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C525 yearning for enthusiasm

The old lady finally looked at the children and asked Tang youyou to stay. When Tang youyou dragged his heavy suitcase upstairs, a tall and beautiful figure stood at the entrance of the stairs and looked down at her.

In those deep eyes, a flash of joy passed.

Season owl cold hands are inserted in the pocket of trousers, the posture is lazy, the whole body is full of noble unpredictable breath.

Don leisurely steps to live, can not help looking up at him, two people are separated by several stairs, a trace of affection is lost.

Later, Ji Xiao walked down with cold steps. When he got to Tang youyou's side, he easily lifted the suitcase which she had brought up with her milk strength and walked upstairs.

Tang youyou's heart is inexplicably warm. Although this man didn't say a word, he still touched her with the sense of security he brought her.

Now, downstairs in the living room, the old lady also robbed two little guys of their lovely suitcases. "Well, great grandmother can't help you. You can't do without your mother. I can understand that you are too young. However, what great grandmother said just now, you must also remember that it's not that great grandmother is unkind, but that things are so complicated. You must understand, OK?

the two little guys nodded. Although they were unwilling to accept the fact, they knew that it would not change anything.

As long as great grandmother no longer let mommy move, for them, is the biggest wish.

Upstairs, Tang leisurely followed behind the man.

In the quiet air, the man walked steadily, pushed open the door of her room, and put her suitcase beside the sofa.

Turn around, eyes four opposite, in each other's eyes, see the burning fire.

The next second, I don't know who took the initiative, has embraced together, thin lips eager and rapid to find her soft lips.

Tang youyou looks up at his small head and is very enthusiastic and active.

As if I haven't seen each other for centuries, I hate to integrate each other into my body and become a part of it.

"Don you dare to move away..." After a warm kiss, Tang youyou's ear hit the man's voice of extreme anger.

It's really criticizing her for leaving.

"Didn't you keep it?" Tang youyou stared at him angrily, with a hint of provocation.

"Are you waiting for me to keep you?" Season owl cold eye color change obscure rise, voice also is low hoarse.

Tang youyou picked up his eyebrow slightly, bit his lower lip, and said gently: "no, I just want to see if you can keep me."

"If I keep you, you won't move, will you? But didn't you and Lu xuanchen choose all the furniture? " Ji Xiaohan's tone is full of sarcasm.

The jealousy in my heart has not gone away.

Tang youyou didn't expect him to know that she bought furniture with Lu xuanchen. She frowned at once: "you sent someone to follow me? Ji Xiaohan, are you still so disrespectful to me? "

Seeing her face red with anger, Ji Xiaohan immediately slowed down: "I'm afraid that you are really abducted by that man, so I have to send someone to watch."

Tang youyou sneered: "we won't get married, will we? Are you going to let me keep my body as jade for you? "

Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan can't answer. Indeed, the real problem is like a high wall that can't be crossed. It can't be crossed between two people.

"Well, as long as I can meet the children every day, I have nothing to ask for." Tang youyou saw that he was silent and knew what he said, which embarrassed him. So she had to laugh at herself to break the silence.

Season owl cold looks at her, handsome face has light sadness: "when do you go to see your father?"

"I've booked a ticket for tomorrow evening!" Tang youyou bends down and collects his clothes.

Just now, when she folded each dress, her heart was painful. Now, she took them out one by one and hung them up, but her heart was inexplicably more relaxed.

Once, she felt that even in love, she had to be proud and keep principles and integrity. But when she got the taste of missing, Tang youyou found that, in order to see the people she loved, those pride and principles would be broken.

Now, she can't be proud. The old lady promised to let her live down. She can see both the children and the man, which is the greatest satisfaction for her.

"If you need my help, just say it!" Ji Xiaohan looks at her clothes hanging one by one, smoothing the wrinkles, like a virtuous little wife, and feels calm.

Tang youyou shook his head: "there is no need for your help. This is my own business. I will deal with it myself."

Just when the two were chatting in the bedroom, the door was opened and the figure of the old lady appeared outside.

"Xiao Han, I'll ask Uncle Yun to clean up for you. You'll move to the mountainside tonight." The old lady was stern.

Ji Xiaohan knows that this is the condition for grandma to give in. He doesn't retort, but nods: "OK, I'll let uncle Yun clean up for me."

The old lady looked at the two people getting along as usual. She couldn't help being angry and reminded: "I didn't want to let her stay. I didn't want to continue to talk about love for you. You should also be aware of yourself. Don't let me be embarrassed."

Tang youyou hurriedly said to Ji Xiaohan, "go out, we will try not to meet you in the future!"

Ji Xiaohan turns around helplessly, and leaves the bedroom of Tang youyou under grandma's stern eyes.

The old lady told Tang youyou in a cold voice, "I hope you don't pester my grandson anymore. No matter how deep you feel for him, I won't accept you."

Tang youyou didn't expect the old lady to be so inhumane. He knew that they loved each other, but they had to be so cruel to break up.

In order to self-respect, Tang youyou had to light way: "rest assured, I have no mood now, just want to accompany my children!"

After the old lady left, the two little guys rushed upstairs, one side, hugged Tang youyou's hand: "Mommy, you can't be separated from Daddy as long as we are here."

"Yes, you don't need to get married. You can get along well even if you haven't been married before!" Tang xiaonai is also suddenly enlightened, no longer playing small temperament.

Tang youyou's heart aches for a while. Marriage is the best destination of love. If she doesn't marry Ji Xiaohan, even if she loves deeply and passionately, there will be no sense of security.

And she was born insecure. "The only thing Mommy wants now is not to be separated from you. As for the rest, Mommy doesn't think about it for the time being!" Said Tang youyou softly.