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Get him to step in

However, Tang You You carelessly said: "I didn't offend him, I just didn't agree to his conditions. If he wanted to fire me because of this, I would also feel very wronged."

"You still feel wronged? Do you know who he is? He is the second Young Master of the Ji Family. " Lin Changan felt that Tang You You's attitude towards admitting his wrongs was not good enough, so he became even more disappointed in her.

"Director Liu, don't worry, I'll be fine! I'll be leaving first! " After Tang You You finished speaking, he walked out with large strides without even turning his head back.

Ji Yue Ze originally only wanted to scare her, but he did not expect this woman to be so stubborn, to actually leave on his own accord.

"What's her attitude?" Ji Yue Ze did not think that this woman would not be threatened, so he decided to resign instead.

Lin Changan who was at the side nodded his head and bowed as he comforted him, "Second Young Master Ji, don't be angry. I will fire her when we get back. To be honest, she is also a newcomer to Enter Company.

Ji Yue Ze's handsome face was filled with annoyance, and after that, he walked towards the conference room at the side. Pushing open the door, he found that his five assistants and more than ten bodyguards were waiting for him.

Liu Xi caught up to Tang You You urgently. "You long, stop right there, what's going on with you? Lam Tung hasn't even said he wanted to dismiss you yet."

"Mom, don't worry. I'll be back at work." Tang You You assured his mother with a smile.

"What kind of place do you think Only Idealism is? It's not that I'm talking about you, you're too impatient, you have to change your mind. If Only Idealism was opened by your family, of course you can go in and out as you please, but …"

"Mother, wait for me to come back tomorrow. I still have something I want to say to you. Now, don't stop me. Let me leave for a moment." Tang You You could tell that her godmother had treated him well, so she decided to find a suitable time tomorrow to tell her all about herself. It would be convenient for them to talk in the future.

Liu Xi looked at Tang You You's confident expression and was startled.

Tang You You did not pack up her things on her desk. She only picked up her bag and left.

After leaving the company, Tang You You went to the market to buy some fruits and nutrition products, then took them out to look at his aunt.

Aunt opened the door and saw Tang You You. She was very happy, and when she saw her carrying so many things, she immediately scolded her lightly, "Wanru, why are you carrying so many things when you just came."

"Aunt, I just bought you some fruits. I haven't come to see you since I've been busy with work these past few days." Tang You You put the thing down and said with a smile.

Cheng Wan Lian brought her a cup of warm water: "Wandering, I wanted to ask you a question. How are you doing in Ji Family? What did the father of the children do to you? "

"That's it, aunt. You know that I did all this for the sake of the child. I don't care whether that man treats me well or not." Tang You You lowered his head and took a sip of water.

Cheng Wan Lian knew that she could no longer change the situation, and could only advise her in the best direction: "You Lu, we are ordinary people, we do not stand a chance against powerful people like Ji Xiao Han. But now, you have already given him two children, between you two … I mean, could he possibly marry you? "

After Tang You You heard this, he was stunned, he raised his head, looked at his aunt's concerned eyes and laughed bitterly: "Aunt, I have never thought about marriage before. The children and work have already made me anxious, and as for Ji Xiao Han, he also has no way of marrying me, I can feel that we are not the same type of person, even if we are forcibly married for the sake of our children, we will not be happy."

Tang You You was also very open-minded. From the moment the child had landed, she had felt that she would very carefully choose her own marriage in this lifetime. Or perhaps, she had already decided to never marry for the child's entire life.

Cheng Wan Lian also felt that this matter was not going to happen, and could only sigh: "Fine, you decide for yourself, fine, I just hope that you can find a good man, and accept you and your child to live a happy life."

Tang You You chuckled. "Aunt, don't worry about me, I'm very happy right now. Children are my happiness."

"Oh you. Sometimes I feel that you've grown up, and sometimes I feel that you're especially simple and easy to be satisfied with. You're just like your mother." Cheng Wan Lian seemed to see the shadow of her younger sister on Tang You You's face. Unfortunately, she also knew that Wandering was basically not her younger sister's own, and couldn't help but feel a wave of grief in her heart.

"Aunt, everything is fine. Why are you crying?" Tang You You also felt bad, but she still didn't want to see her aunt cry.

"It's nothing, Wandering, do you still have anything to do in the afternoon? If there's nothing else, let's go for a walk. " Cheng Wan Lian immediately wiped the tears away.

"I'm fine, I'm just here to accompany you! At four-thirty, I'll go to school and pick up the kids. You come with me, and I'll take the kids to your place for dinner tonight. " Tang You You knew that the children also wanted to see his aunt. Before going to bed at night, they would ask him about it.

"Alright, I also miss these two little things very much." Cheng Wan Lian was instantly happy. "Let's go out later and buy some more food for the children to eat."

Tang You You accompanied his aunt around the streets for the whole afternoon, and then headed over to the school to pick up the kids from school.