai Yiyan wipes her tears at random and tries to pretend to be normal.

"Where have you lived recently? Can't live in your own house? I just went to your house in the morning. No one answered for knocking! " White mother asked curiously.

"Oh I still live here, but I went out during the day. " Bai Yiyan replied quickly. "Xiaoyan, what's the relationship between you and Ji Yueze? It's like a real couple on the Internet. But you just signed an agreement with me. It's too messy. Do you think it's possible to be his real girlfriend? It's called scenery. " After carefully thinking about it, Bai Mu felt that this kind of agreement was not good for her daughter's reputation, so she planned to come to her for good advice.

"Mom, what's the status of others? What's the status of me? Don't dream unrealistic dreams. If I take the money, I will leave him." Bai Yiyan said lightly.

"Are you ill? How can there be a strong nasal sound? Or... Did you cry? " White mother still recognized something wrong with her.

"Yes, I have a cold. Mum, I don't want to talk with you. I'm a little sleepy. I want to have a rest. Let's talk later." Bai Yiyan doesn't want her mother to know that she has broken off with Ji Yueze. She just wants to accept the fact quietly. "Well, pay attention to your body. I think you can try your best to fight for it. You can understand the principle that the near water building is the first month. If you have a chance to get closer to the season, you will have a chance to let him really like you." White mother still wants her to fight for it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance. No one else wants it.

"Mom, I'm really tired, hang up!" Bai Yiyan doesn't want to talk about her troubles. She hangs up and lies on the sofa.

It's really like a dream to think of the picture of getting along with Ji Yueze in this period of time. It's all something she hasn't experienced before. The wonderful flowers met in foreign countries. After returning home, she ate together at Ji's home and moved into his private mansion. The time was short, but the process was wonderful.

If her 21-year life is gray, then her life is colorful when she is with him.

"Auntie, have you really broken the marriage of Ji Yueze's parents? Why do you do this? " Bai Yiyan feels headache again. In her heart, Auntie is definitely a hard-working woman. She is beautiful, proud and confident. Now she lives a rich life envied by others.

Unexpectedly, the aunt she likes so much has such a black history. Is that why she changed her name as soon as she returned to China, not Bai Liuyin, but Bai Zhenzhen?

I really can't figure out how to get involved in other people's marriage.

In Ji Yueze's private mansion, he was lying on the bench on the balcony with a glass of wine, looking up at the sky, thinking about his mother's decisive departure.

He thought that he had run far and far behind his mother's car, and felt that that journey was the most difficult one in his life. He had run hard, but he could only watch his mother's car disappear.

He broke his knee and sat on the ground. It was big brother who came up and took his hand. He told him that he would protect him, take care of him and let him not be sad.

He really can't forgive that woman, that woman who cruelly destroys his parents' marriage.

The world is really small. The shameless third party is Bai Yiyan's aunt. The other person he hates is Tang youyou's father. It seems that fate is deliberately playing tricks on him. Everything is so complicated and chaotic.

"Bai Yiyan, we don't have a destiny!" Ji Yueze drank all the wine in one breath and smashed the goblet on the wall beside him.

Shards of glass flew all over the place. Ji Yueze was drunk, shaking his big body, and walked towards his bedroom.

Suddenly, he seemed to step on something under his feet. Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes and stooped to pick it up. It turned out to be a watch that looked like an old antique.


Ji Yueze is definitely not his own. He won't buy this kind of old-fashioned watch. Besides, it's a mixed card. When Ji Yueze was about to throw the watch into the garbage can, he suddenly remembered that it seemed to be Bai Yiyan's watch. Last time he saw her sorting clothes, she carefully wrapped the watch in a white cloth and put it in a small box. Is this watch very important to her?