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Tang You You looked at him with disdain. "Do you think I'm a three year old kid or something?

Tang Xiao Nai clenched her two small fists and looked at Mu Shi Ye unhappily: "Uncle Ye is such a big person, yet you are still lying to deceive people."

Mu Shi Ye saw that she was scolding Ji Xiao Han and even scolding him, so he immediately felt wronged and innocently retorted: "I am different from him, at any rate, I was in love with Pei An Xin before, how did you and Ji Xiao Han get a child, I still haven't questioned you guys."

"Mummy, how about … Just recognize Uncle Ye as your big brother, that way, he will be able to righteously protect you in the future? " Tang Xiao Rui would think for the Mummy the most, at this time and at such a good opportunity, he would definitely seize it.

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes, then used her finger to point at his small head and said: "In that case, we won't call you Uncle Ye, we'll call you uncle! I'm so happy, Xiao Nai already has an uncle. "

Mu Shi Ye, "..."

To say the wrong things in a responsible manner?

Tang You You saw that the two little fellows had hurt Mu Shi Ye to the point that his handsome face flushed red, and immediately berated him in all seriousness: "Alright, it's not like it's normal to call him big brother now, so you guys should just call him Uncle Ye."

Mu Shi Ye laughed dryly: "I have a big sister. If you don't mind, I will treat you as my little sister from now on. Since I was young, I have always had a little sister in mind!"

"Uncle Ye, you won't blush even if you're lying. I don't want a sister, it's stupid and noisy, I still want a sister." Tang Xiao Rui crossed his arms in front of his chest, easily exposing the flaw in Mu Shi Ye's words.

Mu Shi Ye, "..."

Where did this little guy get his IQ from? Why did she have to talk to him, go around, and end up in the wrong?

"Little Rui, I'm not lying. I'm just talking to myself." Mu Shi Ye could only seriously chat with the little fellow.

Tang Xiao Rui then smiled slightly: "Alright, from now on, I will call you uncle. You have to protect my Mummy, you don't allow bad people to bully her."

"The bad person you're talking about, it can't be your dad's place again, right?!" Mu Shi Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Tang Xiao Rui pointed with his little finger at the little girl in his arms who was eating her food, "If you are willing to protect my Mummy, I will protect this little thing from now on."

Mu Shi Ye lowered his head and looked at his daughter who did not understand anything.

"It looks like my daughter really likes you! Carry her. " Mu Shi Ye immediately brought his daughter in front of Tang Xiao Rui.

Tang Xiao Rui was so shocked that he jumped three feet away, "I don't want to hug you, I never carry idiotic Xiao Nai."

Mu Shi Ye could only pull his daughter back into his arms with boredom. "You said you wanted to protect Cheng Cheng, are you regretting it now?"

"Nope. When she goes to kindergarten, I'll cover for her." Tang Xiao Rui said full of vigor.

Tang Xiao Nai stood at the side and pouted with her little mouth: "Big Brother, be careful of bragging, or your tongue will be blown out of your head by the strong wind."

Seeing that his sister had started to tear off the stage, Tang Xiao Rui could only snort coldly and then walked upstairs: "I'm going to play with my toys, I don't want to chat with you guys."

Tang You You looked at his son who looked like a little adult and could not help but shake his head and laugh.

"Child, don't take it seriously. If there's anything else your daughter doesn't understand, you can ask me." Tang You You laughed and then walked upstairs.

Mu Shi Ye gratefully looked at her back: "Then I'll thank you, Sister Tang …"

Tang You You felt a chill down his spine, and immediately turned back to look at him. "Please, you yelled out my goosebumps!"

Mu Shi Ye immediately laughed out loud. "Isn't the name Xiao Han exclusive to you? I'm afraid he'll beat me up when I call for you later. "

"What does it have to do with him? Just call him by his name. This has always been my name." Hearing him mention Ji Xiao Han, Tang You You's face inexplicably flushed red.

However, that man was sometimes unreasonable and tyrannical. Who knew, he might really do something so childish.

Just that, when he thought that he was being tyrannical to himself, Tang You You's heart started beating extremely quickly, as though there were feathers brushing across her heart, it felt itchy and numb, causing him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ji Xiao Han dealt with the matters of the company as quickly as possible, he looked at the time, and it was half past five!

He, who had never left work in advance, had decided to break his old rules today.

After handing over the rest of the work to Lu Qing, Ji Xiao Han stepped forward with his long and strong legs and headed towards the elevator.

Thinking about the call from the woman today, his lips curled up inexplicably.

Although he made the wrong call, he didn't mind at all.

To think that the dignified CEO of the Ji's would be complacent for an entire afternoon just for a small matter that could be ignored.

When did his sense of satisfaction become so casual?

The elevator rapidly descended.

This beautiful building that occupied the center of the city, its magnificent appearance was like a dazzling halo. It completely surrounded the man, causing him to attract the gazes of almost all the females as he passed through the hall.

Beautiful, extraordinary, extraordinary!

To be able to obtain such a perfect man, the woman he openly admitted must be so happy that she was about to faint.