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Lohnin, holding murin in his arms, was almost heartbroken, which could make such a strong woman afraid. It must be more frightening than nightmares. Lohnin was heartbroken. At this moment, he had forgotten those selfish ideas. He consoled: "murin, if you are afraid, we don't do anything. If you don't want to get married, we will always be in love. You don't want to have children, we I don't want you to face your fear anymore. " Mu

after hearing his words, Lin pushed him away, a pair of beautiful eyes with tears blinked twice, some unbelievable questions: "really? I don't want to get married, so you don't force me? Don't you blame me for not having children? "

Lohnin reached for her hand, gently wiped the tears from her eyes, and nodded: "yes, I don't force you to live in this world. I don't need to give up anything for anyone. What I love is you, not asking you to become the person I want." "

Henning!" Murin heard the most moving and warmest words in her life, but also so. She put out her hand violently, took the initiative to wrap around his waist, buried her face in his arms, and choked again: "it's so good to meet you, so good to meet you!"

Lohnin chuckled. "Well, you're going to hold me like this again. I'm going to lose my breath. You're going to lose me!" Mu

Lin just found out that she didn't call it cuddle just now, it was called CUDDLE to death!

Quickly let go of the hand, the white face rarely blushes a pink: "are you OK, I I don't have so much strength in my daily life. Really, I'm not a manwoman! " Luo

Henning listened, and he lost his voice and began to laugh. His handsome face was as warm as jade. Whoever looked at it, he didn't mind. Instead, he was spoiled.

Mu Lin felt that she had a kind of embarrassment that there was no silver here. She wanted to kick lohnin far away.

Lohnin was in a good mood, because for the first time, he felt mureen's strong need for himself, which every man likes. "

next, let's talk about children!" Lohnin turned her office chair slightly, put one hand on the back of the chair, leaned slightly, and coagulated muleen's face: "although this child came unexpectedly, if we really don't want him, we will do more good deeds and accumulate more merits for our child, so that he can be born in a good family next time."

When murin saw that lohnin was so serious about saying this, it didn't match his identity as a young master. For some reason, she was promoted to her smile point, and she laughed directly, blinding lohnin's smile.

"What are you laughing at? I'm really talking to you about the children! " Lohnin frowned.

The woman cried so seriously just now that she even laughed at him.

Murin stopped laughing, but the corner of her mouth was still rising: "do you think if we don't want him, he can be born in another family one by one?" "

should be able to, all debts, we carry, has nothing to do with him, he should be able to find another good family!" Said lohnen with all seriousness.

Murin nodded approvingly: "yes, I agree to let him find a good family, but it's not someone else's home, it's ours!" Luo

Henning didn't understand her words for a while. When he understood her words, he was surprised. Then he was ecstatic: "Mulin, you mean..."

"I've decided to give birth to this child. However, I only promise my husband's child. Let me postpone the marriage. I can't promise you two things at once." Mu Lin immediately laughed, but she was helpless. "

really? Do you really want to have him? " Lohnin was happier than anything.

Murin nodded, "yes, since he is from another country, he must have a destiny with us. Let's not drive him away."

"Well, let's raise him together!" Lohnin's excited handsome face was a little red and even more elegant. Mu

Lin saw that he was so happy, but Mei Mou flashed a little dark and asked in a low voice, "if she were a daughter, would you be so happy?" Luo

the smile on Henning's face was fixed directly. His eyes were fixed on the worried face of the woman: "why do you ask? Whether she's a daughter or a son, she's all our children. Of course I'm happy! " "

would you be shocked if I only agreed to have one daughter?" Murin still couldn't get rid of the shadow of her childhood completely. She would ask, but she felt that she could never let her daughter go again on her own way, even if she would love her, but if lohnin didn't love her, it would definitely be a tragedy. Luo

Henning immediately put out his hand and swore to the sky: "I, Luo Henning, swear to the sky that I love her no matter what your daughter or son is, if you disobey this oath, I will fight against thunder and thunder, no..."

Murin quickly reached out his hand to cover his thin lips, chuckled and scolded him: "why do you want to take such a poisonous oath? Didn't you just say that? Don't embarrass me, and I won't embarrass you. If you are good to me and the children, you can show us. If you are good to me and the children, I know the best in my heart. "

Lohnen sighed, "I feel like I won't believe you unless I swear."

"I believe you!" Murin nodded softly: "except for my brother, the one I believe most is you!"

Lohnin's thin lips rose, and once again he held her in his arms. "

I just calculated the time. If I want to give birth to this child, I will start to let my brother come to the company to take over my business now. It's really not easy to cultivate him into a talent." Murin murmurmured a breath and complained to her brother.

Lohnin chuckled, "yes, it's not a man who wants to be controlled, but you can force him, maybe he will become a talent."

"I'll have a good, serious talk with him!" Murin still decided to take her brother with her no matter what. She could not let him do nothing but take the children. "

I heard that the relationship between Shi Ye and Anxin is not hot or cold. What's the matter?" Asked lohnen.

"I don't know. Anxin may have been hurt too deeply by him. He didn't trust him very much. I think he deserved it. When people loved him so much and chased him, he didn't care for them." Mu Lin glanced at the corner of her mouth. She didn't want to protect Mu Shi as her younger brother.

"Once a relationship breaks down, it's hard to be perfect again!" Lohnin sighed softly.

"So don't break our feelings!" Murin sounded with a little domineering voice.