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C563 Ji Yueze loses face

Ji Yueze had to face cold and let the woman into his private territory.

In fact, Bai Yiyan is also very nervous, because she doesn't know what the man wants to do.

I hope it's not something she can't accept.

Ji Yueze takes out his laptop, opens a blank page, sits next to the sofa with Bai Yiyan, and begins to calmly mention his conditions.

"Let's sign an agreement to make it easier for us to act in the future!"

"I agree!" Bai Yiyan said quickly.

Ji Yueze's long fingers hit on the computer keyboard. Bai Yiyan wanted to explore what he wrote, but she was frightened by his frosty eyes. She quickly retracted and sat down steadily.

"Write down your conditions first, and I'll add them later!" Since she doesn't like her proximity, she's a little more interesting.

It's said that Ji Yueze is a gentleman with good manners, but now I get along with him and find that his temper is not so bad.

Sure enough, all the advantages are only superficial. Only when we get along with each other can we find that a person has as many advantages as disadvantages.

Ji Yueze beat for a long time, which made his conditions all the same. Later, he gave it to Bai Yiyan. "Keep your secret. I can do this. Don't ask about your personal secret. Don't worry. I don't have such gossip, though I'm a reporter! " Bai Yiyan gave a dry smile twice. Her previous work was to dig other people's privacy. Now she quit her job, of course, she has no such preference.

Ji Yueze was cold all the way, silent, cold and arrogant.

Bai Yiyan saw such an icy face, so she had to say as little as possible to avoid annoying him.

"Cuddle? Kiss? In a particular occasion, but also show affection? " When she looked down, she found that each one was enough to startle her.

No, what does this man think of her? How can he put forward these extraordinary conditions?

Ji Yueze saw her face reluctantly, and her charming thin lips curled: "why? Do you think you are wronged? "

"Of course!" Bai Yiyan nodded affirmatively: "I'm pretending to be your girlfriend, but I didn't really want to be your girlfriend. When you asked me to cooperate with you in doing these things, did you think about my feelings? What if I have someone I like later?"

"If you want to make a boyfriend in the future, you can show him this agreement. I'm sure he won't misunderstand you!" said Ji Yueze

"But I don't want to lose my first kiss! " Bai Yiyan immediately said very seriously.

"First kiss?" When Ji Yueze heard this, he laughed directly and stared at her seriously with interest: "are you sure your first kiss is still there? Don't pretend to be pure to me. "

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that he dared to question her innocence, which made her angry, so she said angrily: "what I said is the truth, I haven't made a boyfriend, so, what can you hug, but Can't kiss me! "

Ji Yueze feels that this woman is making a big deal out of a molehill. Do you really think he will want to kiss her after he has written this condition?

"You may have misunderstood me. I just feel that I may encounter this situation. Of course, I will not do it to you unless there is a necessary occasion and all the above conditions." Ji Yueze explained coldly.

Of course, Bai Yiyan knows that Ji Yueze is very high, but she feels that since he has applied all these conditions, what if these things still happen?

"But I also hope you can delete these words, I can pretend to be your girlfriend, but I also have principles, my first kiss Oh! "

Bai Yiyan's words, not finished, felt a pain in her chin. The man's fingers held her chin forcefully, and the thin lips swallowed all the words she wanted to say in an instant.

Just a second later, the man released his hand and looked at her calmly: "now, your first kiss is gone, can you stop saying the words" first kiss ", I don't care!"

Bai Yiyan was so angry that she was about to explode. Her pink cheek suddenly became red. She didn't expect Ji Yueze to be so hateful that she took her first kiss away directly.

"You bastard..." Bai Yiyan suddenly stood up and grabbed Ji Yueze's Lapel with some excitement. Her small face was almost distorted: "you dare to offend me!"

Ji Yueze didn't expect her to look gentle. When she was angry, she even acted so rudely. How dare she pull his skirt?

"Yes, so what?" Ji Yueze's thin lips hook up, and the evil spirit is charming again. "I'm pissed off!" Bai Yiyan is really angry. Suddenly, she uses her arm skillfully. Before Ji Yueze can hum, she feels that he is being picked up by the other party without knowing how. Next second, he directly turns over and falls on the carpet. The whole person is very

lying on the ground in a mess, frozen into a sculpture.

It's a shame that he was thrown to the ground by a woman. What does this woman do?

Why does she have so much energy?

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that she had even used Taekwondo. Seeing Ji Yueze lying on the ground, she was shocked again.

Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to have such a good skill. Even the one meter eight man could have a gap fall on the spot.

"Damn it!" Ji Yueze was furious to the extreme. He had never lost face like this before and was fell down by a woman.

Bai Yiyan also stood stupidly, looking at her hands. What did she do just now?

She even turned Yueze, the most popular and handsome star season, to the ground.

Why doesn't he move?

Did he break himself?

"You..." Bai Yiyan was worried. She had to squat down to see how he was.

"You rough woman, just like you, you can't find a boyfriend in your life!" Ji Yueze directly turned over from the ground and sat up. He felt that his male self-esteem had been corrupted by this woman. He was so angry.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes are startled. Unexpectedly, he cursed himself like this.

"I will not like your arrogance even if I am alone all my life!" Bai Yiyan's angry temper also came up, pointing directly at his face, angrily scolded him back.

"Well, get out of here. We don't need to talk about this Agreement any more." Ji Yueze is really angry. He can't stand this violent woman. Bai Yiyan is also furious: "if you don't talk about it, you can't talk about it. I'll borrow money from my girlfriend, and I'll book a ticket back home!"