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C1831 happiness takes shape

Nangongyao and Muyun plan a five-day trip on their honeymoon. Nangongsiqing doesn't follow her. She goes back to China to study. Lingnuan takes the place of Muyun and gives her a lot of care. This makes nangongsiqing less melancholy. She gradually makes some friends. Sometimes she can hear a few laughs during the ten minute fight between classes Sound.

Muyun and Nangong Yao choose a beautiful island. When they wake up naturally, they walk, dive, swim by the sea. After dinner, they try to make children. This casual lifestyle is a dream day for many people.

Poetry and distance are very beautiful, but there are beloved people around, more beautiful.

Three months later, Mu Yun and Nangong Yao have registered for marriage. In order to shorten the distance, Mu Yun chose to leave her job. After only being a full-time wife for two months, she couldn't stand it. She held an important position in Nangong Yao's charity and opened a new life for her.

Time is the season of late summer and early autumn. Ling warm suddenly felt that he had nothing to eat. He only chose spicy, sour and heavy food.

LAN Yanxi's stomach swelled, and her temperament became more gentle and sweet. After hearing Ling's complaint, she gave her a suggestion to test for pregnancy.

Ling warm after listening, immediately went to buy a test bar, a test, as expected is pregnant.

The Mu Weicheng, who knew this news, was naturally ecstatic. He and Ling Nuan finally had the crystallization of love, and they would soon be a family of three.

Lanyanxi is also happy for them. Time goes on. Everyone is going through another stage of life. Being a wife and a mother is a long and lasting happiness as long as the first intention is not changed and the heart is not moved.

Mu Yun heard that big brother was about to have children and was very happy for them. He immediately sent a lot of things needed by children and her blessing gifts from abroad.

Nangong Siqing's performance has been greatly improved. Then, she finds that her poor performance is not because she is stupid, but because she hasn't paid attention to her studies. When she digs out her learning talent, she finds that her performance can be better. She doesn't need to be scolded by her uncle any more, and don't let her uncle worry about her achievements I won't be embarrassed to come over and hold a parent meeting for her again.

Time flies. In the corridor of the hospital, Ling Mo Feng stands nervously at the door of the delivery room. It's late at night. Although he is not the first time to be a father, he is very anxious and worried at the thought that his beloved wife is still suffering in it.


A loud cry, concussion in the delivery room.

The little guy who took a bath and put on his clothes was sent to the outside of the delivery room nervously by the nurse: "it's a beautiful little princess. Congratulations to the president."

Ling Mo Feng heard the news, and Jun's face was frozen for a moment. Then, joy spread across his eyes, and his excited fingers were trembling. He carefully took his little princess from the nurse's hand.

He looked down and stared at the little guy who kept pulling his little hand. She seemed to be full of resistance to the strange world. He only glanced at her and asked his wife's situation with concern: "is Yanxi OK?"

"Madame is just overworked after childbirth, nothing serious. She will come out after a rest."

The nurse replied quickly.

"It's hard for you."

Ling Mo Feng said gratefully.

LAN Yanxi felt dizzy. She felt as if she had been kissed by a small and warm little life. It was the nurse who held him and pasted his forehead with her. She asked the nurse powerlessly before she knew that the baby was a daughter.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing and finally realized her daughter's dream.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi still doesn't know that his position will be shaken in the future, because Ling's former sweetheart appears, which also means that his love will be divided.

In the corridor, there was a rush of footsteps. Ling wennuan, accompanied by Mu Weicheng, came over with a round stomach: "brother, sister-in-law is born?

We're late. Why didn't you call us earlier? How about parents? "

"I should be on my way here. I didn't expect that Yanxi would be born so soon. I thought it would be at least tomorrow morning. The doctor said the same."

Ling Mo Feng said with a gentle smile.

"Let me see the child, son or daughter?"

Ling wennuan immediately gathered her head to check.

"It's a daughter."

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are spoiled.

Mu Weicheng looked at it and chuckled: "more like your sister-in-law."

Ling also nodded: "well, this little face is so cute."

Lingnuan is only about six months pregnant now. It's not time for production. Not long ago, Muyun's good news came, and she was pregnant. At that time, all the children will get together, just afraid it's the children's world again.

On the full moon wine of Ling's little princess, Ling Mo Feng had ten banquets, all of which invited very close relatives and friends to come and have a good time.

It's night, LAN Yanxi gently pushes and shakes blue, with one hand only on his chin, staring at the lovely little face. Beside, Ling Sinan also looks at this little sister, who is a little bit bigger. He gets closer and closer, and then kisses her on her forehead.

"Mommy, my sister sleeps every day. When she wakes up, she sucks and sleeps when she's full. When can she play with me and call my brother? I can't wait for that."

Ling Sinan children's hands in the chest, a very unhappy expression.

LAN Yanxi was defeated by his son's naivete, and he couldn't help chuckling: "don't worry, when she will call your brother and follow you behind when you have a small tail, you will definitely hate her again."


Small Si Nan blinks an eye, a face strange ask.

"Because she's going to stick to you. Don't worry about her. You grow up together."

LAN Yanxi explained softly.


Xiao Sinan didn't know if he understood, but he replied very seriously.

Later, Ling Nuan gave birth to a son, and Mu Yun also gave birth to a beautiful mixed race prince. The little guys also had a fight with each other. Ling Sinan became a big brother. Behind him, there was always a small tail. He called after him with a voice and a breath of milk. He realized that this sister was really too sticky.

The two twins of Ji's family grow up day by day. Xiaorui will eventually grow into his father's appearance, and xiaonai, under the love of his family, will understand the truth and become gentle and lovely.