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C1602 he protects her

Although the old blue man said so hard and heavy, LAN Yanxi was not afraid at all, because she really didn't do it, she didn't have a ghost in her heart, and she wasn't afraid of the dark.

Lingmo Feng is still standing in front of lanyanxi to prevent lanbai and his wife from behaving badly to her when they lose their sense. At this time, Chu lie and six bodyguards arrived in time. Ling Mo Feng's battle is too big, and the Lambert couple immediately show a lot of weakness.

However, this is in the blue family. The person who can be the master or the old blue man. Ling Mo Feng dare not bully the master with a guest, so he raised his hand to Chu lie and asked them to wait outside the door first.

Chu lie knows Ling Mo Feng's special respect for the blue old man, so he nods and takes his bodyguard out to wait.

"Wait, I'll get the fibrils." Lambert thought that Lanlin could be so sure that lanyanxi had done it, and there must be practical evidence to prove it, so he thought of going to find his daughter to bring it. At the moment, LAN Xianxian sits alone behind the rockery. At this moment, she really wants to die. She hates those bastards who hurt her, and even more, LAN Yanxi.

"Elder sister, don't cry. I'm sorry. I'm not good. I shouldn't have told them. You scold me." Lanlin comes to her and squats down, blaming herself.

"Otherwise, you can hit me, just like before. Just slap me, and you can calm down." Lanlin pretended to be more sincere and asked to be beaten.

Blue fibril laughs at himself, with a sad face: "what's the use of beating you? Can I beat you so that it doesn't happen? "

"Elder sister, you really want to go to LAN Yanxi for confrontation. If you go, she will naturally be afraid and show her flaws. She must be guilty." Lanlin immediately advised her not to hide behind and cry.

"She has Ling Mo Feng to help her now. Do you think she will be afraid of me again?" LAN Xianxian finally understands the reality. She used to bully people. At this moment, she can understand what a good thing it is to have power. Unfortunately, it is Lan Yanxi who has power now.

"Sister, are you willing to let her go? She and Ling Mo Feng love happiness now, all of which are owned by stepping on your pain. You can't let her live so well, she should die. " Lanlin said angrily, all kinds of advice.

"Yeah, she'll die. She's dead. Ling Mo Feng doesn't belong to her any better. How can she get the man I can't get?" Blue fiber's thought has become extreme again, all of which is blue Lin's credit. Her words of persuasion are stimulating her and making her lose her mind.

"Sister, look at this!" Lanlin suddenly changed a fruit knife from her back: "you can take it to frighten lanyanxi. When she is afraid, she may admit it all. Lingmo Feng will abandon her immediately if she knows that she is such a vicious woman."

Blue fibril looked at the fruit knife shining with cold light, immediately reached for it, and tightly grasped the handle: "she doesn't deserve Ling Mo Feng's love."

"Elder sister, first hide the knife. Don't let them see it. Otherwise, they won't let you near lanyanxi." Lanlin saw that she was holding it in her hand. It was too conspicuous. She urged her.

Blue fibril just hid the knife in his long sleeve and got up with hatred.

"Slim, you are here. Hurry to go with dad. This blue Yanxi is so hateful that she must not be let go." When Lambert found his daughter, he would take her to the old man's living room.

Lanlin immediately followed: "uncle, has lanyanxi pleaded guilty? She must have denied it? "

LAN Bai is upset when she sees LAN Lin, and directly drinks and scolds her: "don't follow her, just fill in the mess."

Lanlin's face immediately changed when she stepped. Suddenly she felt that lanbai seemed to have a big opinion on her. Oh, did she realize her purpose?

"Uncle, since you are afraid that I will fill in the mess, I will not go. You must get justice for your sister." Although Lanlin said this with a smile, she could hear cold sarcasm when she listened carefully.

Lambert only thought about her daughter at the moment, and didn't listen to her carefully, as long as she didn't follow.

Blue fiber followed dad to Grandpa's living room. As soon as she walked in, her eyes were attracted by Ling Mo Feng in a black suit.

Although she has watched him on TV these days, she suddenly sees him as a real person, standing so close to her, and her blue delicate heart starts to ache again.

But soon, she found that Ling Mo Feng was standing in front of LAN Yanxi. He stopped her. Is that to protect her?

"Slim, you are here. You need to come up with evidence to prove that lanyanxi has ruined your innocence." Blue mother immediately pulled her daughter over and stared at blue Yanxi angrily.

Blue fiber's eyes were a little dull, she seemed to be stimulated again, because she saw Ling Mo Feng protecting Blue Yan Xi so much, and thought that she was bullied by men in such a cold and dark abandoned factory, her heart would be broken.

"Lan Yanxi, is that you? You bribed those bastards to do that to me? " Blue thin tears, instantly rolled down, she recently gaunt thin a circle, the face is not a heap of meat, the face is very gray very long, she angrily reached out to point to blue Yan Xi questioned.

LAN Yanxi was shocked to see her like this. How did she become like this? Like a drug addict, the whole man lost his temper.

"Blue fiber, you can't wrongly accuse me. I don't know what you're talking about." LAN Yanxi is also a little impatient. He will be angry if someone misunderstands him like this.

"I have not wronged you. It must be you. You hate that I robbed Ling Mo Feng from you, so you will destroy me." Blue fibril hissed and growled, his face more terrible.

Ling Mo Feng immediately said with cold face: "blue fiber, don't you want evidence? Take it out. "

The Lambert couple also looked at their daughter, and even the old man asked, "yes, what evidence can prove that it's Yan Xigan?"

The next second, she lowered her head powerlessly: "I have no evidence, but I know that it is her. No one except her will hate me so much."

Ling Mo Feng immediately made a sneer: "it's really interesting. Without evidence, you can wrongly wronged others."

The old blue man was also a little angry: "what's the matter with you? I'm very sad about the damage to the microfibril, but you should go after those who hurt the microfibril, instead of blaming an innocent person."

LAN Bai's husband and wife were stunned. "You have evidence, aren't you?"

"I don't have any, I just don't have any evidence, but I know that it must be LAN Yan who wants to hurt me," she said

LAN Yanxi is about to be blown up by anger. Why do you think she did it? What did she do?

"Uncle, I don't know what's wrong with this, but this matter really has nothing to do with me. You should go and find out the murderers immediately, instead of wasting time here." Said LAN Yanxi at once.

Blue fibril suddenly looked up, her eyes fixed on blue Yanxi, and she walked towards blue Yanxi step by step: "isn't it you? LAN Yanxi, there is Ling Mo Feng to clean up the evidence for you. How can we investigate? Don't you just hate me? I've been looking down on me for a long time, so I want to destroy me in this way. "

Ling Mo Feng saw that blue fibril was coming towards blue Yanxi, and he took another step directly, blocking her way: "blue fibril, you should be careful when you speak."

Blue fiber looked up at the young handsome man in front of her, but his eyes were cold, even warning her.

"Ling Mo Feng, it's because of you that I was hurt. You are also responsible. Do you know?" Blue cilia said with a sad face.

Ling Mo Feng's brow sank, and he didn't accept such a strong addition to the crime.

This is a farce, and it's plain to see a joke.

"That's enough. You should take the microfiber back. I'll find someone to help with the investigation." Said the old blue man with a serious expression.

"Lan Yanxi, you go to die!" Just when everyone was transferred by the old man's words, blue fibril suddenly caught an empty space and directly reached out to stab blue Yanxi. However, Ling Mo Feng stopped all this directly. He grabbed the blue fibril fiercely and threw it out the next second.

The fruit knife in blue fibril's hand fell to the ground, and everyone was shocked again.