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C1158. It's hard

LAN Yanxi was shocked. He didn't expect that the man was so quick.

"I'll do it myself!" The man opened his eyes for a moment, saw her clearly, said in a hoarse voice, took the towel in her hand, wiped two by himself, and then threw it on the table beside her, and said to her, "go back to rest, don't worry about me!" "

but you look like this, which makes people uneasy!" Lanyanxi doesn't want to worry about him, but in case something happens, she should be responsible. "

what can I do for you?" Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself. Blue

Yan xijue's words are also reasonable. If he is a big man and drinks a little wine, then something happens, it's not proper. "

let me get someone to clean the floor for you. If you accidentally step on it, it will slip." LAN Yanxi said that he was leaving. "

could you please handle it?" Ling Mo Feng asked suddenly. Blue

Yan xileng: "I seldom do housework, I'm afraid I can't handle it well!" "

it's so late. I don't want to disturb others. Go get the tools." Ling Mo Feng's voice is full of persistence.

LAN Yanxi found that this man seems cold and light, but strong up, but also people are surprised.

"All right!" Lanyanxi didn't want to put on the airs of the eldest lady either. After going out, she went directly to the housekeeper here and took the tools to clean up. "

did the housekeeper ask you why?" Ling Mo Feng asked wearily. "

Yes, I said I got water in the bathroom!" LAN Yanxi is not stupid either. Since Ling doesn't want outsiders to know about his drinking and vomiting, she will keep it secret for him.

"You are clever!" The man chuckled and praised.

LAN Yanxi took a look at him and dragged the floor silently. However, she acted clumsily and dragged it for a long time. When she turned around, she found that the man behind her had fallen asleep. Blue

Yan Xi supported his chin on the towbar, opened his eyes and looked at the man. Although she has been watching him for a long time on TV, she has seen the way he talks and frowns, but now, he is sleeping quietly with his eyes closed, but it is the first time.

I don't know if it's his professional relationship. He also twists his eyebrows when he sleeps, as if there's a knot in his heart. However, he looks so pretty when he twists his eyebrows?

The light on LAN Yan's head was dim and she couldn't see him clearly. She couldn't help stepping forward, bending over, drawing closer and looking at him. "

lashes are so long and thick!" Lanyanxi found a point, and she couldn't help being jealous. A man's eyelashes are longer than hers. She is really kind-hearted. Blue

Yan Xi just looked at each other, but did not find that there was a bucket beside her. When she inadvertently backed away, her foot suddenly tripped on the handle of the bucket. She was shocked. The next second, she held the mop and fell on the man. "

ah..." Lanyanxi let out a scream. The next second, she found out that something more tragic happened.

Just like the eight o'clock dog blood drama, her lips are even printed on the thin and firm lips of men.

The man is awakened by her great movement. As soon as he opens his eyes, he has a pair of big black eyes close to him. Next, he felt the lips clinging to something soft and moist.

"Lan Yanxi, what are you doing?" The body is pushed away by the man, and lanyanxi is scared to step back. Then, he hears the man's voice. "

I I didn't mean to. I just stumbled over the bucket. I I'm a step ahead! " Lanyanxi was so scared at the moment that he just wanted to disappear. What happened just now was too embarrassing.

Looking at the back of the woman running away, Ling Mo Feng's tight brow didn't loosen. He subconsciously touched his lips with his fingers. His hair didn't feel as soft and tender as before. Did that woman's lips really feel so moist?

LAN Yanxi's heart attack was so terrible that she clapped her chest and tried to calm herself down. Can be

Yes, the heart is still pounding, fast-paced like a drum. "

How can this happen? I knew I shouldn't have looked at him. Now, I'm sure he will feel like a flower crazy woman. He said he didn't want to marry him, and at the same time he took the initiative to kiss him! " LAN Yanxi is so regretful that he really wants to erase everything that happened just now. No,

once, Ling Mo Feng was drunk. He woke up after a sleep, maybe he would forget this matter.

She can only comfort herself like this now.

It's been a while since the difficulty of Luo Jinyu company. He needs to put more energy into the management of the company, so as not to make the same mistake again and be caught talking.

Although Luo Mu didn't really agree with Yang ChuChu face to face, at least she would not interfere with them any more. The two had been secretly communicating for many days, but it was a little shocking that Yang ChuChu would not stay for the night and would go back every afternoon.

Fang Kexin once secretly drove with Luo Jinyu and found that he was actually looking for Yang ChuChu. She quickly took photos of those pictures with her mobile phone and thought that with these photos as evidence, she could go to Luo's mother and take a good look at her book. Fang

Kexin is crazy recently. She feels that Luo Jinyu won't look at her directly, which makes her uneasy. One

thought that she was more and more far away from him, her heart became more and more restless. Now, she just wanted to break up Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu. She didn't want Yang ChuChu to get the man she couldn't get.

Fang Kexin calls Luo Mu to have dinner. Luo Mu is very happy. That night, the two meet in the restaurant. "

aunt, please use tea!" Fang Kexin is dressed in elegant and elegant clothes, and wants to win Tang Qi's favor.

"Miss Fang is becoming more and more virtuous. Your family has educated you very well." Tang Qi said with a smile.

Fang Kexin bowed his head and smiled, but his face was full of sadness: "Auntie, I may not be able to finish the task you told me. Luo is always not cold to me, as if he has been avoiding me. Auntie, it must be that he and Yang ChuChu are still dating. I occasionally met them the other day. This is a picture I took. Auntie, do you have any way to make this Yang ChuChu Didi leave him Tang

the hand holding the tea cup of chess gave a slight meal, and a pair of smart eyes flashed. It seems that Fang Kexin invited her to dinner for this purpose.

"Miss Fang is intelligent and generous. She is knowledgeable and reasonable. How can she not be liked? Aunt likes you very much, but when my son is old, he has his own ideas. I want to interfere, but I'm afraid I can't Tang Qi thought that her eldest son's previous decadence led to the company's problems. Now she decided to ignore his and Yang ChuChu's affairs, and naturally she couldn't give Fang Kexin a guarantee.