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The little guy looked here for a while and ran there. Soon, he was tired.

Jimucheng raised his wrist, looked at the time, whispered: "son, it's almost nine o'clock, let's go back!"

"Yes, Daddy!"

I'm tired of running too. I've seen enough. I'm satisfied to run to daddy's face and ask for hugs.

Jimucheng gently held his son to his arms and let him sit on his strong arm. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They had a good understanding.

Xia Xinnian inadvertently sees this scene, and his mind is confused and stuffy.

On the way back, Xia Yuchen nodded his head. Soon, he found a comfortable position in daddy's arms and fell asleep.

"Let me hold it!"

Xia Xinnian suddenly spoke out.


The man refused directly.

Xia Xinnian had to stop talking.

"You seem to be very strict with your son. He is so young, can't he relax a little bit?"

Ji Mucheng's handsome face said gloomily that after his son fell asleep, he didn't have to pretend to be gentle.

"This is my way of education. No matter how young a child is, there are still some things to know and some reasons to understand."

Xia Xinnian is stunned, and then shows his attitude.

"When a child is young, he should have his own way of thinking. You can't interfere with him forcibly!"

Jimucheng still doesn't agree with her education idea.

"Maybe our way of thinking is different, so you have an opinion on my way of education, but I declare in advance that you should not spoil my son, otherwise, I will not forgive you."

Xia Xinnian finds that jimucheng really dotes on her son. He can afford anything he wants. Her previous education has been wasted.

"I'll have a measure!"

When the man was lectured by her, his face became more ugly.

"I hope so!"

Xia Xinnian still doesn't believe him.

The man snorted coldly to protest, but the protest was invalid.

At night, Xia shuran is lying in bed, taking out her mobile phone and looking at her photos of today's show of love with he Jiaxuan.

In the picture, the tall and handsome figure of the man holds her gently in his arms. This feeling is really wonderful.

Xia shuran has changed a set of fashionable pajamas, which are mysterious black. She can see her perfect figure at a glance. She believes that he Jiaxuan will be deeply attached to her when she sees her.

Downstairs came the sound of the car stalling. She got up from the bed excitedly and ran to the window to see the figure of the man coming out of the car and into the living room.

Xia shuran hurriedly ran to dim the bright lights. The romantic atmosphere from the camp made her feel that tonight would be a sleepless night.

The sound of men's footsteps came from the outside of the door, and they were looking forward to it.

The door is suddenly pushed open, and her soft and boneless body pours at her. Wenxiang's charming hatred says: "Jiaxuan, how can I come back? People have been waiting for you all night..." "Xia shuran, what's the matter with today's photos?"

Just posted the past charming figure, the moment was mercilessly pushed away by men, accompanied by men angry questions.

Xia shuran was pushed away, looking at he Jiaxuan, who was full of anger, stunned and asked, "what's wrong, husband?

What kind of fire do you take advantage of me? "

He Jiaxuan snorted angrily, took out the mobile phone, and then opened the photo for her to see: "you explain to me, what are you doing?

Why do we have a meal and it will be uploaded to the Internet? Did you find someone to do it? "

Xia shuran finally knows why he is angry, but where is it worth his anger?

What romantic feelings are destroyed and cleaned up, Xia shuran immediately tore off his gentle coat and angrily resisted: "yes, it's the picture I found someone to send, but where is it worth your anger towards me?

Let people know that our love is not good?

Anyway, I just want to hair. I want those shameless foxes outside to know that you, he Jiaxuan, are my husband. "

"Do you know how disgraceful I am?

Have you thought about how I feel? "

He Jiaxuan took off his suit jacket and threw it hard on the ground, full of annoyance.

Xia shuran was startled by his action, and her eyes widened beyond belief.

"Jiaxuan, where did I lose your face?

I just send a picture of our love. Do you need this? "

Xia shuran's eyes were red at the moment.

Of course, he Jiaxuan is angry. Xia Xinnian must have seen this picture. How would she feel?

Seeing her tears falling like rain, he Jiaxuan felt sad and wronged. He Jiaxuan woke up a little. Just now he was so angry, just because he was worried that this event would hinder him from pursuing Xia Xinnian.

"Well, I'm in such a big mood that you can stop crying, but you have to promise me that there is no next time!"

He Jiaxuan walked over and comforted her by holding her shoulders.

"Jiaxuan, you have changed. You don't love me, do you?

You've never been so angry with me before. Are you tired of me? "

Xia shuran cried more fiercely in an instant, with a sad face.

He Jiaxuan bit the root of his teeth and continued to comfort with patience: "of course not, how can I not love you?

I just You know that I am always low-key and don't like being talked about personally. When you do this kind of thing in the future, consider my position. Today, let the whole company talk about me. I really don't think it's very interesting. "

"For this reason?"

After listening to his explanation, Xia shuran was in a better mood.

"Of course, you know me. I've been very low-key. Don't do that in the future, OK?"

He Jiaxuan lowered his head and kissed her hair.

"Jiaxuan, I want it!"

Xia shuran really hasn't been loved by him for a long time. At this moment, seeing that he kisses his hair initiatively, he immediately reaches out his hand and hugs his neck, murmuring.

"I'll take a bath first!"

He Jiaxuan is not in the mood to do such a thing with her at the moment, but she still needs to be dealt with.

"OK, I'll wait for you!"

Xia shuran immediately removes Jiao's to rub on his face for a while, just lets go.

He Jiaxuan went in to take a bath and came out. He saw Xia shuran put an inviting pose on the bed. It was really bold and unconstrained. If it was another man, he would rush to ask for it like a wolf who had been hungry for eight hundred years.

However, he Jiaxuan was tired of her body and lost interest. No matter how beautiful and enthusiastic the woman was, he could not arouse his desire in his body.

"Honey, come on!"

When Xia shuran saw him coming out, he immediately called out in a soft voice.