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Fortunately, Ji xiaonai's reaction to the change of teachers is not strong. The two new parents finally let go.

After dinner, Tang youyou continued to bury himself in her design manuscript. Ji Xiaohan also went to the study to deal with some business affairs. At more than 10 o'clock, the man suddenly lost his mind and could not read a word of the documents at hand.

There is a signal from the body. It's time for their husband and wife.

Ji Xiaohan also can't understand why his needs are getting stronger and stronger. Before, without a woman, his body was like a sleeping volcano. No woman's enthusiasm could be ignited.

But Tang youyou's appearance made his body wake up completely. He changed from volcano to wild animal. Every night, he wanted to come back quickly and dream together with his wife.

Season owl Han first went to take a bath, dressed in a dark robe, and walked lazily toward another guest room where women work.

Mom and grandma both live in brother's side. The two little guys are becoming more and more sensible now. They don't need their adults to worry at all. When it's time, they go to the children's room to sleep. Ji xiaonai pesters his brother to tell stories every day before going to sleep. As a brother, Ji Xiaorui naturally wants to make his sister happy.

So, at this moment, the night is quiet, as if all the time is just right.

So, Ji Xiaohan pushes the door in and sees that the woman is focusing on drawing the picture. From time to time, she looks out of the window in a daze. The serious look makes the man lose his mind for a long time.

"Long time, it's late!" Season owl cold whisper.

Tang youyou looks back at him. It's half past ten when he takes a look at the time on his mobile phone.

She had to pack up the paper and come to him: "just in time, I'm stuck, go to bed first, and then tomorrow!"

The man put out his hand and hugged her in his arms. The thin lips kissed her on the forehead: "you are so long, why do you work so hard? Work is just a part of your life. Relax and inspiration will come naturally. "

"I don't want to let Gan Ma down. Besides, it's your company. If you don't make money and lose money, it's your loss. Of course, I'll take it seriously!" The woman chuckled and leaned into his arms, half joking and half serious.

"So you work so hard for me?" Season owl cold heart, instant balance.

Tang youyou is embarrassed to admit that he has a pretty face and is embarrassed: "I'm also for myself. I'm also paid and paid!"

"You are my gentle and considerate wife and loyal subordinates. I have to reward you tonight for being public and private!" The season owl cold also jokingly smiles, the voice color is low muddy, makes people intoxicated.

Of course, Tang youyou is also full of joy. Because of this, she thought of the box where she took the needle to stab the other day, and her little mouth chuckled.

I don't know if it will be used tonight!

When Ji Xiaohan reached for it, Tang youyou's eyes were wide open. When she saw the small box that the man reached for, she shivered.

At this moment, it's time for her to be prepared. If she wins next month, she won't be surprised again.

"Yo, do you need to turn on the light?" In the dark, the man saw her beautiful eyes, and immediately asked her with a smile.

"No No! " Tang youyou was already guilty. Hearing his words, she was scared to lie down and dare not take aim again.

This night, rain and dew collided.

The full moon wine of the little princess of Ji's family is coming soon, which is certainly a big event of Ji's family.

Ji Yueze was so happy that she immediately upgraded to a father. Ji's old lady and LAN Yue also lived there to help take care of the little granddaughter.

Bai Yiyan also gets the best care in the month. She often laments that her destiny has been looked after by heaven after thousands of turns. She can become a family with a man who loves her so much. Now, she has a lovely daughter, and her life is more full.

Ji Yueze has posted a congratulatory post in the last two days, inviting relatives and friends to celebrate his daughter's full moon wine.

Today, he was going home earlier, but he met something that upset him.

Unexpectedly, someone came to talk with him about the conditions, and asked him to give up holding Lu xuanchen and be willing to contribute to holding a new man.

"What's up with him?" Ji Yueze immediately asked the assistant with a cold face.

"It's a boss who invested in Lu xuanchen before. He has invested in several films and TV plays. It's said that his daughter likes Lu xuanchen very much and pesters her father to invest. This time, he doesn't know how to come back. Suddenly, he mentions this condition. It must be Lu xuanchen who offended him." The assistant replied truthfully.

"You let Lu xuanchen come to my office. I'll ask for it myself!" Ji Yueze said with a frown.

After a while, Lu xuanchen knocked on the door and came in.

Ji Yueze has become the manager of the company. His temperament and aura have changed a lot. He used to be a superstar in front of the stage. Now, he has more mature and steady charm. On the contrary, Lu xuanchen has the light before him.

"Someone wants to throw money to hide you. Who have you offended recently?" The relationship between Ji Yueze and Lu xuanchen is not only the superior and subordinate, but also the existence of friendship. At the beginning, Ji Yueze company was hostile to another company and competed for Lu xuanchen. Lu xuanchen chose him directly. Ji Yueze was grateful and appreciated him.

Lu xuanchen said to himself: "there is a boss surnamed Zhang who forces me to marry his daughter. I refused. Maybe it's him!"

"What? What else? " Ji Yueze looked at him in surprise. "Aren't you getting married right away?"

"Yes, he will get married tomorrow. He must have no chance to marry his daughter again. That's why he is so angry. He wants to talk about the conditions with the company." Lu xuanchen sneered.

Ji Yueze smashed a fist on the table, and Jun's face was angry: "what's wrong with this society? Is there such a ridiculous behavior as forced marriage?"

"President Ji, you're my boss. Make up your mind for me. I'm going to get married soon. I'm busy with the wedding these two days. I don't have time to deal with it!" In fact, Lu xuanchen is not threatened at all. At the beginning, he believed that Ji Yueze was a clear-cut person who would invest in the development of his company.

"I'm willing to marry you. Anyone who wants to interfere in the destruction at this time is also hitting me in the face. Don't worry, just marry your wife. I'll take care of this for you!" Ji Yueze also has a wife and a daughter. He is a father and a husband. He knows more about the importance of love and marriage.

Lu xuanchen is about to get married. He doesn't mean to obstruct him except to send his blessing.

A man's responsibility is first of all family oriented. Only when he is responsible for his family can he bring this character into his work.

Lu xuanchen has never defined himself as an idol star. He is an actor. Therefore, the actor has unlimited potential. The status of a married man will not affect his career development.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji. I'll leave first!" Lu xuanchen looks at Ji Yueze gratefully. He will remember his kindness and never forget it in this life.

Ji Yueze nodded to him: "happy new marriage!"

"Thank you!" Lu xuanchen smiles.

Ji Yueze called assistant to come over and said with the a indifferent expression, "please invite boss Zhang to me for a cup of the tea!"

The assistant hurried to do it. In a moment, a middle-aged man came in with a smile.

"President Ji, it's a great honor to have the opportunity to cooperate with you. This is my card. I always value the future development of the film and television industry, and I'm more willing to develop in this area. I hope we have more space for cooperation in the future." After President Zhang came in, he quickly handed over his business card and tried to make a contact.

Ji Yueze didn't reach for it, but said lightly, "there are many companies that want to cooperate with me. I don't lack investors, but what I lack is actors with potential acting skills."

Mr. Zhang's face was a little stiff, but he said with a dry smile: "there are many actors with acting skills. It's convenient for head office Ji. This Lu xuanchen is really arrogant and bullies my daughter. I can't let him go!"

"Oh? He bullied your daughter? How to bully? " Ji Yueze expressed curiosity, but his eyes were cold.