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Ji Lin leaves the table in advance under the pretext of going home to take care of the old man. Ji Shangqing sits alone, drinks all the wine in the cup, squints at Tang youyou's charming figure, and feels reluctant. If they fail to destroy today's engagement banquet, then they will get married naturally.

At that time, when he saw Tang Youyou, he really wanted to call her sister-in-law.

No, he didn't want to call her that, 10000. Season

Yueze suddenly took a glass of wine and sat beside him. His cold eyes swept him: "what are you staring at my sister-in-law?" Season has a tremor in his heart. Did he lose his temper? Even Ji Yueze can see through his mind on the spot. "

she is beautiful today!" Ji Shangqing's bold and direct appreciation. Season

Yueze sneered and said, "yes, but it doesn't matter to you. Your eyes are more regular!" Season

Shang Qinggou lips light smile: "your tone of voice listen, pour more than my eyes are not regular."

Ji Yueze's face darkened suddenly and squeezed the edge of the cup tightly. Season

Shang Qing smiles proudly: "your hobbies are not the same as your brother's, are they?" The more he looks, the more stiff he will be. If he was not in this situation today, he would have smashed it.

But he is not as impulsive as he was when he was young. He knows Ji Shangqing is irritating him.

It's not easy to calm the suspicion just now. If he plays Ji Shangqing here, I'm afraid that it will make the scene chaotic again and make today's engagement feast a joke. So Ji Yueze ignored Ji Shangqing's anger directly. He said coldly, "yes, I've always been the same as his hobby. I want to beat you!" After Ji

Yueze finished, he went straight to his feet and left. Ji Shangqing's plan didn't start. He was frustrated. At last, he had to leave without interest. He didn't want to see Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou happy again.

Today's banquet, at more than three o'clock, the guests are all gone. Although there is a small episode in the middle, it does not affect today's festive and warm atmosphere. Don

youyou took two children and left first. She sat in the car with two babies in her arms. Xiao Nai was naive and simple. She sat at the banquet for most of the day. Now she was a little sleepy. Leaning by mommy's side, I closed my big eyes and fell asleep in the shaking of the car.

Tang youyou holds her daughter tightly in her arms, making her find a suitable position to sleep more fragrant. Ji Xiaorui couldn't sleep. He was thinking about what happened at the party.

Before, mom and dad almost broke up. He didn't know why. Today, he finally knows. He was a husband and wife before his grandfather and grandmother came to him. Although he was young and didn't understand the complexity of the adult world, he also knew that the relationship was too chaotic. No wonder grandma didn't want to force him to separate mom and dad. Fortunately, everything has been settled now, but will grandpa and grandma be unhappy when they are divorced?

Tang youyou also showed some silence, beautiful face has several parts of burnout. What happened in the banquet hall just now has left her with a lingering fear. In fact, she also knows that this may be a plan of Ji Lin, whose purpose is to make Ji Xiaohan lose face. The mind is so vicious that it can't let go of any chance to fight against the season owl cold. His family was an eternal enemy in the past, but this life has become a relative. The only pain is the two old people who love them.

Tang youyou thinks of Ji Xiaohan's situation at the moment, and really loves him.

After being stimulated this time, Ji finally recovered from the doctor's rescue. However,

Yes, he is still very angry. Unexpectedly, someone played this insidious means. He must ask his grandson to investigate this year's affairs, and don't let go of a vicious villain.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Ji Xiaohan returned home and went upstairs to say hello to the old man at the first time. The old man asked him to find out the maker of this matter, and he could not spare.

Ji Xiaohan has agreed. He must check it carefully. But

Yes, he knows that there is no investigation at all. This is what Ji Lin and his son did together. Xiao Han is really in a dilemma. He knows who the murderer is, but he still has to ignore it.

With a heavy heart, Tang youyou goes back to his bedroom and falls asleep in bed.

Last night, she was so excited that she went to bed at more than five in the morning. She woke up after three hours of sleep. Just now, at the party, she accompanied him to toast and walk on the road. Her heart was frightened again. No wonder she was so tired at the moment. Xiao Han saw that she didn't even take off her dress, so she lay on her side on the bed, a long black head spread on the white pillow, and her face was full of makeup. Season

owl cold light sitting at the bedside, eyes gentle as water staring at the sleeping sweet little woman.

What happened today, she was obviously frightened, and the helplessness in her eyes made him very sad.

Fortunately, my mother came out and admitted her divorce from Javier, which made us not hold on tightly.

"I'm sorry to shock you!" Ji Xiaohan murmurs that he knows she can't hear, but he still wants to apologize to her.

He once promised her that he would not let her suffer any more grievances and injuries, but there are too many unknown things, which are unpredictable. It's too late for him to stop her from listening and watching when there is no defense. Don

the long, thick lashes trembled a little, like the wings of a butterfly, and opened them gently. She saw the tall figure sitting beside her and immediately sat up happily: "you are back?" "

well, tired of you?" Season owl cold thin lips arouse gentle smile. "

well, I didn't sleep well last night!" Tang youyou softly explained.

The season owl cold looks at her to support half body, the long hair pours out in her chest, a thick make-up light of beautiful small face, the mood inexplicable palpitation.

The fingers gently swam around her beautiful lips. Next, they attached themselves to her and swallowed all the words she wanted to say into her thin lips. Don

gently closed his eyes, gently and obediently let him kiss himself.

The uneasiness in the bottom of her heart seemed to be dispelled by the hot lips woven by him. She felt that the tenderness he gave was not enough, not much. She stretched out her small hand, hooked him on the neck and sent herself on.

Ji Xiaohan just wanted to give her a comforting kiss, but didn't expect this little woman to be passionate. He chuckled softly. As long as she asked, he would answer. What's more,

What's more, it's still something that makes him feel happy. This kind of good thing is not often seen. Of course, he knows how to cherish it.

Tang youyou doesn't know where he came from. Maybe it's because of drinking. Just feel like he wants more.