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C1302 can'st help worrying about him

Ling Mo Feng side eyes to see, see the woman's red face, and she can't support the delicate body.

"Miss Wan is too drunk. Mo Feng, you are a man. Take care of her more!" The old president immediately reminded Ling Mo Feng with a mild smile.

Ling Mo Feng is a modest and polite person. In front of so many people, of course, he can't push Wan Qianqian away directly. He only asked her in a low voice: "Miss Wan, are you ok?"

"I'm dizzy, Mr. vice president. I'm sorry. Could you let me rest for a while?" Wan Qianqian immediately revealed a charming appearance, and wanted to take the opportunity to depend on this man for a while.

"If you're drunk, I'll ask the staff to take you out for a rest." Ling Mo Feng immediately hinted at the adjutant Chu at the door.

"No, I'm not really drunk. I haven't eaten yet. I'm a little hungry!" Wan Qianqian saw that she was going to be sent away, which forced her to sit straight.

The old president said with a smile: "Mo Feng, young man, you should know how to pity flowers and jade. Miss Wan's drunkenness is half in wine and half in people."

"Mr. President loves to joke!" Wanqianqian immediately lowered her head in shame, but her beautiful eyes were full of joy. She secretly looked at Ling Mo Feng's expression.

Ling Mo Feng smiled politely and didn't answer.

"Mr. vice president is a gentleman, a model for young people to learn. He only focuses on his career and never wastes his time emotionally!" Next to the minister followed the joke said.

Ling Mo Feng took his glass and took a sip, still smiling.

Wan Qianqian said: "it's the most attractive way for a man to work hard. It's hard to forget the demeanor of the vice president. However, with a woman around, life will be better."

"Isn't miss Wan upset with the vice president?" Next to the minister asked with a smile.

Wan Qianqian just took this opportunity to express her love to Ling Mo Feng. She looked at Ling Mo Feng's handsome face with a shy smile and said softly, "naturally, I admire him a lot, but I know that he is too good to have delusions!"

Lingmo Feng saw that everyone's topic was on his own, and he had to open his mouth and say: "I'm very grateful to you for your concern. It's just my personal reason. I'm not very interested in emotional matters. I hope you have a chance to care more about business."

Seeing Ling Mo Feng's cold answer, Wan Qianqian's face suddenly darkened.

However, the more indifferent Ling Mo Feng is to men's and women's feelings, the more he arouses Wan Qianqian's determination to conquer him. In general, such a man's feelings will be fiery, and the man who is responsible for his career will be very responsible for his marriage and family.

Lingmo Feng of wanqianqian is a treasure she wants to dig deeply. What she thinks in this man's heart must be very rich. Moreover, his figure is also a big factor in picking women.

The man of abstinence department, she has not met before, but the man with such excellent abstinence temperament as Ling Mo Feng, she really met for the first time, so she never let it go.

At the moment, lanyanxi is sorting out the documents just brought back.

"It's strange that page 7 and page 10 are missing. Isn't it true that the man took them wrong? How could this happen? " Lanyanxi's brain exploded. Fortunately, she just glanced at each other's work card in a hurry and found that he was from the Department of public information. So lanyanxi decided to go to the man to get the documents back. This is a very important document, which is indispensable.

LAN Yanxi hurried to the Department of public information. It's time for lunch.

As soon as she arrived at the entrance of the hall of the Department of public information, she saw groups of men and women in overalls coming out to meet each other and heading for the canteen.

Lanyanxi stood by anxiously and looked at him. Suddenly, she saw the man she accidentally hit at noon.

JOJO had been waiting for blue Yanxi to come to him at noon. Unexpectedly, he would see it at this time. His eyes were also slightly bright.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me. Do you remember me? In the morning, we bumped into each other and got the document wrong. Can you... "

"Hello, my name is JOJO. What's your name?" JOJO introduced herself with a smile on her face.

Colleagues passing by all looked at them in surprise.

"My name is Lan Yanxi. Could you please..."

"Otherwise, shall we have dinner together and come back to get the documents? I have put the document in the cabinet, and the key is not in my hand. I have to come back after dinner and open the door to my colleague! " Qiao Zhuoli is a friendly proposal.

"Oh, I'll come back later. Don't bother!" When LAN Yanxi heard his answer, he knew that he could not get it back. He turned around and left.

Qiao Zhuo looked at her as the figure left, frowned, and other girls did not dare to look him in the eyes when they talked to him, because they were shy all the time, but just now the girl looked at him politely, which was interesting to Qiao Zhuo.

LAN Yanxi went back to the office in frustration and went to the canteen with several colleagues at the level of aunt in the office.

As soon as I sat down, I heard a girl at the next table talking about something in a low voice.

"I heard today that Mr. President invited the vice president and a group of ministers to have dinner on the third floor."

"Really? Is it to break the discord that was said before? "

"I also believe that Mr. President will never hurt people. Mr. vice president has been hit by terrorist attacks!"

LAN Yanxi's ears were vertical, and his heart was suddenly tightened. He couldn't help lifting his eyes and looking toward the stairs. The third floor is a box, which is mainly an important place for ministers and foreign envoys to receive. Ordinary staff can't enter.

The president invited Ling to dinner? Isn't it another Hongmen feast?

"Yan Xi, why are you still dazed? The food is going to be cold? " She was reminded by a kind elder sister.

"Oh, I'm not very hungry!" LAN Yanxi hurriedly replied with an absent-minded smile.

She was really worried about Ling Mo Feng's future, but all the comments around confirmed that it wasn't Mr. President who did it. Moreover, Ling Mo Feng seemed to be unharmed in the eyes of outsiders.

She knew that he had been hurt, and the injury was very serious, but he had been strong and patient.

At the thought of him taking the wound to play golf with foreign envoys, tearing the wound and stitching it up again, her heart ached inexplicably. She didn't know whether Ling Mo Feng had better anti pain ability than ordinary people, but no matter how strong, her body was not hit by iron, and it must have hurt.

"I'm full. Take your time. I'll go first!" LAN Yanxi suddenly stood up, said to his colleagues, and hurried to the outside of the canteen.

Just walked to the door, met a group of colleagues in the reception room, Yang He is also among them.

In the face-to-face collision, some colleagues waved to lanyanxi. Yang He only looked up at her and turned away as if he didn't know her.

LAN Yanxi was shocked, and then he could only laugh away.

Yang he doesn't want to be a friend with her again. It's good for her. Anyway, she didn't take the initiative to hurt anyone. What can she be guilty of?

Lanyanxi went to the door of the elevator, and an idea flashed quickly in her mind. She desperately pressed the elevator. When the door opened, her fingers pressed the third floor uncontrollably.

LAN Yanxi's nervous palms were sweating, but she had a strong idea. She wanted to see if Ling Mo Feng was OK.

She must be crazy. Ling Mo Feng told her that she had left all her words behind, but she couldn't help but want to care for him. It must be true love.

The door of the elevator opened with a tinkle. As soon as LAN Yanxi got out of the elevator, she was stumped by several corridors in front of her. She had been here before when she was in the reception room, but at the moment, she didn't know where to go, and where they were.

Just as LAN Yanxi's brain swelled, two men in black suits came to her and said with serious expression, "no entry here, please leave now."

LAN Yanxi found out that if he wanted to get close to Ling Mo Feng in the office, he would be foolishly talking about his dream. The strict guards at all levels could keep her as far away from him as the world.