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Ji Xiaohan can get along with Xia Weiwen peacefully, which is the most pleasant result of Tang youyou. She sincerely hopes that there will be no more enmity between the family, as long as everyone is safe and friendly.

Xia Weiwen took Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan around his yard and found that although the yard was not as vast as Ji's manor style, it was carefully managed and planted many flowers and trees in the back garden.

Xia Weiwen pointed to the two vacant fields and said with a light smile, "before, roses were planted here and lavender was planted there. When they bloom, they are very beautiful and fragrant!"

Tang youyou looks at the two finished floors and can imagine what kind of scenery it would be if he planted roses and lavender. It must be beautiful. "

dad, have you asked someone to take care of the garden?" Tang youyou just asked casually. "

No, I took care of it with Xiaoyue before, and I will take care of it myself later!" When Xia Weiwen mentioned LAN Yue's famous son, he suddenly thought of the following Ji Xiaohan. He immediately looked at him apologetically. Season

but Xiao Han didn't seem to hear this sentence. His face was as usual, but his deep eyes were slightly fixed on the woman standing in front of him. When Javier first heard about planting roses and lavender, her eyes seemed to flash a light. Did she want to plant a rose garden at home? Don

you have a big nerve, and you are focusing on dad's home at the moment, so you don't think Dad mentioned LAN Yue.

"Take a seat in the yard first, you two. I'll ask the servant to deliver some fruit drinks!" Chaveven's face has always been a warm and happy smile. When there is no hostess at home, he is obviously busy.

"Dad, let me go!" Tang youyou immediately stands up and rushes to do something.

Xia Weiwen immediately raised his hand: "no, I'll let you do these things after you live in this house for a few more days. Now let me do it!"

Xia Weiwen knows that Tang youyou is upset and comforts her. Don

youyou had to sit on the sofa obediently and lift his eyes. He saw that the man was sitting quietly on the sofa opposite her. Although his eyes were not cold, they were not hot. Tang youyou is very satisfied with Xiao Han's indifferent expression.

"Let me take a picture of you and show it to the children!" Tang youyou said, picked up the mobile phone, without the consent of Ji Xiaohan, and took several pictures.

Season owl cold quiet eyes sweep over, indifferent expression is finally more than a touch of emotion.

"Come here!" Don

youyoumei's eyes are slightly surprised, but she still sits beside him obediently. "

together!" Ji Xiaohan takes her cell phone and holds it up. Next second, he holds her in his arms.

Tang youyou didn't have time to make a beautiful expression at all, so he heard that the man took several consecutive pictures.

"Hello..." Don youyou's got a brain flick. What does this man want. Xiao Han has moved his long and agile fingers and sent the photo directly to LAN Yue's mobile phone.

Tang youyou's eyes widened immediately and asked angrily, "did you make me ugly just now?"

Season owl cold shrugs a shoulder: "in my eyes, you are all beautiful!"

"Show me your cell phone!" Tang youyou directly ignored the image and rushed to grab it back. Looking through the photos, the whole person would feel faint.

The man is 360 degrees without dead angle, the corner of the mouth is up, the smile is very proud, but also handsome and extraordinary.

However, Tang Youyou, who was forced to hold him in his arms and had not yet sorted out his expression, could not bear to look straight at him. "

How can you send me such a embarrassing picture to your mother?" Tang youyou reached for his forehead and looked angry. Ji

when Xiao Han saw her beautiful eyes and angry stare, he could not say how cute and witty she was. Instead, he felt that the prank just now was necessary. Her angry look has always been his favorite, full of coquetry. Don

youyou saw that his mouth was up, and his anger on his face was reduced. He snorted, sat opposite to Ji Xiaohan, took his cell phone, and wanted to take a picture of Ji Xiaohan.

She took several stealthy pictures, but found that the long and beautiful man, whether on the front or on the side, was so handsome that he was invincible. It was the concentrated look of Ji Xiaohan, who looked down at the ground. His long and thick eyelashes, which made women jealous, were not too exciting. Don

had to give up the idea of using bad things. At this time, Xia Weiwen brought fruits and drinks and handed Ji Xiaohan a cup of coffee.

When Ji Xiaohan reached for it, he whispered a thank you. Xia

Vivian brings some old albums. Those photos are the photos of Tang youyou just at the full moon. The photos are very delicate. With Xia Weiwen's careful collection, you can still see the baby's pink and soft appearance at the full moon with no yellowing trace. "

is this me? At the first full moon? How can you look so fat! " It's a rare chance for Tang youyou to see his small photo, so he can't believe it.

Season owl cold heart move, suddenly reach out to her: "show me!" Don

youyou has to hand over the album to him. Ji Xiaohan looks at the snow-white beautiful baby girl in the picture. She grins innocently and lovably. She is very beautiful. She overlaps with the pictures in memory. Ji Xiaohan is slightly stunned. Xia

vivin sat beside him and smiled: "if I remember correctly, you came with your parents on the day of youyou full moon wine. It seems that you kissed youyou on the forehead." Xia is able to remember clearly because children are really important to him.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are startled instantly. He looks at Ji Xiaohan incredulously: "did we really see it when we were little? But why don't you seem to have mentioned it to me. " Season

owl cold's eyes looked at her deeply, and his thin lips raised a smile: "we did see it when we were little, and I kissed you!"

In an instant, Tang youyou is ashamed, blushes and has a smaller voice: "really, that's a coincidence!"

Xia Weiwen laughed happily: "you and Xiao Han are predestined!" Don

you are more embarrassed when your father says so.

Ji Xiaohan reached for his coffee and took a sip. Through the edge, he saw the coquettish and moving appearance of the woman, and his heart fluttered. Maybe it's true that I am infatuated with this woman, or maybe it's fate.

After a few sips of coffee, Ji Xiaohan decides to leave the space for his father and daughter.

"I'll go upstairs and have a rest. Let's talk!" Season owl cold rises, the tall body disappeared in the living room door.

Thinking of the picture of Tang youyou when he was a child, the man chuckled. He wanted to cross back and twist two of her hard when she was just full moon. It was really lovely.