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C1921 non breach of contract

Jimucheng felt that the woman in his arms was very tight, his chest was rolling fast, his heart and soul were shaking, he nearly lost his strength, and he was scared to hold her more firmly.

"Ah!" Xia Xinnian also felt that his arm was sinking, and the whole man was shaking with fear. Instinctively, he reached out his hand around his neck to prevent himself from falling.

"Ah!" The man lost his voice and smiled, and watched her take the initiative to hug him. He couldn't say how happy he was.

"You mean it?" Xia Xinnian stared at him angrily.

"No, it's because you're too absorbed. You don't have strength." The man attached himself and explained with a smile.

Xia Xinnian immediately said softly, "let me down. I don't want to wrestle."

"Even if I have to fall, I will lie under you and be your meat pad." The man is very generous to comfort her.

Xia Xinnian chuckles and finds that jimucheng is sometimes too bad to be annoying.

"You laugh?" The man is more happy, at this moment, two people have entered the bedroom.

The man will follow the trend to put her down gently, Xia Xinnian directly kicks the high-heeled shoes away gently, standing barefoot more stable.

Jimucheng looks at her with low eyes. She is still wearing a set of professional clothes, a regular and simple white shirt, neat buttons, neckline, and a black-and-white bow. It seems that she wants to lock her beautiful skin in it, so that no one can pry into it.

Jimucheng's Adam's apple rolled for a while. The more tightly it was wrapped, the more he wanted to break it.

Xia Xinnian didn't wear high-heeled shoes. Now his height has been reduced by a few centimeters. He can only look up at him more.

I don't know if it's alcohol that makes trouble in her body. At the moment, she feels that the thin lips in Jimu city are attractive.

"Mind, rest early." The man's fingers flicked on her red face.

Xia xinnianmeng's calming spirit saw that the man turned to go.

She was a little blindfolded, but just two seconds after the man turned around, he turned back and rushed to her.

Xia Xinnian felt dizzy because the man was kissing her lips.

Xia Xinnian's brain was blank for a few seconds, and his hands were raised in a panic, but he didn't know whether to push him away or seize him. At this moment, he felt confused and lost.

Jimucheng has long been longing for her pink lips. At this moment, she gets what she wants.

The lips were as delicate as flowers, still with the fragrance of wine, which made him only want to spoil her with all his strength.

Xia Xinnian has no experience. At this moment, she is like a drowning person or being roasted on a fire. At last, she finds that her body has become soft again and she has no strength to stand still.

At this moment, the man released his big hand on her cheek, his eyes were dark, as if burning two flames, to swallow her.

"Wait a minute. I promised you I'd get married again." Jimucheng tried his best to restrain himself. He rubbed lightly on her cheek twice, and the thin lips were gently printed on her forehead, which made him reluctant to turn around and left the space for her.

The door of the room was closed gently. Xia Xinnian's mind turned back suddenly. Mei Mou stared at the closed door. A heart, jumping around, almost jumped out of his chest.

She subconsciously reached out to press, but still accelerated the jump.

This feeling, no matter how stupid people also understand, is the heart.

Xia Xinnian put out his hand to cover his cheek with shame and embarrassment. Oh, my God, did she respond to him with such initiative just now?

Maybe, but at that moment, she lost consciousness.

The first thing jimucheng did when he entered the bedroom was to take off his coat and go to the bathroom to take a cold bath. Otherwise, tonight, I'm afraid I'm going to lose sleep.

Just a few seconds ago, he still struggled. Since she didn't resist, let's get closer to each other. However, if she doesn't resist, it doesn't mean that he can break his promise.

This night, seemingly calm, only two people separated by a wall, but sleepless until midnight to slowly go to sleep.

Early in the morning, in the hazy summer mind, I felt a pair of eyes looking at myself.

She immediately opened her eyes, and sure enough, saw jimucheng sitting on the sofa next to her, reading with some of her manuscripts.

Xia Xinnian takes a breath, instinctively takes a thin and covers himself.

"You said last night that you had no inspiration. How can you find your inspiration? Why don't I go around with you on holiday today? " Timothy smiled at her lazily.

"Where to go?" Xia Xinnian blinked.

"Take a walk nearby. Let's find a place with beautiful scenery for two days." Jimucheng looks at her tenderly and suggests.

"I'm not familiar with this city. I'll follow you wherever you lead." Xia Xinnian has been under a lot of pressure recently. She also wants to relax for two days. She can ask Liu Chengtian for a vacation. Anyway, her work is still very free, as long as she can hand in the manuscript on time.

"OK, change your clothes and go downstairs. After breakfast, we'll start." Jimucheng said, stood up, the suit straight he, looks full of spirit, spirited.

Xia Xinnian nodded, "OK, I'll be right down."

After breakfast, they took a car and drove towards the Avenue outside the villa under the protection of the front and rear bodyguards.

More than 200 kilometers away, there is a very famous villa, which has been developed in recent years. It is very suitable for vacation and leisure. Jimucheng used to go with her family before, so he thought it would be very good to take her to play for two days.

The car is driving on the highway. The scenery is very beautiful. Xia Xinnian's heart strings are tense for many days, and finally she is relaxed. She leans lazily on the position, wears a sunshade, and looks out of the window at the mountains and fields after autumn.

Jimucheng's eyes are more on her. She used to think that she was very charming in her professional dress. Now she just wears a loose long skirt and a grey jeans jacket, which is more youthful.

Calculated carefully, she is also very young. This kind of dress makes her young and beautiful.

Xia Xinnian takes out his mobile phone and takes a picture of the golden mountain outside the window. When he turns to look at the scenery on the other side, he finds that the man is smiling at her.

She didn't have time to stop, so she pressed the key and fixed the handsome facial features of the man in her mobile phone.

"Take you out to see the scenery. You really only look at the scenery. I will be angry if you take me as the air." Jimucheng immediately wants to play a trick on her. It's really interesting to see her angry.

Xia Xinnian has a hot face and feels that this man is playing coquettish?

Wait, why can a big man act like a son?

"I don't want you if you are so angry." Xia Xinnian answers in his tone.