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"Enough!" Ji Xiao Han shouted in anger: "You're still spouting nonsense over things that haven't happened yet? Ji Yun Ning, you are becoming more and more like my uncle, trying to do things recklessly, what do you think I, Ji Xiao Han, am? Commodities that could be traded? If you ask her to return it, will I be yours? "

"Elder Brother Xiao Han, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn't have said those words. Please don't be angry, alright?" Ji Yun Ning was guilty, so after being scolded by Ji Xiao Han, she was so scared that she broke down her courage and started crying, begging pitifully for forgiveness.

"Ji Xiao Han, are you really going to be so heartless to me? You know I love you, I've always loved you, but for the past five years, you've forced me into a corner and avoided me. It's as if I've never been here in your life, but have you really forgotten? When you held me crying, holding my hand, telling me not to leave, do you have a little infatuation with me? Yes... You walk out of that dark cage and you leave me behind, do you know that? Your dependence on me has become a love, attached to my soul. I even want to forget that you couldn't do it. " Ji Yun Ning pressed his pierced heart, every word was filled with resentment and tears, recounting the torments she had suffered during these five years.

When Ji Xiao Han saw Tang You You, a look of anxiousness flashed across his handsome face. He walked over and grabbed her wrist.

Tang You You lowered his gaze, following the direction of his own arm, and looked at that warm big palm. From what Ji Yun Ning had just said, this hand should have also held her hand tightly.

Ji Yun Ning's face was pale white, her expression revealed the anger of someone who was tricked: "Didn't I just say it? I hope that you can give the man I love to me, Tang You You, just treat it as me begging you … "

"Shut up!" Ji Xiao Han's gaze ruthlessly pierced towards her.

Ji Yun Ning slightly raised her chin, looking like she was unwilling to admit defeat, because she loved him deeply, she was not afraid of Ji Xiao Han's gaze that wanted to devour him.

She just stared straight at Tang You You, as if waiting for her reply.

Tang You You's heart was in turmoil. At this moment, her mind was in a mess.

She never thought that such a farce would happen. She wanted to fight over Ji Xiao Han with a woman.

She had always thought that she was too proud to face this kind of situation, because she felt that she would turn around without a care in the world.

Throw a cool back to them and they can disappear from their lives without love or hate.

But at this moment, her feet were rooted to the ground, unable to move. A stubborn emotion was flowing within her heart.

She won't leave!

She wanted this man as well.

"It's useless for you to beg me, I can't possibly let my child lose his father. Besides, Ji Xiao Han will make his own choices, I simply won't have the right to make way for him." After Tang You You finished speaking, he lightly withdrew his hand from Ji Xiao Han's large palm and said indifferently: "I'll be leaving first!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her figure that was leaving in a hurry, and he knew that this woman was angry again.

Still, he was happy because she said that she wouldn't let her children lose their father. Did that prove that she was accepting him?

"What child?" Elder Brother Xiao Han, what child did she just say? Do you have children? " Tang You You's words ignited Ji Yun Ning's flames of unease and fear. She was currently at a loss and only wanted to know the answer.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the panic in her eyes and said coldly: "Ji Yun Ning, when will you learn to respect me? In any case, I'm still your elder brother, so stop dreaming about being my girlfriend. My child will not agree, and I … From now on, I can still treat you as my sister. I can even transfer more properties to your name to ensure that you will be able to eat and sleep well in the future.

He has children?

Her Elder Brother Xiao Han had a child with Tang You You?

Ji Yun Ning staggered, almost losing her balance.

"I can consider helping you with anything, on account of us being childhood friends!" Seeing her standing still like a sculpture, Ji Xiao Han still took her past into consideration. That was why he agreed to her words.

Ji Yun Ning's eyes were filled with despair, she turned and walked out.

She knew clearly that if Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You had a child, then she would not have any chance.

The harm Ji Xiao Han had once suffered would definitely make him cherish and cherish his children even more.

The only person Ji Yun Ning hated at the moment, was Tang You You.

What qualifications does this woman have to give birth to Ji Xiao Han's child?

Ji Yun Ning really couldn't understand why Ji Xiao Han would casually have children with a woman.

Could it be because of his physical needs that he stopped arguing?

Coincidentally, that woman was very shrewd and had secretly brought down the child's husband? And talk about children?

"Miss Ji …" Suddenly, a slender figure walked out from the pillar behind him.

It was Tang You You.

When they were upstairs, she hadn't said anything in front of Ji Xiao Han, but now, she felt that it was necessary for her to continue discussing with him.

Ji Yun Ning turned around and immediately hid all of her emotions. She still liked to slightly raise her chin, pretending that she did not want to lose.

"Are you proud of yourself? So, you still want to humiliate me? " Ji Yun Ning looked like he had suffered an injustice. In his eyes, it was hard to hide his jealousy, but he was complaining about Tang You You's crime.