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C1699 feelings of not giving up

Hearing the girl's shaking voice behind him, Mu Weicheng's upright body froze. He wanted to turn around to see her, but he was controlled by morality. He could only mute his voice to remind her: "hurry to the pool, it will freeze your cold."

Ling wennuan immediately ran to the pool and walked on tentatively. She thought there would be mud under it. Unexpectedly, it was a large stone slab that had been renovated. Ling wennuan was relieved.

This kind of comfort can't be felt by personal experience. At this moment, Ling warm feels like she's survived. She quickly wet her long hair. Just when she was about to use shampoo, she found that everything was still in the bag beside Mu Weicheng.

The man turned the flashlight to one side, not directly at her, but also gave her enough light.

"Mu Weicheng, can you bring me the shampoo and Shower Gel? I forgot. " Ling warm some embarrassed opening.

Mu Weicheng grabs her hand and finds that her bag is still here.

"It doesn't matter. You can see it. I don't mind." Ling wennuan felt that his back had become a straight line. She couldn't help laughing. She found that the serious Mu Weicheng was really interesting and lovely, which made him want to bully him.

Mu Weicheng sighed, and then turned to her. In the hazy water mist, she only showed her white shoulder, wet black hair, soaked in water, and pasted it on her shoulder. Her skin was more like white jade. The delicate and beautiful face was also stained with water beads, and the skin was like a veil, unreal, but beautiful People.

Ling wennuan swam in the water for a while, like an elegant Mermaid, when she suddenly met her sweetheart from the shore, she looked up her head, her eyes were clear and bright, and the corners of her mouth were dyed with a smile, even more like bright red petals.

Mu Weicheng, though out of control just now, imagined what a beautiful picture it was behind him.

However, when I saw it with my own eyes, I found that this girl had been like an elf, breaking into his life for fear that she could not be erased even in her dream.

Ling warm naughty hands bent, lying beside the pool, laughing fun at him: "Mu Wei Cheng, you are shy ah?"

Mu Wei Cheng's eyes immediately turned to the side, and his voice was hoarse: "stop playing, wash and go home."

Ling warm but lazy turned over a body, that looming appearance, let the man breathe for a meal, quickly turned away, feel the body heat a new height.

Ling wennuan saw that he was sitting on the stone again, with his back to her. He was cold and ascetic.

"It's boring." Ling warm little mouth curled for a while, found that want to tease Mu Wei Cheng can not find the opportunity.

Next, Ling wennuan didn't act as a demon. He washed his hair and took a bath. He stayed in the hot spring. He didn't really remember. But it was too late. Ling wennuan couldn't stay all the time. He took a bath towel and wrapped himself up. Then he asked Mu Weicheng nervously, "I have to change my clothes and pants. Would you like to turn off the light first?"

Mu Wei Cheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva, next second, all around turned into a pitch black.

Ling warm action quickly put on the clothes and pants, and then changed a very thick pajamas, which took a dry towel to rub the long hair: "I'm ok, let's go back."

Mu Weicheng turned on the light again, turned around and looked at her. Ling wennuan took a towel to wipe her long hair into half dry, messy hair, but it didn't damage her beautiful little face. In the mountain spirit after the rain, it was like a little elf, which was pitiful.

Mu Weicheng released the palm, and then found that there was a hot sweat in the palm, not only in the palm, but also in his back. It must be because of the hot water here.

"Let's go!" Said Mu Weicheng softly.

Ling wennuan took a bath and got much better. When he came back to Cheng's home, he saw his granddaughter coming back and sitting in the living room for tea. Ling followed Mu Weicheng in.

"Warm, introduce me, this is my grandson Xiaohui, this is my granddaughter Xiaoyu." Cheng laohurriedly introduced with a smile.

Ling wennuan hurriedly looked at the two men. The boy should be about his own age. The girl is younger, but she is sixteen or seventeen years old.

Cheng Hui's two sisters are shy when they see Ling wennuan. They dare not even speak. Ling wennuan greets them boldly.

"Sister warm, you look better than the picture." Xiaoyu finally found the topic.

Ling warm happy smile, was praised, or very happy.

Mu Weicheng looked at the time. It was almost early in the morning. He had to go.

"Uncle Cheng, I'll ask you to take care of me. I have to go back to the base. If you have anything, please call me." Mu Weicheng said, turning his head and telling Ling wennuan, "if you have something, you can call uncle Cheng, or you can call me. If there is no signal, you can call my office, and I'll write you the number later."

"Well, it's late. You can go back." Ling warm also can see that the man is a little tired.

"Don't worry, we will take good care of the warmth. Go back first," Cheng said

Mu Weicheng takes a deep look at Ling Nuan. Before, when he worked here, nothing was worth his nostalgia. But at this moment, he would like to stay here and stay with her all the time.

Ling warms her eyes naturally. All emotions are written in her big eyes. However, she understands that separation is inevitable.

Mu Weicheng finally turns around and leaves. Ling wennuan runs to the gate of the yard and sees his car disappear in the dark.

Ling wennuan takes out the hair dryer and blows the long hair dry. Xiaoyu is arranged by Cheng Lao to help her tidy up.

Ling wennuan gave her the present she brought. Xiaoyu was very happy: "wennuan, how can you give me so many clothes? It's beautiful. "

Ling wennuan brought Xiaoyu not only clothes, but also some cosmetics and hand ornaments that girls like. Girls in adolescence love beauty. Ling believes Xiaoyu will like these things.

Xiaoyu can't be happy with those gifts.

This night, Ling warm lying in a strange and warm bed, happy like a fool, until very late to sleep.

When she made this decision, she thought she would fail. Unexpectedly, now that she has come, will her beautiful life begin?

The next day, Ling found something wet and clinging to her arm. She opened her eyes in fear and saw a big dog with four puppies running into her room at some time.

"Ah..." Ling wennuan screamed, and the mother and baby dog fled in fear.

Cheng and his wife got up early and rushed to see: "warm, what's the matter?"

Ling wennuan found that he had overreacted, and hurriedly said with embarrassment, "are those puppies from your family? Do they bite? "

Cheng immediately laughed: "no, they are very docile puppies. Maybe they are new to you."

"Probably." Ling warm dry laugh twice.

"It's warm. You can sleep a little longer. Breakfast will be ready soon." Cheng Lao comforts her.

"No, I'll get up and have a look." Ling wennuan, who was still sleeping, put on his coat and walked out of the room. What came into his eyes were layers of green plants, which were green in the distance and near. Outside the courtyard, there is a vegetable garden. There are all kinds of fruits and vegetables in it. It is very lush and full of vitality.

Ling wennuan walked out of the courtyard and took a breath of cool air. His eyes were all green. He was in a good mood.

After breakfast, Ling wennuan has to go to school to report. Xiaoyu wants to follow her, and Cheng will go with her to take care of Ling wennuan.

When Ling wennuan arrived at the school, he found that the alms here were really simple. There were not even decent playground and canteen. There were only two teaching buildings, which still had a sense of age.

When Ling wennuan arrived, she happened to see Xia ninglan. She unexpectedly came with the two boys. A group of college students in LiNbO lived in the villagers' house near the school. Now they also came to the meeting. The president warmly welcomed them.