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Ling Mo Feng leaned against the wall, calmed down his breath for a while, and Junlian recovered his calmness and preciseness again. Blue

when Yanxi ran back to her post, she saw that Yang he didn't know when he was coming out. When she saw lanyanxi running over, she couldn't help asking, "where have you been? Don't you know not to run around at work? " "

I I can't hold it! I won't leave next time! " LAN Yanxi immediately replied with a bitter face.

At this time, Ling Mo Feng also turned out from the corridor. Yang He's eyes were immediately attracted by the male charm emanated by the man. Where can I hear LAN Yanxi's explanation.

Ling Mo Feng also came back from the direction of the restroom. Yang he glanced at LAN Yanxi's face and raised doubts in his heart.

"Vice president!" Yang he immediately said hello to Ling Mo Feng when he passed.

"Well!" Ling Mo Feng answered lightly and pushed the door in. Blue

Yan Xi stares at the ceiling. Just now, in the bathroom, it's like a fire. How come when he comes out, he looks like someone owes him money. "

Yan Xi, how is your relationship with your boyfriend? Can you talk to me Yang He looked at her and asked.

"What's the matter?" LAN Yanxi replied casually.

Hearing the two words, Yang He's expression became serious: "Yan Xi, your relationship with your boyfriend is general, isn't it very dangerous? Did you say when to get engaged? " "

No, but we will get married!" LAN Yanxi didn't know what Yang he meant by asking these questions at all, and she just froze to answer them.

"Is it? Why are you so sure? " When Yang he heard that she would marry her boyfriend, she felt relieved. If LAN Yanxi would marry her boyfriend, she would not dare to implement even if she had some ideas about the vice president.

"I don't know. Anyway, our two families mean that we must get married, but at present we are still cultivating our feelings and don't know when we can get together." LAN Yanxi's mind is not serious. She can't tell her boyfriend's real identity and name, but her feelings are said.

Yang he just put down his heart and comforted: "well, don't be sad, you must be predestined fate!"

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi is in a good mood. Fang's life has only one miserable word to describe. His relationship with his wife Liu Lan is facing the edge of rupture. He has decided to divorce because he has submitted his resignation to his superiors. Now that his career is over, the marriage he has worked hard to maintain should end. He just wants to be free. However, Liu Lan didn't want to divorce him. After the initial shock, anger, retention and crying, she calmed down and decided not to give Fang Yang a chance to be free. Even if she didn't love each other anymore, she would never divorce. Fang Yang can't help her. She has the support of her mother's family behind her, but Fang Yang is going to become destitute. He can't divorce.

Not only can't get divorced, but Liu Lan also holds a lot of evidence of his infidelity. She finally understands why she used to love her husband and become a ruthless stranger. The reason is that he has other women. Besides, Liu Lan already knows who this other woman is. Liu

LAN is also a powerful character. She found out that she was tired of being noisy. It was impossible for her to keep quiet. So she went to Cheng Ying with the evidence.

She chose to come to her company to find her when Cheng Ying was at work. She swaggered through the hall, wearing a famous brand and jewels. She wanted to wear all the things that could show her identity and value. When people saw her, they knew that she was a rich lady who could not easily provoke.

Liu Lan, with a black face, went directly to Cheng Ying's office gate and was stopped by the front desk at the gate. "Who are you looking for, madam?" "

find Cheng Ying!" Liu Lan said in a disdainful tone.

"Mr. Cheng, do you have an appointment? We are always a little busy! " The front desk said politely with a smile. "

Yes, I know she's very busy. She's busy trying to seduce other people's husbands. But you'd better tell her that if you want me to go in, you need me to go in like a bitch." Liu Lan was born with a stomach full of fire. Naturally, she lost her sense of speaking.

Several beautiful girls at the front desk looked at each other in panic. At last, one of them called Cheng Ying. "

president Cheng, a lady is looking for you!" "Tell her that I am Fang Yang's wife!" Liu Lan introduced herself immediately.

The beauty at the front desk hung up and said to Liu Lan, "always let you in!"

Liu Lan snorted coldly, grabbed her bag and strode towards it.

When I came to Cheng Ying's office, Liu Lan angrily pushed the door in, and I saw an elegant woman in a professional suit with light makeup and long hair tied behind her head, with a smart and intelligent temperament. Compared with her jewelry, it was much cleaner, and also younger than her. When I saw it, I was in my thirties. Liu Lan quickly measured Cheng Ying At last, she went up to her desk and slapped her hard. "Cheng Ying, you bitch, how can you seduce my husband?"? Do you know what shameless, mean, shameless! " Cheng

Ying was pointed at and scolded. His face was suddenly cold. He sneered and said: "I know you are Fang Yang's wife. You come to me. What's the matter? If you just come to scold me, I advise you to save, I have no contact with Fang Yang for a long time! "

"No contact, see for yourself!" Liu Lan poured a bunch of photos out of her bag.

"Look at the good work you've done. My husband is away from home all day long. He is around your family and your company every day. Do you dare to say that you have no problem with him? When I'm blind? " Liu Lanqi was shaking all over. He really wanted to reach out and tear Cheng Ying's beautiful face. Cheng

Ying takes a few photos and finds that Fang Yang is really in the picture. Moreover, Fang Yang is actually standing at her door and outside the company door, squatting, sitting, standing and smoking. "

what can these prove? Prove that your husband thinks of me. I'm innocent of him. " Cheng Ying is still shocked. What is Fang Yang doing? Are you crazy? Why are you around her every day?

"Why does my husband think of you? It's not that you are mean and shameless, but you must have used some shameless means to hook his soul away. Cheng Ying, you are a famous person. You have a fox face, which man can't you find? Why do you want to break up my family and marriage? You will be punished for doing so. " Liu Lan scolds finally, suddenly sad despairingly cried.

Cheng Ying knew that she would not let her go easily, so she sneered at herself and said, "I really paid for your so-called retribution. Fang Yang and I fell in love 20 years ago, but at that time, he left me and my daughter after I was pregnant for a few months and married you. In those 20 years, I came here strong. Now, you blame me, Liu Lan Don't you see what kind of person he is? "

Liu Lan was shocked, as if he had been hit by thunder, and trembled with anger: "what do you say? You had a daughter with him? Twenty years ago? "

"That's right. I don't have to hide it from you anymore. My daughter has grown up. I have always told her that she has no father, and I have never taken the initiative to destroy your family. If I really want to seduce him, I did this 20 years ago. Why wait until 20 years later? You also said, my condition is so good, what kind of man can't find? Why to find a married man, but also the ability of the general? " Cheng Ying ridiculed, words and sentences in reason, but let Liu Lan can not refute.

"You have a daughter!" Liu Lan was shaking all over, almost standing unsteadily, which was a big blow. "

don't worry, I won't let my daughter recognize him, and I won't destroy your relationship. The misfortune of your marriage is not in me, but in yourself." Cheng Ying continued in a cold voice.