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C603 his doubts

It's really hard to be left behind. Bai Yiyan has a lot of resentment in her heart. Therefore, her two fingers are tapping on her mobile phone.

"Ji Yueze, are you still a man? You brought me here. You didn't explain anything, so you left me behind. It's too much. "

"Even if we have an agreement, even if I take your money, can you at least respect me and worry about my feelings?"

"I'm being treated as a joke now. Are you happy?"

"Well, it doesn't make any sense to talk to you so much. You will surely feel that I won't force you here if I take your money. You should be busy with your business. I don't need you to come to the rescue."

"Call your assistant, will you? My feet hurt and I can't walk. "

"Take me to the doctor!"

Bai Yiyan lost her temper after a long speech. At last, she felt that she was making trouble.

She and Ji Yueze, who were originally trading, complained about the employer like this. It seemed that they were not very good, so they had to keep quiet and wait for the rescue.

Ji Yueze is waiting for the elevator in the hall when he hears the cell phone text messages ringing one by one.

He took out his cell phone and read all the messages, which made him think that Bai Yiyan was still left at the conference.

So, he didn't reply to a text message, just called his assistant and asked him to take Bai Yiyan away.

The elevator door opened, and Ji Yueze walked in. He was very low-key, but there was a little nurse next to her who looked at her curiously.

When arriving at the ward where Tang youyou is, Ji Yueze wants to push the door, but sees Ji Xiaohan also holding his mobile phone to open the door from inside to come out.

"Yueze?" Season owl cold Mou color tiny Zheng for a while.

When Ji Yueze saw big brother, he ignored the surprised expression on his face and asked in a low voice, "how is your sister-in-law?"

Ji Xiaohan reflected, looked at her mobile phone, and then replied, "she just woke up once, the doctor came to check, she is still optimistic."

"That's good, big brother. You must be scared. How could she get into a car accident? Did someone hurt her?" Looking at his brother's sad and tired face, Ji Yueze knew how much the incident had hit him. Ji Xiao's eyes were cold and his voice was cold: "I'm looking for someone to investigate this matter now. If someone really dares to hurt her, I will not let her go, but it may be her own accident. Anyway, she can wake up, I'm very


"Brother, don't worry, she will be OK. She knows that you and the children can't leave her, and she will definitely wake up strong." Ji Yueze said softly.

Season owl cold nodded: "come in to see her."

"Well!" Ji Yueze steps into the ward with his eldest brother. He only feels his heart beating faster. He looks at the back of the eldest brother in a guilty way, and then moves his eyes to the comatose woman on the bed.

Tang youyou lies quietly on the bed, with layers of gauze wrapped around his head. He has a pale face, several scratches, and her two arms outside the quilt, which have been bandaged to varying degrees.

This look, only a look, will be heartbreaking.

Ji Yueze endured the inner emotion, turned his head and looked at his elder brother: "is her head hurt? Did the doctor say anything else? Is it serious? "

Looking at Tang youyou's head wrapped with such heavy gauze, Ji Yueze's face changed greatly.

Head injury, that's not a small thing.

Ji Xiao's face also raised a touch of sadness and worry: "the doctor only said to observe, her head was hit, afraid of other sequelae."

Hearing the three words of sequelae, Ji Yueze felt stiff and trembled for a while, holding his hands tightly for no reason.

"How are you going to tell the children about this? They will be very worried. " Ji Yueze asked calmly, holding back his sadness.

"I don't know!" Ji Xiaohan is also worried about this. He sits on the sofa. He is always strong and calm, but he is at a loss.

"Don't say it first. Children's little minds can't bear it." Ji Yueze is worried.

Ji Xiaohan smiled bitterly: "don't you know your little nephew? Even if xiaonai can hide it, Xiaorui must not. "

It's true that Tang Xiaorui is not so easy to be cheated. His high intelligence makes him more mature than his peers.

"Then you'd better think about how to tell the children and try not to surprise them!" Ji Yueze said softly.

The season owl cold raises the MOU, the deep vision, swept in the younger brother's face, nodded: "good, I will think how to say."

Once again, Ji Yueze looks at the fragile Tang Youyou, who seems to have no breath of life, and feels like the pain of cutting.

Good. How could this happen? It's worrying.

"Yue Ze, don't worry. Your sister-in-law will be fine. I will give her the best treatment. Anyway, I will let her come back to us well." Ji Xiaohan stands up and taps his brother on the shoulder.

"Well, brother, I'm sure you'll take care of her. I'll take a step first. I have something else to do." Ji Yueze nodded and said firmly.

"Well, if you have something to do, do it first!" Ji Xiaohan watched his younger brother leave, then took out his mobile phone, his handsome face a little frozen.

He just met his brother at the door. He was going to take his cell phone out to call him and tell him the specific ward number.

However, to his surprise, he opened the door and saw his brother.

How does he know it's in this ward?

Ji Xiaohan is a bastard's brain, and seems to be pulled out by a pair of invisible hands.

Is it because my younger brother asked the medical staff downstairs in the hall that he knew it was from this ward?

Maybe, he's suspicious.

Season owl cold heavy sigh, walked to the front of the hospital bed, once again hold her little cool hand.

I want to use the temperature of my palm to warm her, but the temperature is too weak. She is all warm and cool.

Her vitality was greatly damaged, and she became more fragile.

There are thousands of words in my heart that I want to say to her, but when those words reach my mouth, I can't say a word.

Only by lowering his head and kissing the back of her hand with thin lips, can he show her his deep love.

"Yo, wake up, please!" Season owl cold sees her to have no reflection at all, can only low voice, implore her. In a coma, Tang youyou seems to be shrouded in a fog, as if hearing his voice, but he doesn't know where it is.