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The news that Ji Yue Ze had thrown out had also created a huge wave. These journalists from the media had the best sense of smell.

Although they could capture the rumors of Ji Yue Ze and his successor immediately, it would only be amazing if they could dig deeply into the rumours about the love affair between the mysterious heir of the Ji Group.

However, Ji Yue Ze became slightly colder: "Sorry, I have nothing to say about anything regarding my brother. Disperse, this is the press conference for today."

At this moment, the top floor!

Ji Xiao Han switched on the television and watched the live broadcast in the hall downstairs.

Tang You You was also a little stunned when she saw this. She pointed to the girl who had been hugged tightly by Ji Yue Ze, who had a flustered and helpless look on his face, and asked: "Is she really dating your little brother? Looking at it like this, they are pretty compatible. "

However, Ji Xiao Han could tell that he was putting on a show with a single glance, and laughed lightly: "It's only for the sake of hype, not a true lover's relationship."

"Is that so? Was it to explain the part about me and him, so he took someone out to be a couple? Isn't the price too high? " Tang You You also saw the look of shock on Yang Chu Chu's face.

Ji Xiao Han pursed his lips: "It's just acting, this is what my brother is best at, what's there to be surprised about?"

Tang You You thought about it carefully, then nodded his head in agreement: "That's right, I saw that your brother was acting pretty well, I was almost tricked by him."

"Let's go, I'll send you to the company!" Seeing that the good show was over, Ji Xiao Han stood up with his tall body.

Tang You You also stood up, and her petite body became even more delicate beside him.

Ji Xiao Han reached out to grab her small hand, but Tang You You unwittingly turned around and headed in the direction of the door.

The man's outstretched hand was slightly stiff.

Then, he slowly withdrew his hand and clenched it into a fist.

Why did he suddenly take her hand out of habit?

When Tang You You walked to the door, coincidentally, the door opened from the outside, and Ji Yue Ze walked in.

"You're leaving?" Ji Yue Ze's thin lips rose as he casually asked.

Ji Xiao Han followed behind her and said in a low voice: "She still needs to go to work, I'll send her there."

"Mm, you guys can go now! I'm very tired, and I want to go upstairs to catch up on my sleep! " Ji Yue Ze nodded.

When Ji Xiao Han passed by him, he patted his shoulder and said with concern: "Don't take too many scenes at night, pay attention to your body. Grandpa and Grandma are very worried about you."

Ji Yue Ze nodded: "Don't worry, I love my body the most."

"Bro, there will definitely be a reporter squatting in front of the Only Yi company's door. You guys better watch out for yourselves." Ji Yue Ze suddenly thought of something and reminded his.

Ji Xiao Han laughed lightly: "I originally meant for them to capture a bit of the contents of the photo. Otherwise, why do you think I would send her off myself?"

Tang You You, who was standing outside the door, was slightly startled when she heard this. Soon after, the lake in her heart seemed to have been thrown into a small stone as ripples spread outwards.

Her snow-white face inexplicably turned red.

She didn't know why her heart was beating so fast, but she couldn't suppress the palpitations in her heart right now.

Ji Yue Ze was stunned, but after that, he also laughed at himself: "It seems like whatever big brother does, he has confidence in himself, I am the one who is overthinking it."

Ji Xiao Han walked to Tang You You's side, and said with a low voice: "Let's go!"

Tang You You silently followed behind him, and walked towards the elevator.

"So it was for this reason that you insisted on having me take your car?" Tang You You finally understood the reason for his actions, and her breathing became a little ragged for some unknown reason.

Ji Xiao Han's deep gaze swept across her little face and laughed softly: "I guess so. Since my brother has already revealed our relationship to the reporters at the press conference, we should at least make something up so that they can write a good novel."

"Can you stop them from writing anything down? I'm afraid …" This is not good. " Tang You You had always been living a low-key life, but suddenly, there was a day when this man's life would be turned upside down, and she would definitely not be able to adapt to it.

Ji Xiao Han saw that she was a little nervous, and raised his eyebrows: "What do you want me to do?"

"Just tap them a little and it'll be fine. Don't let them talk too much." Tang You You whispered.

"Alright, I'll listen to you!" The man's deep, magnetic voice, with a hint of affection, was like a small stone as it lightly knocked against her heart.

The lake in Tang You You's heart was once again thrown into disorder.

What happened to her?

It was a very uneasy feeling.

However, he felt an unprecedented sense of security.

Ji Xiao Han's gentle eyes looked at her flushed little face, and couldn't help but laugh lowly: "You seem to blush very easily."

"I didn't!" Tang You You was going crazy, why was this man always holding onto this?

Ji Xiao Han pointed to the clear glass on the wall of the elevator: "Take a look for yourself? "You're still being stubborn."

Tang You You only glanced at it once before his heart started racing. It's over.

"Don't say anymore nonsense in the future." Tang You You blamed all the blame on him.

"What do I have to say for myself?" However, Ji Xiao Han had an innocent expression.

"Every word is true!" Tang You You glared at him angrily.

"If that's what you must think, then I can't help it. I like to see you blushing." Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders and laughed wickedly, his smile mesmerizing.

"Your hobby is really weird, then I'll just have thicker skin in the future, don't think about looking at it anymore." Tang You You was speechless, this man was truly despicable.

"How shameless can you be if you don't even have the experience of falling in love?" Ji Xiao Han said again. This time, Tang You You was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole.