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"Who said I was afraid?"

In order to raise his morale, Xia Xinnian pretended to be calm and gave him a white look.

The man's eyes on her, more than a point of appreciation: "not afraid to follow!"

Xia Xinnian saw that the man put one hand in the pocket of his trousers and walked to his private elevator with his long legs fixed and pulled.

Xia Xinnian follows him. Every step he takes is like stepping on a cloud. He floats up.

Why is there a sense of instant vision?

Although she didn't want to admit that she was a harmless little sheep, wasn't it?

The power and wealth that this man has is just unknown, which is even more terrible.

At the same time, jimucheng strode forward and swept the women following him with his eyes and tail.

Looking at her follow-up, he was inexplicably excited.

Along the way, all the people took the initiative to say hello to him, and jimucheng responded with grace.

When the elevator door opens, the man steps forward with long legs, turns around and looks at Xia Xinnian's tense eyes.

Xia xinniang was so nervous that he quickly put away the color of panic on his face and stepped into the elevator.

In fact, Xia Xinnian's nervousness and flurry came from the curious and strange eyes of those people in the hall just now.

She knew that it was not a good thing to have a relationship with jimucheng.

The elevator door is closed tightly. In the narrow space, the man's tall body is full of pressure on her.

"You seem nervous!"

The man made fun of her on purpose.


Xia Xinnian pretends to answer lightly.

"I've never brought a woman to my company, do you believe it?"

I don't know if the atmosphere is too dull. The man makes a topic.

"Ha ha!"

Xia Xinnian only answered two words.

Jimucheng Yingqi's sword eyebrow is a choice. Is this woman questioning him?

To be honest, no woman dared to speak to him in such an irreverent tone. Xia Xinnian's two cheers gave him a kind of abnormal excitement.

There was a woman who resisted him, and the sound sounded inexplicably exciting.

Xia Xinnian didn't expect that he hated a person and became the source of interest.

Arrived at the man's office, long corridor, open atmosphere, invisible to give a sense of deterrence, just like its owner.

Entering the office, Xia Xinnian feels the breath is dull again. Men's office is mainly in cold and hard colors, without any warm colors. Even the lights make people's hair cold.

Jimucheng sits lazily on his office chair, his long legs are naturally overlapping. He taps his fingers on the desktop twice, and then looks up at her: "come here!"


Xia Xinnian's expression was stiff, and he suddenly felt the danger coming.


The man suddenly rose from his position.

Xia Xinnian's mind was tight and his expression was dull: "why do you want me to type?"

"Do you want my assistant to do it?"

Jimucheng cold hook lips.

Xia Xinnian bit his lip. Finally, he sat in his office chair.

The man is very casual to sit on the desk, there is no image of the president, one hand on the other hand, fingers against his thin lips, voice low magnetic force: "write the last time you said the conditions, let's sign it!"

Xia Xinnian nodded, his long white fingers beating on the keyboard quickly.

Each of the terms she mentioned last time is clearly remembered, so it doesn't take a lot of brains to knock them out.

When she knocked out her own conditions, she looked up at the man, and found that the man's unfathomable eyes were always staring at her.

Her heart was in a state of confusion and panic.

"Come and see if these are the ones!"

Xia Xinnian frowns and doesn't like to be stared at like a prey.


The low male voice fell down. In the next moment, the man went directly around the back of her office chair, trapped her and the chair in his arms. He stretched out his hand and supported it on the desk.

Xia Xinnian's original disordered heart lake, because of his unidentified action, he was even nervous that his breathing was a little disordered.

"If you have anything else to add..." "I have nothing to add!"

The man's magnetic low mute voice fell on the side of her ear, with heat.

Xia Xinnian has a thin skin. He has never been so close to a man. His ears turn red instantly.

"After this agreement is signed, no one is allowed to go back on his word. He must abide by it. If anyone violates the rules, he will be punished."

Xia xinnianjue's man is not serious, so she must put the scandal in front of him and remind him not to disobey it.


How to punish? "

The man picked his eyebrows with interest.

Xia Xinnian felt that when he spoke, he drew closer to her. She quickly got up from her chair and escaped from the dangerous area. She said with a cold face, "no money, no other punishment!"

"For example..." Men are more interested.

"If you break one of them, take off your clothes and run around the city centre!"

Xia Xinnian knew that he had a lot of money, so she thought of such a wonderful trick to cure him.

Sure enough, the man's face froze.

"What's on your mind?"

Jimucheng Jun's face is gloomy and ugly. I feel that this woman is deliberately humiliating him.

Xia Xinnian picked up the delicate eyebrow and said lightly: "you are so dangerous. Of course, I have to find a way to protect myself."


Jimucheng's thin lips raised a sneer: "what did I do to you?"

"What you don't do now doesn't mean you won't do it in the future. If you talk about the conditions now, you will save a lot of trouble in the future."

Xia Xinnian said seriously.

"You are very good at thinking about the future for yourself!"

Jimucheng is very impressed with her. She is really a different woman. The first thing she wants to do in the face of such a charming man is to keep a distance with him.

"This is the foundation of my existence!"

Xia Xinnian did not feel ashamed, and then said, "can we sign now?"

Jimucheng took the pen, signed his name on it with great vigour, moved the paper to her face, and also put the pen on one side.

Xia Xinnian took a deep breath. After carefully checking the contents of the agreement again, he also carefully wrote down his name beside his name.

In duplicate! Xia Xinnian folded the agreement in half and stuffed it into his handbag. He said quietly, "it's signed. I'll leave first!"

"Go home early in the evening!"

When Xia Xinnian came to the door, a man's low voice came from behind.

Xia Xinnian is not used to the feeling of being controlled like this.

"I'm afraid my son will miss you!"

As if guessed her mind general, jimucheng also slowly floats over a sentence.