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The man's deep voice fell on the side of his ear, which was inexplicably burning. Xia Xinnian could not help bending his mouth. Yes, she has dealt with all her troubles. Next, she should put the time on her important person.

"Well." She nodded and agreed.

Jimucheng is very excited. He likes to see her blush, she is coquettish and gorgeous, which reminds people of the blooming spring scenery of hundreds of flowers. That one of the most beautiful peach flowers is itchy to pick.

"Tonight, go back to my parents for dinner. My parents are very concerned about your business." Jimucheng whispered again.

"Well, it's just the right time. I want to Miss Yu Chen, too." Of course, Xia Xinnian is happy. To be honest, she really appreciates the elders of Ji's family to take care of her children, which finally gives her a little time of her own.


Xia Yuchen is playing a guessing game with his little aunt. The little guy thinks he is very smart, but he is still the enemy of Gu Lingjing's little aunt. After losing several times in a row, he goes upstairs on his short legs and pedals.

"Hey, little guy, don't run if you lose, keep playing." Ji Siyi shouted at the entrance of the stairs.

Xia Yuchen didn't escape when he went upstairs. He went to move the soldiers.

Ji Xilin is sitting in his study and reading his writing paper. Suddenly, he hears the footsteps coming to this side. He puts down his pen and looks at the small figure at the door without any words.

"Bullied by her again?" Ji Xilin has already guessed what happened. In this family, Ji Siyi is invincible. Although Xia Yuchen is the smallest in the family, Ji Siyi has the upper hand in terms of his ability of playing tricks.

"My little aunt bullied me and always let me lose. Uncle, you must help me. Grandpa said that you are better at reading than her. Hurry up and help me." The little guy said good words and dragged Jixi Lin's arm.

Jixilin smiled helplessly: "you are really a good boy. If you lose, or she won't let you, you can cry. As long as you cry, I promise my grandparents will be on your side."

"No, my mommy said. A man can't cry. I don't want to cry." Small feather Chen hands are inserted on waist, one face is upright of say.

"Oh, your mommy has taught you well. Yes, the men of our season family can never cry." Jixilin is quite appreciative of this little nephew. He feels like a child with ambition.

"My uncle is fine, too." Small feather Chen sweet say.

"Well, for your sake, I'll go downstairs and fix Ji Siyi." Jixilin said, and went downstairs with her nephew's little hand in her proud face.

Ji Siyi is boring to gather the guessing paper on the table back into the box. The little guy is not interesting enough. It's him who wants to play the game, and it's him who loses the runner.

"Ji Siyi, what is your ability to bully children? If you have the ability, you can choose from me." As soon as Jixi came down, he spoke with arrogance.

Ji Siyi's face was still drooping just now. In the moment when she saw her second brother, her eyes were bright and she turned around to run.

"Come back, don't go!" Jixilin knows this sister so well that she never fights uncertain battles, so she is good at escaping in battle.

Ji Siyi's breath tooted his mouth: "who is going? I just I've been sitting for too long. I'll get up and do some exercises. Ji Xilin... "

"Second brother!" Jixilin corrected her address immediately.

"Well, second brother, are you going to teach me a lesson for the little guy? You have to be careful. If I cheat, you can't help me. " Ji Siyi raised Yang's small and lovely chin, with a nice expression on her face.

"So I don't like to play with you. What else can you do besides playing tricks?" Jixilin looks disgusted.

"I'll eat, drink and have fun, Yu Chen. Come here and let my little aunt have a bite." Ji Siyi doesn't get angry with his little nephew. Instead, she thinks he's smart and knows to find Ji Xilin.

"Is the little aunt going to beat me?" The little guy hurriedly hid behind Ji Xilin in fright. His hands tightly grasped his trouser legs, showing his little face. His big black eyes blinked at Ji Siyi, and he became nervous.

"Hahaha, your expression reminds me of the pitiful little rabbit. God, it's so cute. If I don't beat you, I want to kiss you. Come here." Ji Siyi laughs. Even though the little nephew is beautiful, his lovely expression is so rich.

Xiaoyuchen thought for a moment, and was struggling. Suddenly, he saw jixiaohan coming from the gate. As soon as his eyes were bright, he ran to jixiaohan: "Grandpa, you are back."

Ji Xiaohan stooped to pick him up, reached out his hand and touched him gently on his little face: "Yuchen, your father called just now, and I want to come to dinner with your mother at night."

"Really? Mommy finally thinks of me Xiaoyuchen's eyes were happy.

Ji Xilin's two brothers and sisters were amused nearby. Does this little guy want to talk so funny.

Ji Xiaohan can't cry or laugh: "your mommy is busy at work, don't be angry."

"I'm not angry. I know she's busy." The little guy has a sensible look on his face.

Ji Xiaohan is even more distressed. Ji Xilin and his two brothers and sisters exchange a look and are about to turn around and walk upstairs. Ji Xiaohan immediately asks them, "have you finished your study today?"

"How old are we? Of course, we will consciously do our own things well." Jixilin's face is full of expression.

Ji Siyi gave him a big, angry look and forced out a smile: "I'm going upstairs to read now."

Tang youyou has a table full of dinner. When Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian come here, they are just in time for dinner. The family is sitting around a table. The atmosphere is very harmonious.

"Mom, Xinnian and I have decided to go to see the wedding dress tomorrow. If we have time, we may go abroad to take a set of wedding photos. I have chosen the location. Tingyan said before that there was a place with beautiful scenery. We will go there. I can also see Tingyan's life there." Jimucheng is at the dinner table, discussing marriage matters with his family.

"Make your own decision, as long as you are happy." Tang youyou doesn't interfere with their decision, nor does Ji Xiaohan. He is very clear about the young people's ideas, and understands that young people's love needs space.

"Then when we choose the wedding dress, we will go to take photos. Will Yuchen take it with us?" Looking at his son, jimucheng is thinking about it.

"Daddy, go on a date with mommy. I'll follow my grandparents." Little guy is also a person who loves Mommy very much. He lives happily in Jijia, so he hopes daddy and Mommy can have a good life in the world of two.

Xia Xinnian was shocked, and then she was a little shy. Her son was so considerate, which was her luck.