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The children's household registration has been moved to Ji's, and their surnames have been changed. From now on, they are Ji's children. Tang youyou does not feel lost and sad, but feels like a sigh of relief and some small blessings.

In the past, she worried that her children would have no contact with her after their surname was Ji. But now, all these worries are gone. Only when their surname is Ji, can she naturally pester this man for a lifetime.

"What are you laughing at?" At this time, Tang youyou is sitting in Ji Xiaohan's car, and is still sent to the company by him. Just now, he had a brainstorming, thinking of the happy place, and his mouth corners are inexplicably pulled.

She was so stupid that she was immediately caught by someone's sharp eyes. With her big palm extended, she grasped her soft and delicate little hand and tightened it a little punitively: "if you have any happiness, please share it with me!"

Tang youyou is shaking all over. Did he smile?


"No No! " She blinked her eyes innocently. She didn't admit that she was thinking carefully. In case that season owl Han knew it, she would lose face and die.

"Don't lie to me!" Ji Xiaohan is very sure. This woman must have been thinking about something very happy just now. Of course, Ji Xiaohan wants to know that if her happiness has nothing to do with herself, it will be a big deal.

Tang youyou could not see it, so he had to breathe softly and said in a low voice: "I just thought that the children would follow your surname, and I was happy!"

"Oh?" A man's sexy eyebrows and tail show his curiosity.

When Tang youyou saw his face looking forward to her explanation, he had no choice but to say cheekily, "the children and your surname are gone. I can keep pestering you in the future. It's impossible for you to kick me off."

It's true. Ji Xiao's face is shocked.

When Tang youyou saw that he was stunned by his bold words, she immediately turned away her face and murmured, "you want me to say it!" The next second, the corner of the man's lips went up. He suddenly hugged the woman with small complaints. The thin lips had sealed her dishonest mouth. After a deep kiss, he silently warned her: "if you dare to think of leaving me, I will not be


Tang youyou was shaking all over again. His beautiful eyes looked at him vaguely: "who said I would leave you? Did I say that? "

How can this man's understanding ability deviate so much? She was clearly afraid of being kicked off by him.

"I'm just kind to remind you not to run away from me!" Ji Xiaohan still has no sense of security. He lowers his voice again and grinds it in her ear.

"No, unless I die!" Tang youyou's reply completely dispelled the man's uneasiness.

Thin lips sealed her mouth again, as if to punish her for saying such unlucky words.

When the man let go again, Tang youyou's breath was already disordered. She gasped for a while. Looking at his eyes, she was even more foggy and confused.

"Don't say it later, I don't like it!" Season owl cold gently kissed in her mouth corner, displeased reminder.

"Well, I don't want to say either!" Tang youyou has no choice but to laugh. Who can curse himself? In the streets of foreign countries, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu are walking hand in hand. They have come to a very charming town, where they have lived for a night. At this moment, in the early morning, two people are like a couple, walking in the street hand in hand, with warm sunshine, their hearts are as beautiful as this weather.

"Later, when we are old, we come to live in such a place. The festival here is very slow. We drink tea, chat, enjoy flowers and the moon every day, so we like it here." Yang ChuChu took a picture of his mobile phone and said after thinking.

"Good!" The man behind said nothing but answered her lightly.

Yang ChuChu looks back and smiles at him.

Luo Jin's eyes were slightly dazzled. He felt that she had just smiled, and even the sun had faded. His head was full of repetition of her smiling and delicate appearance, which was really beautiful.

Yang ChuChu is a budding rose in Luo Jinyu's eyes at the moment, but there is not enough time. When it is mature, it must be beautiful. At that time, there will be many men who know how to appreciate her beauty. Among them, will there also be men she appreciates?

At the thought of the little woman in front of her, she may like other men in the future. Luo Jinyu's chest is blocked and stuffy, which makes her very uncomfortable.

Sometimes, when he really wanted to be cruel, he took her for himself.

At that time, even if she wanted to leave, he at least got her, and would not leave too much regret.

However, he is not willing to hurt her, not willing to let her sad tears, is such a contradiction and complexity. "Luo Jinyu, take a picture for me!" Yang ChuChu only enjoyed all the beautiful scenery around, but didn't pay attention to the complicated feelings in the eyes of the man behind her. She turned around, ran to him for a few steps, deliberately bumped into his arms, held him tightly, and was happy as a little child.

Luo Jinyu reached out and hugged her subconsciously. Later, he released his hand and took a mobile phone to take photos for her.

"Here, take a picture of the flowers in the back!" Yang ChuChu went back, smiling at his request.

Luo Jinyu holds up the mobile phone and looks at the beautiful young girl in the mobile phone. Everything about her is full of youth, including her lovely and sweet smile.

Across the screen, you can feel her flawless skin that can be broken by blowing bullets. Luo Jinyu sighed in the bottom of his heart. He was afraid that his life would not be like this, so strongly wanted to have a person for a lifetime.

After taking several pictures, Yang ChuChu immediately ran over and opened it to see: "it's not nice!"

Luo Jinyu's handsome face was stunned, and immediately said, "it's beautiful, I think it's beautiful!"

"I have a stiff smile!" In the eyes of men, I don't know how harsh women are to their photos. Even if there is a little imperfection, the whole picture is not good-looking.

Luo Jinyu really can't cry or laugh. When two people walked hand in hand, they didn't find that a woman passing by was looking at them curiously. Then, the woman walked forward quickly, picked up a coffee shop and sat down, took out her mobile phone, and took a big shot at the figure passing by the window.

In China, Yang ChuChu travels with masks and sunglasses, so it's very difficult to get a picture of her real face.

Luo Jinyu is even more difficult. He rarely has such a picture of a street trip. He can only see his appearance on a major business occasion. At this moment, two people have no trace of shelter, just like a pair of leisurely lovers, talking and laughing, holding hands or holding shoulders to go forward.