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C1520 the vice president wants children

Lanjia villa.

LAN Yanxi had a rest at home two days ago because of a relapse of cold. However, she was embarrassed to ask for leave all the time. On the third day, she went to the general office. Wang Xinyi called her into the office.

"Sister Xinyi, I'm sorry. Did it embarrass you?" As soon as lanyanxi stepped into the office, she was shocked to hear that Wang Xinyi was invited to tea by the above leaders. The reason was that she was biased towards lanyanxi, and felt that she was not responsible for her superiors.

Wang Xinyi holds the pen in his hand, looks up and looks at her seriously.

LAN Yanxi was stared at by her, and her heart was even more uneasy.

"I wonder, you are the prospective wife of the vice president, and it seems that I am flattering you? But it's no secret that you don't like him. Why do you come to me for tea for such ridiculous reasons? " Wang Xinyi said with a sarcastic voice.

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi was still shocked, and her face was even more ashamed: "sister Xinyi, I'm really sorry for you. I didn't expect to bring you so much trouble."

"It's not trouble, it's just testing me. Now the situation is so tense and the war is imminent. The old president wants to explore our direction." Wang Xinyi saw her face tense and remorseful, put down her pen, and propped up her forehead: "in every election, those of us who are subordinates are not human at both ends, and no one can offend."

"Sister Xinyi, can you support Ling Mo Feng?" Blue Yan Xi suddenly whispered, a pair of beautiful eyes pleaded to look at her.

Wang Xinyi looks surprised, looks up at her: "so soon with his community of interests? As soon as someone says you're engaged, you'll talk for him. "

Although LAN Yanxi was scolded, she was not angry at all. Instead, she said with a smile, "I didn't mean anything to him. I just felt that his character was very good."

"Yes, he's good at everything, but he doesn't like you." Wang Xinyi couldn't help sympathizing with her.

"Sister Xinyi, he will be back in the afternoon. When we are engaged, can you join us?" LAN Yanxi sincerely invited her.

Wang Xinyi nodded: "of course, I will go, and I will let everyone in our office go, so that you can collect more money."

LAN Yanxi suddenly laughed. She suddenly found that it was a great blessing in life to have such a good confidant sister as Wang Xinyi.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, it's time for work, but LAN Yanxi is not so anxious to leave.

She sat in the office, and when she had finished the rest of the work, she was absent-minded.

Lingmo Feng went abroad these two days, they only made a phone call, or hurriedly hung up.

Now, when she learned that he had returned to China, she was in this building now, and her heart had already flown out.

Tonight, he should go home.

LAN Yanxi has already said hello to her grandfather. Tonight, she may not go back to LAN's house. Of course, the old man knows the warmth of the young man, so he doesn't ask her to go back home with him.

At the door of the office, a long and tall figure is stepping in gracefully.

Who else is not Ling Mo Feng?

There are other female colleagues in the office. Seeing the sudden appearance of the vice president, the excited faces are all blushing, unprepared, elegant and honorable vice president stepped in. To them, it was like a dream.

However, the dream was soon broken and came back to reality.

Ling Mo Feng came here because of one person. That person is Lan Yanxi.

"Are you off work?" Ling Mo Feng went to LAN Yanxi's desk and asked in a soft voice with a strong tap on his finger.

LAN Yanxi was so ashamed that she couldn't speak. She nodded her head. She was so happy that she couldn't describe it with words.

"Let's go." Lingmo Feng's seemingly cold words are more touching than love words when listening to lanyanxi's ears. She quickly packed her bag, stood up and left with Lingmo Feng.

All the women in the office looked shocked. It seems that Ling Mo Feng really has no love for LAN Yanxi. They are not engaged. The mode of getting along is like an old husband and wife, neither sweet nor warm.

LAN Yanxi lowered her head and followed Ling Mo Feng closely. She thought Ling Mo Feng was going to take her home, but she didn't expect that she was taken directly to his vice president's office.

