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Tang You You looked at the bread that was suddenly stuffed into his hands, and was startled. Then, a sweet feeling spread out from his heart.

Was Ji Xiao Han concerned that she would starve?

He really didn't expect the dignified CEO to be so considerate. Knowing that she hadn't eaten anything, he brought out some bread for her.

Ji Xiao Han saw that she was holding onto a piece of bread with a blank look on his face.

"No wonder!" Tang You You opened her mouth and took a bite. Hmm, it was really fragrant, she quickly took another bite.

Ji Xiao Han opened his private car, and said to Tang You You: "Get in the car already?"

Tang You You quickly turned and sat in his car, the man suddenly extended her hand out and touched the corner of her lips lightly.

"Why are you eating like a child?" Ji Xiao Han laughed.

It was only then that Tang You You saw a black sesame seed on his finger, and she immediately became embarrassed.

The car headed towards the main road outside the manor, Tang You You silently held onto his bread and quickly finished it, following that, he gave her a bottle of water.

Tang You You was startled, but seeing that Ji Xiao Han had already opened the lid, he smiled at her: "Drink some water!"

"Oh!" Tang You You felt that although Ji Xiao Han looked like a grown man, he was actually quite meticulous when it came to taking care of others. He would always give people a warm feeling.

Tang You You felt that she had already fallen in love with this man beyond hope, she had fallen madly in love with him.

What should he do?

She had never fallen in love with someone so deeply before. Now, she suddenly loved this man as if he was her whole world. This feeling, although very sweet, seemed very disturbing.

Tang You You drank her water cup after mouthful, when she suddenly heard the low voice of the man beside him: "Come to my place for lunch!"

"Why? "It's better if you don't want it. I'll go to the company's cafeteria …"

"If you don't come, I'm afraid I'll miss you …" the idea of not being able to work. " The man's voice was also lowered. Listening to him was like drinking the most mellow and fragrant wine, intoxicating.

Tang You You's breath tightened, as though she had already heard the meaning behind her words. Her heart trembled, this man shouldn't be thinking about …

"Why did you suddenly think of me like that?" Tang You You pretended not to know what he meant and smiled.

Ji Xiao Han had already moved his body closer to her, and directly leaned close to her. Reaching out his hand, he grabbed her shoulders, and placed his lips next to her ear, saying in a low voice: "Don't challenge my patience, okay?"

"You … Can you stop talking here? " Tang You You felt that Ji Xiao Han was simply a devil who knew how to captivate souls. At this moment, she had no intention to think about anything else, he could only think about him.

"Then, are you agreeing?" Ji Xiao Han laughed sinisterly, as if his threat had succeeded.

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had already said all this, if she still didn't agree, wouldn't it be too heartless?

"En!" Tang You You nodded her head, she was extremely charming, a very small woman.

Ji Xiao Han really loved her obedient look. This was because he had always wished for this little girl to be a little more obedient so that he wouldn't have a headache.

Reaching the lower floor of the Only Idealism Design Corporation's lobby, Ji Xiao Han twisted her palm lightly.

Tang You You couldn't help but burst out laughing. Seeing Ji Xiao Han like this, for some reason it made her think of a stallion in heat.

He really didn't expect that the Ji Xiao Han who had always been an abstinence attribute would give her such a feeling. Another day, she would definitely ridicule him.

In front of Tang You You, she had long since stopped caring about his face. He would only write the most direct thought towards her on his face, because she felt that the reason he loved someone was to let her know her thoughts.

The moment Tang You You entered the elevator, Ji Xiao Han immediately ordered the driver to drive. After that, he took out his phone and gave it to Uncle Yun.

Uncle Yun received his call and was a little surprised: "Young Master, is there something?"

"Did my grandparents send the children to school?" Ji Xiao Han asked in a low voice.

"Yes, I just left not too long ago!" The Uncle Yun replied.

"Now go upstairs to the leisurely room and find her gold jade pendant in her bedside table and give it to me." Ji Xiao Han instructed directly.

"Young Master, is this okay? That belongs to Miss Tang. " Uncle Yun asked with great difficulty.

"Uncle Yun, don't worry, I won't implicate you in this matter, but I need to get rid of that jade pendant as soon as possible. After you take the jade pendant away, take out a sum of money to buy a servant and let her take responsibility for this matter." Ji Xiao Han no longer cared about the consequences anymore. He just wanted to hide the jade pendant quickly and not let his grandmother see it. Perhaps, if he didn't, he wouldn't even remember who the owner of the jade pendant was.

"Okay, Young Master, I will go get it now!" Uncle Yun could hear the anxiety in Ji Xiao Han's tone, so it could be seen that this was indeed a major event.

Uncle Yun found the jade pendant from the drawer in Tang You You's bedside and sent it to Ji Xiao Han's company immediately.

Ji Xiao Han sat in his office, his fingers holding onto a red knot, with a jade pendant hanging below him.

He narrowed his dark eyes and threw the jade pendant into a safe and locked it.

No one could obstruct his and Tang You You's happiness.

At the same time, Ji Xiao Han had already told Lu Qing to go to the museum to negotiate with them. Under the premise that had agreed to donate ten million gold, the director was extremely willing to give this item to him as a transaction.

Lu Qing was a little confused as he handed over the jade pendant he brought from the museum to him. He also asked curiously: "Young Master, ten million, this jade pendant, no matter what, is not worth it."

Ji Xiao Han immediately locked the jade pendant into the safe, and said indifferently, "Forget about the ten million, if the instructor asked for a hundred million, even I would consider it!"

Lu Qing was shocked again, he found it even more unbelievable: "Young Master, what exactly is this jade pendant to do with you?"

"I don't want to say it!" There was a trace of annoyance in Ji Xiao Han's tone. He really hoped that this outcome could be changed.

Lu Qing knew that he might have touched upon Young Master's taboo, so he tactfully decided not to ask anymore: "Okay, if Young Master has anything else he wants me to do, just tell me."

Ji Xiao Han looked at the time: "It's almost time to get off work. Get someone to prepare a table for lunch, I want to have a meal with you."

Lu Qing immediately nodded, "Okay, I will arrange it right away!"

At midnight, Tang You You got off work and called Ji Xiao Han. He did not expect to already have the driver waiting downstairs.

He never thought that Ji Xiao Han's arrangements would be so thorough, Tang You You directly went downstairs and sat in the car, and headed towards Ji Xiao Han's company.