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Luo Jinyu plans to leave with Yang ChuChu in his arms, but he finds something wrong with the flush of the woman in his arms. He looks very cold. He has never seen her so painful and painful. He is very sad.

He immediately said to his bodyguards, "find a rest room. I'll stay with you for a while!"

The bodyguard elder brother has seen that Yang ChuChu may have been moved by someone. Feiluo can't be rescued. He immediately went to the club to open a box, which happens to have a rest room.

Luo Jinyu's face was heavy and ugly. At this moment, he wanted to strangle Xiang Lin.

It's hard to imagine that he would be harmed by her if he didn't arrive in time?

At the thought that the little woman in her arms might rush to other men and rub their chests with her soft body, his face would be murderous.

"You are at the door!" Luo Jin Yu said with a cold voice, and quickly went in with Yang ChuChu in his arms.

"Luo Jinyu, is that you? Is that you? " Yang ChuChu has been confused. Now she recognizes every man she sees as her favorite one, because she only accepts being touched by him in her heart.

"It's me, delicate. Are you ok?" Luo Jinyu put her gently on the sofa, and went to take care of her long hair near her ear. She found that she was already sweaty and wet. Several strands of hair were stuck on her white and delicate face, which filled in an indescribable charm.

"I'm sick. Help me!" Yang ChuChu is in great pain. Her little hands are instinctively grabbing and grabbing at him. She knows what she wants. So, her little hands naturally reach out to the place she wants most.

Luo Jinyu sighed. He should have reminded her that she shouldn't trust others so easily, but she didn't want to lose her sense of trust. Her heart is pure and shouldn't be affected by the dark side of the society.

The man knew that she had endured to the limit, and could not care about the environment any more. He turned off all the lights in the room directly and kissed her gently without losing his heart.

More than an hour later, Yang ChuChu fainted and died in Luo Jinyu's arms. The blush on her face had retreated, leaving only a pale color.

Excessive physical exertion made her faint.

Although Luo Jinyu is strong and healthy, he is still a little empty at the moment. He didn't stay here much. He started to dress her up. Finally, he tightly hugged her into his arms again and left.

When Lin Enron came out, she saw that Luo Jinyu's bodyguard did not leave, but kept at one door. She was so scared that she did not dare to go there and left from the other door.

She is really dead this time. Luo Jinyu must know that Yang ChuChu has been moved by her. I'm afraid he won't let her go again.

Lin Enron sat in the car frightened and uneasy. She suddenly regretted that she shouldn't sell her conscience for money. Yang ChuChu really made friends with her. She once trusted herself so much, but she hurt her like this. In case of any accident, she would be taken by Luo Jinyu to be buried with her.

Luo Jinyu takes Yang ChuChu by car and sends him to his personal doctor for an examination. Yang ChuChu is weak and gets a nutrition injection. Then he wakes up.

As soon as she woke up, she looked frightened, as if frightened, until she saw the man sitting beside her, the tears in the corner of her eyes, which slipped down.

"Awake?" Luo Jinyu watched her all the time. He saw that she woke up and didn't talk, but his tears kept falling. He felt like a knife cut. He reached out to wipe her tears and comforted her in a low voice: "it's OK, don't cry."

"What happened to me? Why is that? " Yang ChuChu still has a memory of what happened to her. She even feels like the most humble woman, with no bottom line. She's really afraid that Luo Jinyu will dislike that kind of self. But at that time, she couldn't control herself at all and just wanted to release.

"It's clear that Lin Enron has given you medicine. She wants to hurt you." Luo Jinyu said in a low voice.

Of course, Yang ChuChu would not be naive any more. She kept silent. Soon, she covered her cheek and said with hatred, "why did she do this? I always thought she treated me as a friend. When everyone mocked me as an illegitimate daughter, she was the only one who comforted me."

Yang chuchuchuzhi is very friendly to Lin Enron, not for no reason, because Lin Enron helped her and comforted her very patiently. Many people were unwilling to make friends with her because of her birth, but Lin Enron took the initiative to say hello to her.

"She is not as kind as you think. She must be purposeful and clear when approaching you. You don't need to be sad for such a sinister woman. Just remember that the person who hurt you doesn't have to contact again, let alone let her go easily." Luo Jinyu knew that it was difficult for her to accept such a blow, as if the sky she knew suddenly changed into hell.

"Luo Jinyu, the man with me, is that you?" Yang ChuChu suddenly raised his head in fright, and a small hand tightly grasped his big hand. He was afraid that he would have another fantasy and regarded other men as him.

"It's me, of course, and I'm the only one." Luo Jinyu said that, junmou said coldly: "I will not let Lin Enron go, I will let her pay a more painful price."

"I don't want to see her again." Yang ChuChu also hates her two faced and three faced person, which is more terrible than snake and scorpion.

"Don't get excited. I'll deal with it. If you don't want to see her, I'll keep her from appearing in front of you all my life." Luo Jinyu saw that she was in a bad temper, for fear that she would be angry and hurt her body. The doctor said that she was very weak and needed rest.

This incident of Yang ChuChu was spread out by people, of course, among those who came to the birthday party. However, it did no harm to Yang ChuChu, but completely destroyed the image of Lin Enron, a good man.

Before, she pretended to be low-key in the company and flattered others everywhere. Now, everyone knows that she framed Yang ChuChu and almost lost her innocence.

Lin Enron almost died of anger. As expected, the retribution came. She framed Yang ChuChu in the name of her friend, but unexpectedly, when she turned around, she was betrayed completely by her friend.

When Ji Yueze got the news, he drove Lin Enron out of the company at the first time. What he hated most was this kind of killing each other. He would never allow such vicious women to develop in his company.

Lin Enron was really kicked out. She didn't even have a chance to explain.

Originally, she had signed a contract. If she was kicked out, she could ask for a compensation. But because it was her own fault, she did not dare to make trouble.

Lin Enron's life was completely destroyed, but she knew that Luo Jinyu would definitely find her again to settle accounts before things were finished.

What should she do then?

Lin Enron was frightened and spent every day in panic. At last, she came up with a way to ask Yang ChuChu.

Yang ChuChu is young and soft hearted. If she takes the initiative to admit her mistake, Yang ChuChu may spare her life.

Lin Enron thought so, and drove to the gate of the community where Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu were.

Because she had a good relationship with Yang ChuChu before, she knew the high-end community where Yang ChuChu now lives, so she had the chance to come here and wait.

Yang ChuChu had a rest at home for two days. She didn't go out these two days. Her mother, Cheng Ying, loved her very much. She came here to talk with her in the daytime. At night, Luo Jinyu accompanied her, and she left at ease. Yang ChuChu's life was hit one after another, which made her world outlook collapse.

She used to think that there were many good people in the world, but why did she encounter so many bad people?

Was she naive before? Or is there really so many bad hearted people in the world?

Yang ChuChu decides to report back to the company. She can't hide at home every day. She has to face her life. No matter how many dangers she hides, she must overcome her inner uneasiness and face them firmly.

When her car drove out of the gate of the community, suddenly, a woman in a shawl rushed over from the side aisle and reached for her car.