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When she came, she felt a long time. Every minute was like suffering. At this moment, Ling warm felt a short time. In the narrow car, in the eyes of no one else, she could snuggle up in his arms peacefully. She hoped that the road would be longer and let this warm time be a little more.

Mu Weicheng's heart beat very fast. His eyes were fixed on the front, helping Batai to watch the road together. The girl in his arms didn't know if she was asleep, so she was very quiet.

After driving for a long time, he realized that all this was true, even the temperature of the girl in his arms had become so real.

Mu Weicheng looks down at Ling wennuan. She must be sleepy. She closes her eyes and sticks them to his chest. Her breath is light.

The light on the car is very dark. It can only rely on the dim light of the starry sky outside the window. However, Mu Weicheng's eyes are sharp. Even a little dim light can make her see clearly, and she can see that the corners of her mouth are slightly raised, like laughing.

The man also couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth.

The weather in the mountain is strange. Suddenly, there is a strong wind. The wind blows the trees on the side of the road and swings around. In the distance, there is a cry like a monster. It is the wind that comes from the mountain. In this dark night, it is very ugly.

LAN Yanxi shivered, woke up immediately, looked out of the window and asked, "what's the matter?"

Mu Weicheng reached for her hand and gently pacified her back: "it's OK, it's going to rain."

LAN Yanxi listened attentively for a while. As expected, there was thunder in the distance, and the sand was stronger all around.

She can only once again hide into the arms of men, two hands covered the ears.

"Afraid?" When Mu Weicheng saw her panic, he asked her with a chuckle.

"I'm afraid of thunder. I can't even hide because I'm in such a place." Lanyanxi was born in awe of life and death, so she would be frightened by such natural and man-made disasters.

"Don't be afraid. There is a sentinel in front of you. If it's going to rain heavily, we can hide there for a while."

Ling warm listened to his words, immediately Leng Leng Leng: "are you familiar with this area?"

"Mu Wei Cheng nodded:" of course, these years are not for nothing. Our steps almost cover every mountain here

"That's too hard." Ling wennuan felt hurt all of a sudden. Her little hand could not help but hold his finger and convey her concern for him.

Mu Weicheng is stunned for a while, and his mood is surging. He is touched and entangled in his heart.

It's a wonderful thing that someone cares about themselves.

"This is our duty. It doesn't matter whether it's hard or not. Some things will be done by someone." Mu Weicheng deliberately makes his tone relaxed.

"But I still think your work is great." Ling said firmly.

Mu Weicheng reached out his hand and teased her pretty face: "have you ever doubted why I chose this job?"

Ling warm brain originally some blank, listened to his words, her eyes son surprised big three points: "what do you mean this?"

Mu Weicheng suddenly felt embarrassed. Her fingers only rubbed gently on the palm of her hand, but she didn't answer.

"Answer me!" Ling warm low voice, but the command of the opening.

Mu Wei Cheng chuckled: "now don't say, you will know later."

"Well, you'll tell me sooner or later." Ling wennuan can't be fooled. Since he said it, she had to figure it out to be reconciled.

Mu Weicheng is helpless.

A white line broke out in the sky. The thunder was near. All the cars were awakened. Everyone looked out of the window in panic. There were dark clouds and lightning. Everyone was very upset.

Mu Weicheng took the walkie talkie and gave instructions to the two cars in front of him to take a rest, so all the cars changed their ways and headed for the outpost not far away.

The outpost is not small. There are four or five bungalows. At each time period, someone is on guard. When they see the car logo, the other party immediately releases it.

When the car stopped, Xia ninglan jumped out of the car in a hurry. Her eyes were fixed on the last car.

Ling Nuan was originally in the arms of Mu Weicheng, but now she sat up straight.

When the door opened, Ling wennuan got out of the car in a good spirit. He was about to take his backpack. Mu Weicheng had reached out to take it for her. When he mentioned it, he found that her backpack was very heavy.

"What's in it?" Mu Wei Cheng frowned and asked her in a low voice.

"Computers, and some Valuables. " Ling said with a smile.

Mu Weicheng secretly loves her again. How can such a thin body carry such heavy things here.

Xia ninglan looks at Ling Nuan's smile on Mu Weicheng's face. She is so angry that her stomach hurts. She goes straight to Mu Weicheng and says with a smile, "Mr. mu, thank you for coming to pick us up. When you come, I'll be relieved."

"You are here to do charity work. Of course, we fully support you. It is a good thing that you bring your hope to such a remote mountain area to benefit more children."

"Really? What can I do for you later? " Xianinglan was immediately happy, and the distance between herself and Mu Weicheng was much closer.

Mu Wei Cheng nodded: "of course, if you need help, just look for our base. If you need help, we are bound to do it."

Xia ninglan is in a good mood, but she seems to have heard a wrong sentence. Mu Weicheng said that she had to find the base, but she didn't say that she could find him directly.

At this moment, just in time for dinner, the outpost immediately began to cook dinner for this group of dusty visitors to enjoy.

Ling wennuan stood in front of the window, looking at the sudden rain outside, her mood has calmed down.

No matter how big the wind and rain outside the window, she has come to his side. As long as the sight can see him, how can she be afraid of the wind and rain?

Mu Weicheng is chatting with the person in charge of the outpost in a room next door. The staff of the charity and some volunteer students are not idle. They are checking the material situation of this time, only Ling Nuan and Xia ninglan are idle.

Xia ninglan has a complaint in her eyes. She feels that Ling Nuan is really looking for an opportunity. On the way, she sits with Mu Weicheng. I'm afraid it's been enough for her to be happy for a year.

"Ling wennuan, I know why you are here, but I still remind you that you are in the wrong place." Xia ninglan takes the opportunity to walk to Ling Nuan's side, pressing her voice and saying.

Ling wennuan knows that xianinglan will try her best to exclude herself. She is not surprised to hear Ling wennuan's reminder. She just said a light sentence, but there is no following.

Xia ninglan regards Ling wennuan's indifference as ridicule, and she is even more angry: "do you think you can get his sincerity if you come here? You're naive. "

"You are also very naive. At school, I don't see what is special about you. You dare to come. Why can't I come? At least, the Mu instructor helped me out several times at school." Ling warms his mouth for a moment, and finally he is no longer silent.

Xia ninglan ha ha two voices: "teacher Mu saved me once, who said he was not special enough for me."

"What time?" Ling warm a pair of eyes instantly open.

"Why should I tell you." Xia ninglan's expression of disapproval: "now we are in fair competition, but I have to remind you that there are many women who like to admire instructors. Are you sure you can beat them?"

"Mu Weicheng is a person, he is not a thing. Besides, it's meaningless for us to talk about this. Finally, it depends on his choice. Xia ninglan, let me ask you a question. If Mu Weicheng has a woman he likes, will you leave? Or will they be haunted and beaten? " Ling wennuan can finally find a chance to ask.

Xia ninglan's face suddenly turned white, and she glared at Ling wennuan angrily: "you want to tell me that the woman he likes is you. It's shameless."

Ling wennuan didn't even say this, and Xia ninglan guessed that she was speechless.

"Why can't it be me? I'll tell you one thing. My family and the mujiao official family have known each other for a long time. We've had contacts for a long time. " Ling warm said.

"Is it? Do you know what my relationship with Mr. Mu is? Her aunt is my cousin's wife, and I've seen him since I was a child. " Shanninglan also revealed a true image.

Ling warm expression a stiff.