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Hearing Ji Tingyan say that she wants to beat others, tie Ting can't help laughing out: "I didn't expect you to be so violent?"

Ji Tingyan looked up at him and said, "because you are here, I am confident. How good are you?"

Tie Ting's eyes were glowing. Her rough fingers and belly slipped across her soft cheek. The electric current passed through them. The eyes of both of them became deep.

"My dad said, let's have a good relationship." Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes flicker gently, and her voice is full of coyness.

"Isn't your father going to be disappointed with me this time?" Tie Ting is really worried that his future father-in-law will doubt his character.

"My eldest brother has told him all about us. He knows a little about you. Of course, he won't be disappointed." Ji Tingyan purses her lips and smiles. Unexpectedly, she is not confident. At the beginning, when she saw him on the first side, she felt that he was very conceited.

"I choose a time to visit my uncle and aunt." "Tie Ting said in a low voice.

"Don't worry. Let's investigate who is behind us and spread our relationship. I know who to find and get the news as soon as possible." Ji Tingyan comes out of the man's arms, takes out her mobile phone and dials up a phone.

After she said the call, she turned around to see feting's face curious. She explained, "I'll call my uncle. He runs a large entertainment company and has many media groups. He can help me find the source of the news. I believe it will come out soon."

"Well." Tie Ting nodded, naturally believing her words.

Ji Yueze called them at 3:00 in the afternoon. At that time, Ji Tingyan and feting had just picked up a black luxury car and had just completed the formalities to return to the hotel. Ji Yueze gave Ji Tingyan a name, a woman named Han Chun.

Ji Tingyan frowns. She doesn't seem to know this woman at all.

Although I don't know each other, Ji Tingyan still calls each other because of her reputation.

"Hello, who is that?" It was a very young girl who answered the phone.

"I'm Ji Tingyan. You sent those photos on the Internet? Why are you doing this? " Ji Tingyan questions her in a voice of ice.

"What pictures? I didn't pass it on at all. Don't make a mistake. " The other side heard of Ji Tingyan's name, and she was frightened, but she still lost her sense, and quickly pretended to be stupid.

"I've investigated the photos you provided to the media. You can't deny them." Ji Tingyan sneers and doesn't give her a chance to pretend.

"Miss Ji, I only secretly took your photos for fun. I just want to use this information to sell some money. Really, I have no malice." When the other side saw that he couldn't fit in, he began to beg for mercy.

"I don't care what you're doing. You've ruined my reputation. I'll have a lawyer come to you." Ji Tingyan is not a vegetarian. Although she doesn't mix with the business world, she has heard from her childhood that her father and brother have iron fists. She won't take the initiative to bully others or be bullied.

"Miss Ji, I'm sorry. I know I'm wrong. I shouldn't be greedy for that money. Please let me go. I'll let them withdraw the information on the Internet now." The other side was shocked directly, and then cried more to beg Ji Tingyan's forgiveness.

"If you offend others, is it all over with a word of sorry? When you do this, you should consider the consequences. You can see the comments of those people on the Internet, almost all of them question my character. As an unmarried woman, my reputation is the most important. You easily destroy me. I can't forgive you for this matter. " Ji Tingyan will not abuse her kindness. If she does something wrong, she must be punished.

"Miss Ji, I didn't do this alone. You can't just ask me for trouble. Tong Xiaohui also has a copy. The photo of the underground parking lot was sent to me by her. She took it. You've been friends for many years. If you can see it, just let us go." The other party was really scared. She didn't expect the consequences would be so serious. She thought that this event would be like all the entertainment gossip, and the heat would disappear after a few days of speculation.

"Tong Xiaohui?" Ji Tingyan clenches her teeth coldly: "does she have a share, too?"

"Yes, we had a dinner together that day. She saw you with a fitness coach, so she wanted to make a big deal of it. I was also obsessed and mixed it up. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." The other side's voice was filled with crying, which was obviously frightened.

"Wait for the court flyer." Ji Tingyan finishes saying, then hangs up the phone, turns around to see tie Ting looking at herself with concern. She grabs his big hand and says, "follow me to see someone."

Seeing the woman's fierce measures, tie Ting couldn't help but hook his lips and laugh. At first, he thought she was a smooth kitten. Would she not become a tigress in the future?

Ji Tingyan comes directly to miss Tong's house with tie ting. Tong Xiaohui has a good family background. She lives in the villa area. When she hears her aunt go upstairs and tell her that there are guests, Tong Xiaohui comes downstairs wearing a coat lazily.

Seeing Ji Tingyan and her boyfriend sitting in the living room, Tong Xiaohui looks surprised.

"Tingyan, why don't you say hello in advance when you bring your boyfriend to my house?" Tong Xiaohui asked in amazement.

"Didn't Han Chun say hello to you?" Ji Tingyan's beautiful face is no longer friendly, she just asked coolly.

As soon as Tong Xiaohui heard the name, her face suddenly froze, and then she asked with a dry smile, "Tingyan, how do you know Han Chun? I didn't know her for long. "

"Is it? I didn't know her for a long time. I ruined my reputation with her. Tong Xiaohui, we have many years of friendship, so you want to hurt me? " Ji Tingyan looks at her with cold eyes.

Tong Xiaohui only felt her back was cold and her face was frozen. She saw Ji Tingyan for the first time. She used to smile friendly and friendly.

"Tingyan, are you angry?" Tong Xiaohui asked nervously.

"Shouldn't I be angry? Tong Xiaohui, I'll limit you to explain this matter clearly in the dark. Otherwise, don't blame me for not reading old love. I know a lot about your gossip. " Ji Tingyan didn't want to be with her for a long time. It's good to take advantage of this incident and completely break the relationship.

"Tingyan, I just feel funny. I'm joking with you. Why are you so ruthless?" Tong Xiaohui looks aggrieved and pitiful.

Tie Ting stood by, speechless, quietly watching Ji Tingyan play, and found that her temperament is still strong. Once hurt, a friendship is over. It seems that in the future, he can never set foot in her bottom line in the relationship between husband and wife. Her fiery nature, a divorce, just afraid that nine cows will not come back.

"Then you've finished our friendship." Ji Tingyan said in a cold voice, took the man's hand and walked out.