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C1209. She's the only one he can trust

Ji Shangqing was thrown on the side of the road after missing for more than ten hours. He was covered with blood now. He woke up from dizziness without even the strength to climb up. He was only breathing. In fact, he made efforts. However, when he stood up, he found that his leg hurt so much that the whole man fell and sat down again.

"Bah!" Ji Shangqing spits out another mouthful of blood. It's very desolate here. No one passes by. Besides, it's dark now. He can't see his fingers. He can't even see the road ahead. He knows that Ji Xiaohan is ready to let him go.

Ji Shangqing sees something reflecting light at his feet. It's his mobile phone. Ji Shangqing picks it up and turns it on. There's even a signal. Should he say thank God? No, he doesn't want to say anything now. Can the reason that Lao Tzu made his son bear the fruit and the father owes the son back, be regarded as justice? Ji is still a hard bone. He has suffered so much. He has endured without a pit until now, but his silence doesn't mean he doesn't hurt. On the contrary, he feels that he has died once. Ji

Shangqing takes out his mobile phone, opens the address book, searches for the person who can take him away from this ghost place, turns down row by row, and he doesn't even have one to trust.

If his sister is still alive, he will think of her first. Unfortunately, she has been far away in heaven, so she will never come back in this life. Season

Shangqing's fingers are stiff and his teeth are clenched. He may be growing up in a dark environment, which makes him totally lose trust with outsiders. He feels that they may not want human life, but they are playing with people's hearts. They are terrible people.

In the end, Ji Shangqing's fingers stopped, because he seemed to see someone he could trust.

"Blue faintly!" Ji Shangqing mumbles this name, despairing heart, unexpectedly inexplicably gives birth to a glimmer of hope.

He called, blue tiny unexpectedly is a second to answer his phone, voice with anxiety: "Ji Shangqing, where are you? Your father just came here. He's looking for you. What's wrong with you? " "

Blue Weiwei, I broke my leg. Can you come and help me?" Ji Shangqing asked quietly.

"What? Broken leg? Where are you? I'm coming now! " Blue slightly a listen, the brain has a moment of blank, she did not know what kind of leg break is, feel the leg really broke. "

I don't know where this is. I'll give you a location. Come here!" Ji Shangqing directly sent out the location, only to find that in fact, his location is on a mountain in the suburb, from his location, you can see the bright city not far away.

"Why are you on this mountain?" Blue slightly saw the location, and was shocked again. "

don't ask so many questions. Now come here. I hope you can come here alone, OK?" Ji Shangqing suddenly asked.

"Alone? Don't call an ambulance for you? " Blue faintly is a startle again.

"No, don't let anyone know. I will repay you!" Ji Shangqing lowered his voice. Blue

I know that Ji Shangqing has many secrets. Although he doesn't mention anything to her, she can see them.

Since he didn't let her ask, Lan Wei was also a smart person, so he didn't ask. He just took his coat and ran out. First, she stopped a taxi and took her to the foot of the mountain in the suburb. To

in this mountain, blue Weiwei is still familiar, because her former hometown is just behind this mountain. When she was a child, she often ran to this mountain with her children to pick wild fruits and mushrooms. She also remembered the land type of this mountain.

I just don't know where Ji Shangqing is.

Blue tiny is also a brave girl, she just took a flashlight, a mobile phone, directly into the dark forest. "

Ji Shangqing!" As blue wei walked, he called out his name. There was no one around, so it was easier to find him.

When she walked a long way and couldn't remember the direction, she had gone to the deep place in a daze. At the beginning, she was not afraid, but when she passed a cemetery, she stumbled and her soul flew. She ran up at once, but rolled down in front. Fortunately, it was only a small slope, she was not hurt, just wiped a few holes on her body and her face It's also hot and painful.

"Ji Shangqing!" She was afraid, shouting the man's name more loudly.

"I'm here!" In the distance, a man's husky voice came. Blue

a little happy, hurriedly shouting his name, while running towards his direction.

When she saw a light, she knew that she had succeeded in finding him. "

what happened to you? Did you come here alone to climb the mountain and break your leg?" The first reflection of the sweat blue faintly running is that the man broke his leg.

"You think so!" Ji Shangqing laughed at himself.

When blue Weiwei came to him, he found that things were not so simple. Ji Shangqing had a lot of blood on his body. Even his face was hurt. One cheek was red and swollen. "

What's the matter with you?" Blue slightly saw this scene, only felt that her heart was broken. She squatted down and reached out to touch his arm. Unfortunately, her hand was frozen in the air. He didn't get hurt until she didn't know where to touch it. "

I'm ok. Please help me to leave. It's hard for you to come here alone!" Ji shangqingjue suffered this fight, but it was a lot easier, because of the pressure in his heart, he suddenly lost it. "

have you been beaten? Why don't you call the police? I always thought you were very smart, but you were more stupid than me! " Blue slightly suddenly cried, she also did not know why to cry, just a variety of emotions come up, tears can not stop falling.

"I can't call the police. I can't let people know about my injury!" Ji Shangqing bit his teeth and said, in fact, it's not only Ji Xiaohan who cares about the two people, but also Ji Shangqing. After all, he's not as cruel as Ji Lin, and his heart is warm. When watching Ji Xiaohan, he can't bear to kill his father. Just for the sake of the two old people's safety and health, Ji Shangqing suddenly understood that, in fact, the gap between people is so big, and he knows nothing about it For example, Ji Xiaohan, who was not willing before, felt that he was not much worse than him, but after experiencing these things, he found that the difference between them was that one had conscience, and he didn't know where to put that conscience.

In fact, Ji Shangqing received more attention from the old man and his wife. When Ji Xiaohan returned home alone, the old man and his wife insisted on staying abroad to help Ji Shangqing. Because he felt that he would be lonely if he lost his father, he stayed with him for four or five years. Ji Shangqing didn't say it in his mouth, but he remembered it.

Blue slightly cried to help him up, sighed: "well, you don't let the police, I don't report is, go!"

"Thank you!" Ji Shangqing said a word to her.

Blue slightly bit his lips, didn't speak, just made all his strength out, let him rely on, step by step move down. This is a long journey, which will never be forgotten by two people in their lives. The mountain road is rugged, and there are many night mosquitoes in the mountain. Both of them have been bitten a lot, but neither of them said anything.

Finally, on the side of the road, blue Weiwei found that her pants had been cut and were almost at the thigh position. She was a young girl with a thin skin, and it was really difficult for her at the moment. Fortunately

well, there was a taxi parked in front of them. They only said that they were trapped in the mountain exploration. Just after they came out, the taxi driver was also kind-hearted and didn't dislike their mess, so they directly sent them back to the city.

Blue Wei is still thinking about how to go upstairs for a while. If someone sees him, he must gossip.

Ji Shangqing pointed out another direction to the taxi, and blue slightly froze. When the car stopped, it was in front of a villa. Blue

slightly overpaid the taxi driver, turned to see Ji Shangqing unlocking with his fingerprint, and then entered a password, and the door opened with a bang.

”Come in! " Ji Shangqing said to her dazed. Blue

slightly, he continued to walk into the living room. When the light was on, the embarrassment on both of them was reflected. At this moment, Ji Shangqing suddenly has a good idea to treat her for life.