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The delicate wrist is the warm and generous palm of the man. Blue Yanxi just felt cold in body and mind. But at this moment, the room she even felt has become warm. Two

individuals walk towards the man's study, turn on the light, which is a spacious study with antique flavor. On the three rows of bookcases, there are some precious books collected by Ling Mo Feng carefully. Before LAN Yanxi thought that Ling Mo Feng bought so many books to dress up the bookcase, but when she carefully looked at those books, she found that each one has been turned over many times The trace of reading is definitely not like decoration. It seems that this man really likes reading.

Ling opened a safe, took out important documents and seals from it, put them on the table, LAN Yanxi with his hands on his back, and Lao shenzai visited his study. On the

there are some trophies he has won and some antiques he has collected.

"What are you looking at?" Ling Mo Feng asked after her with a chuckle. "

look at your collection. Are these valuable?" LAN Yanxi pointed. "

it's not worth money, but I like it!" Ling Mo Feng replied softly.

LAN Yanxi smiled: "Ling Mo Feng, my grandfather said that you are a man of great insight and depth. I didn't agree with you at the beginning. I think you must have a strong sense of interest and mind. Good strategists are not good people. If you are not careful, you will calculate others. Now it seems that my mind is too narrow and biased." "

ignorance is not a sin. You can study slowly. One day, you will become the kind of person you like!" Ling Mo Feng picked up the eyebrow tip slightly and reminded her with a light smile. "

you are ignorant!" Sure enough, someone is not convinced. Ling

Mo Feng suddenly looked down from her lovely little face with wrinkled nose, and felt something was wrong.

It was not until he saw that the woman wrapped her tiny body into a bun three layers out of three layers, that he was shocked to find that the woman was wearing her own pink pajamas inside and one of his pajamas outside. What kind of shape is that? "

How do you steal my pajamas? Have you got my permission? " The man deliberately asked her with a handsome face and wanted to see her reflection.

LAN Yanxi was shocked, and then he found that he really stole his pajamas. He immediately pulled a fake smile and said, "your pajamas are thicker and warmer. Please don't be so stingy. You should always remember that you are a man, a man with a world in mind, and I am your people!"

Lingmo Feng knew that she could speak with a small mouth, so he smiled gently: "well, if you don't dislike it, wear it if you like, don't freeze it!" Of course, Yan Xi knew that Ling Mo Feng was deliberately intimidating her, so she played tricks on her. Sure enough, the man immediately became soft hearted. "

Ling Mo Feng, if only someone could warm my bed in such a cold day!" Lanyanxi suddenly became evil again. She sat lazily on his big black chair, saw a leg, and showed the cartoon pajamas inside. She had beautiful big eyes, pretending to be charming and looking at the man. "

would you like me to warm your bed?" Ling asked directly. "

mm-hmm, I think it's easy for me to get cold hands and feet in winter. When you just grabbed me, you found that your hands are so warm, which is better than the stove." LAN yanxili nodded her head with a bold face, hoping that the vice president would sympathize with her.

"Let's go!" Ling Mo Feng turned around and left without saying a word.

"Ah!" Lanyanxi is only joking with him. He didn't think that he was serious, so others were serious.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng looks back and smiles at the bottom of her eyes.

"I What I'm joking about is that I want to test whether you really want me to warm your bed. " Lanyanxi immediately explained. "

but I really want to warm your bed now. Come with me!" Ling didn't care about her explanation. He demanded it directly.

"No, I'm not going with you. Aren't you going to take something? You'd better leave early so that no one will find our relationship unusual! " In the middle of the night, a mature and sexy man offered to warm her bed. She couldn't accept the kindness. Although she is now more and more fond of Ling Mo Feng, she hasn't really reached the point where she can offer herself selflessly. "

why is our relationship unusual? Let's hear it? " Ling Mo Feng saw that her pretty face was white, so he had to stop teasing her. Instead, he pulled the chair beside her and sat down. Like her, he started to lift his two legs. It's fatal that this man's leg lifting look was so domineering that it made people shake.

LAN Yanxi quickly put down his legs, a hand on his chin, a pair of eyes squinting, staring at the opposite smiling man: "don't you like me?"

"Liking is one thing, not another!" Ling Mo Feng intended to provoke her to say what she was thinking. Blue

Yan Xi glared at him angrily: "we have held hands, kissed, and you have also confessed to me, which is the same as liking!" Ling

Mo Feng has a careful aftertaste. Her words are reasonable, so she has to tap her finger on the table to approve. "

Yan Xi, how is your work recently?" Ling decided to talk to her seriously.

"How are you? You've already started. You won't make any mistakes in a hurry!" Blue words that stand upright, a confident expression. "

I didn't expect you to do things seriously. I used to look down on you! I thought you couldn't hold on to the job for a week! " Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle. "

what? How can you think of me like this? " Lanyanxi felt slighted and immediately got angry.

Lingmo Feng apologized gently: "I'm sorry, I didn't know you carefully, so I easily concluded that your ability is not good. I will know you more seriously in the future." "

No, you still don't know me that well. I don't want to see through you. It will be more interesting to leave a little mystery between us!" Blue Yan Xili reached out a hand and interrupted his idea.

"What mystery do you want?" Ling Mo Feng was amused by her. "

any sense of mystery is OK, but I just don't want to see through a person." LAN Yanxi sighed. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes fell on her quiet little face. The sadness in her eyes shocked him. "

you seem to have something on your mind?" Ling Mo Feng also leans to the table and cares about her in a low voice.

"Nothing, it's just that she suddenly remembered what my mother said. She saw through my father's character. Suddenly, she realized that the man she had been in love with for many years was not her favorite type. One day, she suddenly stopped loving!" LAN Yanxi smiled bitterly. "

I heard that your father left in a car accident. Do you miss him?" Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice.

"Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't think. My mother said that my father had a car accident because he went to see his lover. She said that he deserved it, but my grandfather said that my father had a car accident because of a business. Let me remember him well. I don't know who to listen to. In short, his figure has become more and more blurred in my mind. Maybe in a few years, I will really forget him " LAN Yanxi laughed at herself, but the tears rolled in her eyes. At last, she buried her head in her arm.

Ling Mo Feng has always seen her look, optimistic and confident, cheerful and lively. Now he suddenly sees her lying on the table and crying silently, and he is immediately flustered and at a loss.

He didn't know how to comfort her. He felt so stupid at this time, so he could only get up, walk to her side, and gently rub her shoulder with his hand: "well, don't think about the past, it's late, go to bed early, and have a class tomorrow."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi also doesn't want to let her sad mood flood down. She is not suitable to cry as a dog in front of a man. So, once Ling Mo Feng persuaded her, she was pacified, stood up and wanted to leave quickly. But the next second, the man didn't want to let her go, so he circled her in his arms. Blue

Yan Xi was all over. She didn't expect her wish to come true immediately. She needed a hug to comfort her. Ling Mo Feng really suddenly hugged her.

"Yan Xi, you have lost your father's love. I can mend your lack. I am several years older than you. I will learn how to love you!" Ling Mo Feng attached to her ear and whispered.