In fact, although Ling Mo Feng was very careful about her words, when he stepped into the office just now, when he saw her sitting on the office chair, his heart had already been jumping wildly. He wanted to reach out for her more, but he had to restrain himself. He could not help but hold back the strong emotion, thousands of words, and put them into a very simple words.

As soon as he entered the office, Ling Mo Feng closed the door directly. LAN Yanxi turned around and looked at him, and saw the smile of his thin lips rising.

LAN Yanxi is even more enchanted. The gentle smile of this man is just a kind of soul stirring and deadly one.

LAN Yanxi threw his handbag directly into the chair beside him and jumped on it. Whether he was happy or not, he kissed first.

Ling Mo Feng's whole body vibrated, and then his healthy body stretched into a straight line.

He wanted to take the initiative once, but obviously, he is not suitable for taking the initiative, because there is always someone more enthusiastic than him.

The lips pasted by the girl are soft and soft, like jelly. Ling Mo Feng is shy.

He stretched out his arm, tentatively put his arm around her waist, until he felt her heart, then he held her tightly, and the thin lips also responded crazily.

Lanyanxi is actually quite clumsy. She is inexperienced, but she is finally countered.

When she was oppressed on the sofa, she realized that women were not as powerful as men.

Ling Mo Feng breathed disorderly, a pair of dyed deep eyes, straight coagulated her.

LAN Yanxi's eyes are confused. When he holds up his hands, his face is reflected in her eyes. She can't help raising her mouth and chuckling, and her fingers fall on the man's beautiful and picturesque face.

"Ling Mo Feng, you are so good-looking. You have all picked good ones." LAN Yanxi's fingers depict his deep and beautiful facial features, muttering like obsession.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her, and quickly reached for her small hand, got up, and gently pulled her from the sofa: "I haven't run around these two days."

"No, you let me ask for leave. I asked for leave. I stayed at my grandfather's house all the time." When LAN Yanxi came back, she received a message from Ling Mo Feng, asking her not to go out first, stay at LAN's home to rest, and wait for him to come back to work.

"I'm obedient." The man is very satisfied, reached out to touch her long hair: "like what?"

"Pets?" How can this man describe her as a pet?

Ling likes to see her angry, because, very cute, very interesting, let him itch, more want to bully her.

"Of course not, like my wife." Ling Mo Feng's desire for survival is very strong. Hurry to coax her gently.

LAN Yanxi turned away and said, "I'm not your wife. You haven't had a real relationship with me since we've been together for so long. We're like rent friends. We live two lives in the same building."

"I'm really going to devote myself to such a grievance?" Ling Mo Feng coagulated her with interest and said this sentence. He couldn't help his blood boiling and his heart surging, because his brain was full of picture sense, stimulating his nerves and making him excited.

LAN Yanxi looked out of the window with a hot face and shyly said, "the scenery here is so nice that you can see the whole square."

"Don't change the subject. I'm serious." Ling Mo Feng walked behind her and drew the curtains of the office directly. The light in the room was dark for a moment.

LAN Yanxi looked at him curiously and said, "we've talked about this topic many times, but it didn't work out. I'd better hold on to it, so as not to scare you away."

"Last time you said you wanted children, you mean it." Ling Mo Feng walked behind her, and his slender arm gently hugged her: "then we will."

"Why did you suddenly agree?" LAN Yanxi turned his head quickly and stared at him with bright eyes: "nothing will happen."

"No, I am..." What Ling Mo Feng wanted to say was stuck in his throat. It was difficult to say for a while.

He dares to say that he wants a descendant, and he only wants to live with the woman he loves most?

"What is it? You say it, I can't accept it. " LAN Yanxi looks slightly stunned and asks quickly.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her tenderly, reached out and touched her face, attached himself to her forehead and said, "nothing, it's just that the red eye owl has two children."

LAN Yanxi is speechless for a moment. What's wrong with his red eyes? Are they two children?