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At the moment, Lu Qing and Ji Xiaohan are sitting in the same car in the car. Lu Qing was dug and promoted by Ji Xiaohan four years ago, so he had never seen Ji Lin before, but he had seen his photos several times. Ji Lin in the photos was full of spirit. Even if it was just a picture, he could see his heart and ambition in his eyes. He was definitely a person who made people shiver. But just now, Lu Qing was also shocked. Although he was wearing a suit and his eyes were shining, the white middle-aged man gave people a feeling of suffering from vicissitudes of life, almost like Ji Lin in the picture.

And Lu Qing think of people, and season owl cold, his fingers touch in the corner of his lips, looking out of the window, as if in memory.

After he lost his father and mother, he felt the deep coldness and malice in the world. Even his cognition of life was distorted. All day long, he felt disgusted with the world. Even several times, he wanted to jump from the tall building.

Until that morning, an uncle in a suit, holding a lovely and beautiful little girl, came to him in the sunshine.

Uncle gently patted the little girl on the shoulder and said to him, "Xiaohan, this is my daughter. You can take care of her more in the future, OK?"

Ji Xiaohan saw the little girl who was full of sunshine, just like a little angel coming to her. She introduced herself with a smile and childishness: "my name is Ji yunning, brother Xiaohan, how are you!"

As soon as Ji Xiaohan looked at this girl and smiled, he saw two cute little tiger teeth. The dark cloud in his heart seemed to be dispelled by her appearance. He was always lonely and even accepted the little girl's East and West questions, which she didn't realize was annoying.

Ji Lin's father, Ji Nan, was trained to take over the company. He moved his family to another city and Ji yunning was adopted back in that city. Therefore, Ji had never seen Ji yunning before. That day, he met for the first time.

"What are you thinking, young master?" It's been more than ten minutes' journey. Seeing that his young master didn't say a word, Lu Qing just stared at the scenery out of the window. His face was unpredictable, so he had to dare to ask him.

Thought was pulled back, season owl cold low light way: "I am thinking, my uncle changes really big these years, his hair is white, is the prison life, so hard?" Lu Qing shook his head and said, "I believe that it's not the bad life in prison that makes him have white hair, but the result of too much thinking and too much pressure. How is his life in prison? Don't you know? It's just that money can make the devil push the mill. His son, Mr. Ji, has secretly played some tricks? "

Ji Xiaohan sighed and nodded: "yes, I know all of these. On the surface, my grandfather was very disappointed with him, but behind the scenes, he still secretly put money into his life in prison, which is also a kind-hearted effort."

"The old man is carrying on your back to do these things, certainly also just want to do a father's duty." Lu Qing said with emotion. "Yes, so I pretended to keep one eye open and one eye closed and not to mention it. I can't give up my father's and son's feelings. However, my uncle is doomed to waste my grandfather's painstaking efforts. This time, he came out frequently and seemed to predict that I wouldn't tell my grandfather about it, so he had no fear. He was really heartless, or, He has always hated my grandfather. " Ji Xiaohan said at the end, Jun's face turned cold and his voice was angry.

Hearing this, Lu Qing looked shocked and asked incredibly, "young master, how can Ji Lin remember to hate the old man? They are father and son. "

Lu Qing has never heard of Ji Xiaohan's old stories, so he would be surprised to hear that. Ji Xiaohan sneered: "when my grandfather chose Ji Nan, my father, as his successor, my uncle must have hated why he was the second child. Later, my father received a lot of professional training, so my uncle sneaked away to study abroad. When he came back from school, my father had entered the company to study and manage. My uncle always slowed down a step, so I listened to my father After that, my uncle was very dissatisfied with this. He quarreled with my grandfather many times, but he was driven out by my grandfather. Later, I asked my grandfather why he didn't pick up my uncle. My grandfather directly pointed out that he was

too ambitious to see my uncle. He was afraid that he would destroy the whole quarterly Enterprise because of his improper mind when he was in power, so he was not allowed to take over. " "It turns out that there are still such things. It's no wonder that Ji Lin is so unwilling to take one blow at a time. Even though he has white hair, he still doesn't give up." Lu Qing is finally clear about this matter, but he is also scared. Ji Lin's eyes are obviously not good at it. Although he speaks in a warm language, his eyes are blazing. It seems that there will be another battle for power. This time, Ji Lin is really determined not to die. He is doomed not to belong to him, but he has to grab his hand. He really loves to die.

Ji Xiao's cold face suddenly became heavy and his eyes were cold: "I have always suspected that my father's death will have something to do with him. Unfortunately, all the evidence has been destroyed. I have investigated many times, but I haven't made any results."

When Lu Qing heard this, he couldn't help pinching a cold sweat for the young master: "yes, the young master also ordered me to search for the evidence of the accident many times. However, the evidence was destroyed cleanly. Someone must have done something on purpose."

Season owl cold look is painful, once again the silence went down.

"Young master, don't be sad. If Ji Lin is so cruel, he will be rewarded." Lu Qing is sad to see the young master. He doesn't know how to comfort him for a while.

"If it really has something to do with him, I must send him in by myself, and I will let him never think of it in his whole life." Ji Xiaohan holds his palm tightly. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any evidence to prove him.

"The young master came to see him this time. Do you want to see if you can find out about the death of the old gentleman?" Lu Qing asked suddenly, looking a little surprised.

You know, Ji Xiaohan comes here with such a slim hope, I'm afraid that he will be disappointed and come back.

Ji Xiao stared at the front coldly and nodded: "yes, I just want to fight him head-on and find some evidence from him." Lu Qingzhen was shocked. So many years ago, the young master never gave up. At this moment, he is not afraid of safety. He also has to come to see Ji Lin. that's why he is in deep love with his son.